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What did I do to make them leave me?

16 Answers
Last Updated: 08/24/2021 at 2:32pm
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April 5th, 2015 10:45pm
Not every relationship ends because of an action performed by one side. If you're pretty sure that there was no particular thing that you did it could well be that they simply changed in how they felt. It can sometimes be more painful thinking that you didn't do anything wrong and they just changed but unfortunately people do change throughout their life. "Sometimes without fault or reason, relationships deteriorate. It will happen when you’re six, it will happen when you’re sixty. That’s life.”
February 25th, 2015 8:26pm
you didnt do anything, most likely its just them, not knowing how to handle something or something they are going through personally.
June 17th, 2015 5:10am
You didn't do anything. It might not have been working for them. If they are dumb enough to leave you, then they don't deserve you.
April 17th, 2017 2:00pm
I don't think you did anything for them to leave. There's this part in a book called "milk and honey" by Rupi Kaur where she says: "when you are broken and he has left you do not question whether you were enough the problem was you were so enough he was not able to carry it." Please, don't convince yourself that he left because you caused something in the relationship or you weren't enough or you weren't what they were wanting. The simple truth is, things happen for a reason, sometimes reasons we really don't understand how and why they came, but let that teach you and help show you that you deserve so much love that it spills over again and again. You will be okay and there was nothing wrong with you and they left for some other reason, but in the end, you were maybe better off without them.
January 6th, 2020 2:02pm
You could tell them that you simply don't want to talk to them and that you wish to be left alone but if they still don't back down then you could just start ghosting them and avoiding them so that they could get that you mean what you say. Also you could do is that you could block them in all online sites and hope to God that they get the message and even if they don't then I suggest that you get help from the law because nothing can stop them now, since they have no self restrain and T they might be a danger to you
March 13th, 2015 5:44am
This is too general of a question to answer at the moment. If you would like, you can chat with me or send me aa message at any time. I'll do my best to help you. Good luck!
July 6th, 2015 7:55pm
i refused to participate in helping her with behaviour that I feel is abusive. I stayed calm and just repeated that I would not call client abusive names as requested. I hate to block someone from getting help, but it was totally inappropriate.
December 28th, 2015 6:01pm
Quite often, nothing. Hard as it is to hear, something in your relationship was lacking, specially for them and they took the difficult steps to finish it. In time, when you look back you may also recognise the elements of your relationship that weren't quite right for you either. And as cliched as it sounds, you ought to be with someone that wants to be with you and isn't looking for the first chance to jump ship. It's also likely that you were with someone who didn't know what they wanted and that in time, they regret making the decision to leave you. But then of course, two things will have happened; you will have moved on or met somebody much more suitable. In the meantime, don't beat yourself up. Happiness is waiting for you somewhere.
August 2nd, 2016 3:12am
Sometimes its not what you have done, its just the choice that they have made. It might not be the right choice or a choice to your best interest but you will just have to respect the choice made and figure out where to go from there.
August 16th, 2016 8:52am
If they left for no reason. And no need of trying to let you know what happened. They weren't real to you to begin with. Move on to better. And push yourself to better that's all you can do, to move on.
May 7th, 2018 2:25pm
Nothing. You didn't do anything. 1) If they left they weren't meant to stay. 2) If they left because of a silly reason that just says they didn't intend to stay. 3) Sometimes its nobody's fault, things just don't work out. 4) if this question keeps on bothering you, just confront them (only if they are going to be honest and not just say things to make you feel sad or guilty). 5) Learn from the past, but DO NOT change yourself at anybody's expense.
July 3rd, 2018 8:35pm
You shouldn't blame your self for another's decisions they make there choices based in were they are in life them selfs
July 9th, 2018 3:53am
You cant blame yourself. Sometimes people are not ready for a relationship and they just leave instead of dealing with it. When somebody leaves its not always something that you have done.. it could be so many things but dont place all the blame on yourself.
December 31st, 2018 9:39am
There is no doubt that breakups are tremendously hard on us. However, the majority of the pain stems back to how our brain functions. Loss of any kind triggers an emotional reaction of “I must have done something to lose what was so precious to me.” It is a completely natural response. However, you must learn to change your thinking. Rather than justifying why it ended, or what you could have done to prevent it from ending, focus on what you’ve learned from the experience. Every single thing we do in life is a learning experience, thus every single thing we do can teach us something. Hard times are inevitable. You can not prevent them. Therefore, you are far better off letting the bad memories stay where they belong: the past. Do not worry about why they left you, do not worry about whether or not it was your fault. You know yourself better than anyone, so as long as you have faith in your own mind and body, you have nothing to fear.
April 13th, 2020 7:16pm
Probably you didn't do anything, they might have their own reasons. If you feel you are the cause try to reach out for them, ask for a meeting, face to face discussion is more helpful than whatsaap or phone calls. I know being left by someone you care about is deeply saddening, and causes a lot of questions that sometimes you find urself stuck because u can't figure out why this happened. Don't blame yourself, be always positive and take initiatives to solve the problem or the misunderstanding. Do your best to bring them back to your life, don't give up and surrender, there are always solutions, seek advice from someone close to you and hopefully you will get there!
August 24th, 2021 2:32pm
you did nothing wrong if you can't really see the reason why they left you. if they hurted you, and the next day they are leaving out of nowhere without giving any signs or reasons, then it might be possible or is the truth that they are actually regretting what they did and are trying to run away from what they did. it happens when people actually want to run away from their mistakes, when they want to run away from their problems, when they want to run away from their problems. if you can't see your mistake, don't try to blame yourself.