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What are some things you can do to cope with a breakup?

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Last Updated: 08/03/2021 at 1:37pm
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May 16th, 2015 7:46pm
You can try to distract yourself by hanging with friends. You can write down all the reasons why this was meant to happen and maybe its for the best. Maybe try to find someone else to get you mind off of it. Or you can do stuff thats fun to distract you from the sad things!
April 23rd, 2015 12:48am
Know that you are a whole person, and you have not lost part of yourself within that person. You are capable of holding yourself up.
May 3rd, 2015 3:12am
I used to write things down in a journal, and made sure to fill up my time doing things with friends to avoid being alone
May 14th, 2015 8:46pm
Get a hobby, do a self make-over, get a part time job...anything to make yourself happy! Concentrate on you! Reconnect with any old friends you might have disconnected with over the course of the relationship.
June 5th, 2015 9:01pm
Delete cyber evidence and get rid of physical evidence. Delete the pictures, texts, and their number. If they gave you a physical object, you don't have to throw it away but put it away somewhere until the meaning is lost to you.
August 31st, 2015 8:44pm
First and foremost, CRY IT OUT! Let yourself feel. Let yourself be sad, angry, throw a pillow, scream, punch your mattress, do what you have to do until every emotion is out of your system. Once that's taken care of, get a makeover. Find something about your appearance that you'd like to change, whether it's dying your hair, changing your makeup style, focusing on fitness, what have you, and change it. Not for them, but for yourself. From personal experience, changing my hair makes me happy. Playing with makeup makes me happy. Exercise can NEVER do you wrong. Find a new hobby! Learn a new skill, and get into something new! BURY YOURSELF in work. Set a goal for yourself, and push until you get there. Set smaller goals on the way to the big goal. If it's financially feasible, TRAVEL! Go somewhere else for a little bit! Pet an animal, like a dog or a cat. It can be a random dog on the street (assuming it's friendly and is ok being pet by strangers), a friend's dog or cat, anything. It'll soothe you. Dogs are such happy creatures it's contagious. Watch a horrible, yet funny tv show or movie. Allow yourself to laugh. Before you know it, you'll be over it.
September 22nd, 2015 5:04pm
Do things you enjoy. Find new hobbies. and remember, breakups can be difficult and everyone goes through them. You aren't alone.
September 29th, 2015 10:12am
First, be mindful of the different stages of grief. Anger, Bargaining, etc. All of these stages play a vital role in your own progress. If you are feeling a specific emotion or way, go with it and allow yourself to go through grief. Make yourself as comfortable as possible throughout the process and little by little try to adjust your lifestyle and your habits according to what works for you.
October 7th, 2015 1:57pm
1. find a new hobby what your really interested in 2. hang around with your friends more, i know you probably feel sad about the breakup and don't want to be around others but friends really do make things feel as if there going to be okay 3. don't think about it to much, try stay active all the time to keep your mind from thinking about him/her 4. try carry on as normal and focus on the things you love hope this helps;)
November 10th, 2015 4:36am
When you go through a break up is understand both sides of the breakup. If you are feeling down you can talk to someone you trust, such as a friend, parent, relative, or someone on 7cupsoftea! Many people are here for you.
November 23rd, 2015 4:54pm
Hide everything that reminds you of the person, even things online. Distract yourself with hobbies and spend time with friends/family. Try to avoid people that only want to gossip about your breakup. Personally; I always watch '500 days of Summer' when I feel the relationship blues...
November 30th, 2015 11:18am
I normally try to listen to music, draw, sing, play computer games, and write. It usually helps, and if it is real bad i try to keep my distance from people i eventually turn out ok because i know i'll always be ok, and there will always be more people i can be with.
January 19th, 2016 12:46pm
remove any pictures of the ex boyfriend , go shopping with friends , watch a movie, try things that don't remind you of him .
January 26th, 2016 3:15am
Coping with a break up can be hard. I remember when I held it in, it was harder to deal with so having someone to talk to sure helps alot. Distracting your self is another good thing to do in order to not keep your mind on them so much. Weird enoughx if you start thinking about someone or something and them try to distract your self at tat moment, it will only make you think about him more and it may make you irritated or upset.
June 21st, 2016 1:38pm
Go out with friends..... watch a movie.... Spend some time with family.... Rejuvenate yourself.... And mostly do anything that makes you happy...
June 27th, 2016 2:45am
Always remember that there is a reason for the breakup in the 1st place, so always remember that you gave your best shot but because of that reason u did what is the best for the both of you all. Let go and move forward by setting goals for yourself that you can achieve.
July 5th, 2016 4:26am
I have found that the best way to cope with a breakup is to focus your energy on self improvement. A breakup will usually leave you with a lot more free time, and you can use the free time to take on new challenges for yourself. I would push myself to take on something I would never think of doing before, like signing up for a 5K or learning a new instrument. It was really difficult for me, but then again, so was the breakup.
July 18th, 2016 10:08am
1. Make sure you have put in place as much support as you can, for example, let your friends and family know that you might be feeling lonely more often than usual in the coming weeks and that you might be asking for more support than usual during that time. Ask them how they would comfortable and happy supporting you - by just listening online, listening face to face, offering a massage, hanging out watching television - find out how they feel happy to contribute. 2. focus as much as you possibly can on the positive aspects of the relationship: the good times you shared, what you now know about yourself, that you are now closer to finding a fulfilling relationship as you are more clear about what you want. 3. nurture your relationship with your Self/higher Self/Creator/Great Spirit/ whatever name you choose by being in Nature, in Church, at choir or wherever you feel It most. Remember that the love you felt coming from your partner was part of the big Love that is in Everything.
July 19th, 2016 10:54am
Keep yourself occupied as much as possible. It doesn't matter what you are doing, just try to think as less as you can. Read a book, or some articles, watch a movie, go out with friends. Anything that involves occupying your brain. Trust me it helps. I am going through a break up right now, and occupying myself is saving my life.
August 15th, 2016 11:55pm
Firstly. Talk positively to yourself. Please, do not bring yourself down, no matter what. You have to continue telling yourself that you are worthy of love, respect, and acknowledgement. You will be tempted to undermine yourself, over, and over again. But, don't give in, please. Instead, remind yourself, over and over again, that you're amazing, and that you're worth. The person you were with before, and how that relationship worked out, does NOT define you. Secondly. Ensure that there is closure between you, and your ex. That leaves few gaps, and questions to be unanswered, allowing you to be able to get over this troublesome period sooner, and in an easier manner.
August 29th, 2016 10:23pm
Delete everything that can remind me of the relationship. Setting new goals and working on them. Going out and meeting new people. Getting yourself busy will make you think less about the breakup.
November 1st, 2016 6:21am
Work on improving yourself. It's hard to cope no matter what happens. Truly take some time to learn about yourself and focus on improving yourself regardless of your relationship.
January 30th, 2018 3:22am
Some healthy strategies might include, Taking a trip or vacation, talking about your feelings with a counselor, or close friend or finding new hobbies.
May 21st, 2018 10:05am
Take time for yourself! You're a lovely being who needs self-love. Go on walks, take baths, listen to music, etc.
July 22nd, 2019 10:14am
Some things to cope with your breakup, this is a plan i made on based on my own experiences A three week healing plan from a rejection/ breakup/ getting dumped.(plan can be altered depending upon the amount of attachment with the person) Phase 1 (week 1): Grieving You’re allowed to grieve this recent loss. It’s okay to cry in the beginning of phase one. But eventually by the end of phase one crying and sobbing and self inflicting thoughts should be over. You’ll feel stronger by this time. During the end of the first phase make sure you do the sad day stuff like cleaning, arranging, redecorating and some self help stuff. Phase 2 (week 2): stabilising the graph You can go with reading a new book, developing a new hobby. This is the part where upbeat music comes in. Don’t pressurise yourself to pursue something really hard to master. Something easy which could be practiced everyday, at any given point of time. Reassure yourself you’re doing great Phase 3 (week 3) : getting rid of things. So if you didn’t already delete everything reminding you of that person, this is the time to get rid of things, virtual or physical. Go ahead. Cut the toxicity out if your life.
May 5th, 2020 1:50pm
Working through your feelings is just the first step to coping with a breakup. As hard as it might seem in the beginning, you’ll want to take the following steps to ensure your emotional, mental, and physical safety immediately following a breakup. On top of the stress of moving, the emotional toll can raise even more if you and your partner shared pets or children in your relationship. Also, depending on your living arrangements, you might need to consider financial support to make up for any lost income that you and your partner previously shared. Don’t be afraid to reach out to loved ones or friends to explore options such as temporary housing until you get on your feet again.
October 13th, 2020 2:56pm
Remember, you are allowed to mourn the loss of something, even the potential of what could have been better. Take your time with your feelings, they are visitors and when it's time for them to go, they will. There is always a time and place for ice cream. You have to remember that you're the most important person to take care of right now, you are your number one. It's very common to remember the best of something, it's easier than admitting to anything bad that happened. As uncomfortable as it can be, watching a sad movie to get some of the overflow of feelings out can help you regain some clarity over the choices that have been made.
November 17th, 2020 4:49am
Really take time to discover yourself. Hobbies, interests and things that make you unique. Ensure you are focusing on growing and building your foundation back up. There will be a lot of emtions you are experiencing so this time will be crucial in order to feel some stability in your life agian. So much of your life was attached to that person so it makes sense you feel like you lost a part of your identity by losing them. But honestly most relationships end because of bad timing or that it is not a fit. Time will show you this.
August 3rd, 2021 1:37pm
It helps to remove the person from your life whether that be unfollowing/muting/blocking them on social media. If you do happen to think back on the relationship, ask yourself what that person was truly like and what the true evidence was about their character. Sometimes we present a picture perfect idea of that person in our heads in order to make ourselves feel better. However, a lot of the time we will look at the evidence and realize that that person did things that made us feel unhappy, but in the moment we excused their actions in order to preserve the relationship. Allowing yourself to think about that person for some time is okay, but if you really want to move on, recognize what things trigger you to miss them. Maybe it's a song. I would advise you to avoid those things because it will most definitely prompt you to miss them. Find things to work on and create goals for yourself. Maybe you want to try working out or focusing on your grades at school. Getting over a breakup can be difficult but you will come out stronger in the end having learned a certain lesson!