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What is the best way to get revenge on an ex?

140 Answers
Last Updated: 07/27/2021 at 5:11pm
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February 13th, 2016 1:35pm
Live a great life and be happy!! Exercise work on yourself and be happy without him!:) That is the best revenge ever.
March 2nd, 2016 6:40pm
Don't. Just forget and move on. Karma will get them back and the best thing will be when they see a gem like you with someone who truly deserves you. Then they'll cry😊
March 6th, 2016 1:03am
Revenge is a bit of an unhealthy behavior.. a bit toxic. There are better ways to go about getting back at an ex. For example, show them how strong and happy you are without them. The world is a vast place
April 9th, 2016 4:26pm
Love yourself and live better than you did when you were together. Cliche as it sounds, hating people is really like drinking poison yourself and hoping someone else will die from it. You deserve better than revenge.
February 18th, 2016 4:21am
I know this is probably not what you want to hear but the smartest thing to do would be to not seek revenge on your ex.
April 9th, 2016 6:05pm
Be happy, and let them go. Do not hold onto your hatred, for it is like a hot coal; should you decide to pick it up to cast it at another, you yourself will be burned. Hatred, and revenge, only corrupt. Live your own life now, rather than shackling yourself to theirs by your violence.
February 24th, 2016 12:22pm
Happiness. When I was younger me and my ex split. I was angry at her for some reasons and I wanted to get back at her. My wise friend told me to let it go and I did. I kept going to school and started a new class. Where I found my new girlfriend. I wasn't thinking back at my ex or thinking forward. I was just going forward without thinking too much. I was happy with her and she made me smile all the time. I was happy. I later heard that my ex had seen me with her and she got quite jealous of the fact that I didn't get "revenge" or tried to be mean to her. I got revenge by simply being myself and as luck would have it, I met my new future. don't dwell on the past or try to get revenge. Learn to move on and become happy with how things are!
March 16th, 2016 9:34am
The best way to get revenge is to be successful. There is no way to be happy if you think of harming or causing pain to someone. But if you are positive and want the best for you and those around you positivity will come back to you :)
February 17th, 2016 2:47pm
The best revenge on an ex is too show them that you can live your live without them. To just get on with your own life, to focus on you and your own happiness only!
March 1st, 2016 6:50am
When we concern ourselves with getting revenge on anyone who we feel has wronged us, we are still giving them power over us because we are still concerned with them instead of focusing on ourselves and our happiness. As difficult as it may be, sometimes we have to forgive someone not for them, or not even because they deserve it, but to allow ourselves to move on. I have felt wronged by several people I have had feelings for in the past. When I reached a point where I had focused on myself so much that I no longer let myself antagonize over the lives of those who wronged me, I felt much happier and much more free. Even when they weren't particularly deserving of it
February 19th, 2016 10:42am
Why would you want "revenge"? You wanting revenge, is your ex just winning still. The greatest way to win, is to move on, be happy, surround yourself with people you love, enjoy friendships, and just live. I promise your ex will be mad as hell to see you living life, unbothered, and moving on from them.
April 9th, 2016 3:45pm
There is a good solution to this, which is the right thing to do, yet can also make the ex-partner feel like they made a mistake. Focus on yourself, grow as a person and become who you want to be; whilst being accepting towards your ex-partner. I know this might not seem like revenge, but it will make them wonder why they made he decision they did, supposed to confirming their decision. Best of luck and much love!
April 13th, 2016 1:30pm
do better much better,be prettier than before,be happier than before,dont show them you care,have more fun but not too much fun,work that body out, DO BETTER,FEEL BETTER,ACT BETTER,JUST BE BETTER
April 17th, 2016 5:13pm
The best revenge on an ex is when you forget them, or at least what they did to you. That's a sweeter feeling than holding on to the pain.
February 20th, 2016 5:03am
Being happy with yourself, enjoying your life, doing the little things you haven't done before. Kill them with kindness!
April 13th, 2016 3:40pm
To ignore him/her completely. That'd make him/her mad because he/she isn't given attention. All exes do is to get attention and make you feel sorry for no reason and best is to avoid them.
April 24th, 2018 1:11pm
I do not believe that revenge is the goal you are wanting. I highly suggest identifying why you are so angry at your ex. Talk it out, write a letter to them but don't send it, 'air out your dirty laundry' as one might say. Find healthy and productive ways to get out those intense emotions! Although revenge in and of itself isn't the best solution here, feeling that way is completely normal and almost expected depending on your situation. But you don't want to do anything to cause harm or pain to them, even if they have done things to you. Take a deep breathe, let it out to a trusted peer or friend, and try and find a healthy channel. Maybe you can channel that anger into some beautiful art, or a burst of poetry that scratches the paper in intensity.
February 12th, 2016 6:18pm
There is no best way to get revenge on an ex because you shouldn't be doing that in the first place.
March 4th, 2016 9:22pm
I would say the absolute best way is to move past him/her. Show them that you were happy before them and will be after them. They don't determine your happiness.
November 27th, 2017 6:26pm
The best way to get revenge on an ex is to simply be happy with yourself and move on. Getting revenge just shows you still care, what will get to them the most is to see you happy in life without them. 😌
February 12th, 2016 7:49pm
I dont think revenge is something good. The worst thing to do is be happy in front of that person and smile at them like you dont even care.
February 21st, 2016 11:02am
The best revenge on someone that has given you unhappy experiences is to go on with your life and be happy. After that, forgive. Not for the ex, but for yourself so you can release yourself off the burden. Finally, go out there, have fun, enjoy life, and meet new people.
February 24th, 2016 3:55am
Don't. Nothing good comes from it. Just be the bigger person and forgive them for whatever they may have done.
February 27th, 2016 2:17am
I think the best way to get revenge on an ex is no revenge! Find ways to better yourself. They are an ex for a reason after all. Every past relationship comes with things learned, so take those things, even if its tiny, and use it to make you the better person in the end.
April 1st, 2016 11:22am
I don't endorse vengefulness but to get said "revenge" might just simply just to change yourself for the better as much as possible. At that point, however, you likely will have found better things to concentrate on than seeking vengeance.
April 23rd, 2016 4:34am
Don't try to get revenge it won't help you feel better . Ignore them pretend they don't exist cut them out of your life completely.
April 26th, 2018 5:24am
To not :)
February 21st, 2016 10:15am
Don't. You don't have to. Live your life happily. That's the best revenge. It'll show him or her that "this is what you wasted". Period!
March 6th, 2016 3:41pm
Revenge is not good thing. Be better then he/she was, put your head up and show how much better you are then him/her!
March 11th, 2016 10:22pm
To show him/her what they're missing! Show them how beautiful and how happy you are. :) That's all that you can really do.