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Will I ever find someone else to love me?

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Last Updated: 12/22/2021 at 12:11am
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January 22nd, 2017 2:00am
Of course you will, but the only person that truly matters is yourself. Any time a relationship ends, no matter the circumstances, it's easy to get down and feel unwanted. But if you do things for you, like pick up a hobby, or take yourself on a date, and generally just get to know and love yourself, you will attract others to your confidence and self love. Because at the end of the day you are the most consistent person in your life, so why not love yourself first?
January 25th, 2017 10:35pm
i was once in a relationship with this man, it was my first long term relationship but a few years down the line things turned sour and he wasn't who i thought he was, eventually we broke up and i just couldn't see myself being with anyone because i thought i really fell for him. i was upset for a very long time and gave up to be honest. but one day out of no where when i wasn't expecting it at all i met my true love. now i know this sounds out of a movie but even him and i cant believe it happened the way it did, it was just like in the movies but better haha and he changed my life he showed how it truly felt to be loved, he taught me what the bond between two people is when they decide to share their lives together. yes of course we have our rough moments but there is no doubt that we will be by each others side till the day we die. so yes you will find someone, just don't push it. it could happen today or months from today or even years who knows but when it does, enjoy every moment of it. i never believed in true love and all at first but i do now and i understand what it really is. oh and when you find that person, no matter what don't leave their side even if it gets hard. :)
February 18th, 2017 1:22am
of course you will. imagine this whole planet. billions of people. if one person left you. you will find thousands more who matches you and want to be with you but since you wont meet all those thousands who love you, you might find tens who will love you.
February 23rd, 2017 11:39pm
Everyone feels this way at some point in their lives, may it be after a breakup or just after a long time of inactivity in their love lives. There will be someone who will walk into your life and make you see the sun shine brighter than it ever has. Someone will come in to your life and make you question if you even knew what happiness was until they walked into your life. I know it's easier said than done, but whoever that person is, they're out there and they will come. But right now, look around you, you're already surrounded with love. Friends, family, coworkers, everywhere. You are already loved, and that person will come for you when you least expect it.
February 25th, 2017 8:26pm
Everyone finds their soulmate at one point in time. Don't worry. You will find love, I can count on it! :)
February 28th, 2017 4:43pm
Of course. There is someone for everybody and just because right now you cant seem to find that person doesn't mean he/she doesn't exist. Time is the essential key... Build yourself, be a better version of yourself and that person will gravitate to you.
March 15th, 2017 7:12pm
It's hard feeling as if you are not loved anymore, but trust me, it's not the end. You will find someone you will love you, but most importantly don't forget to love yourself!
March 30th, 2017 7:42am
Love can have a lot of different meanings, if its meant as in good friends and someone that cares; Yes you'll find someone like that guaranteed, it can take time and effort though. As if in a girlfriend; its not a guarantee, but I still think its possible if you try hard enough. keep in mind though, trying isn't dating every girl you find, trying is searching until you find a girl you like and dating afterwards. Love cant be forced.
April 5th, 2017 2:55pm
Of course! All of us deserve to be loved. There are so many people that is feeling exactly like you but all of us are loved. Especially by our family or friends. We just need to look around and not focus on one side that is keeping you feel that way. We should devote ourselves by giving love to others and by helping them to cope up with their own problems. With that we can show that ourselves experienced to give love and to be loved.
April 8th, 2017 5:20pm
This is a very tricky question to answer. 'You attract the love you think you deserve' is quite an appropriate quote for this because until you think you deserve a great wonderful love, you likely will not get a great and wonderful love. Don't let this discourage you though, it might seem like a huge task to convince yourself that you deserve love, but it will be well worth the time and energy put in.
April 9th, 2017 3:39am
Right now it might not seem that way, or it might seem that love just isn't for you but once this pain and feeling of emptiness goes away you'll soon find someone who loves you and someone who you can love. And this can always be a moment to work on loving yourself as well
April 9th, 2017 5:38pm
From all the people you will ever meet in life, most of them will not become anything special for you. But surely there will be other people who you will have mutual understanding and liking with. The love will come with time with these people. Don't worry, just wait and you'll see what I am talking about! Though you should analyze what went wrong with the person who you have stopped being in a relationship with. If you see you made some mistakes that played an important role in relationship ending, then maybe meanwhile you are waiting to meet the person that will love you again, you should improve yourself, to not make the same mistakes again thus making yourself easier to love.
May 13th, 2017 7:11am
Yes. You will. Never give up on love. There are billions of people in this world, and even if the one you want/love/need right now doesn't love you, eventually you will find someone else who you will want/love/need. There are so many opportunities for love.
May 14th, 2017 2:38am
Love comes your way when you allow it. The right partner is always out there for you. For the mean time, improve yourself and be better.
June 8th, 2017 9:18am
Of course just give I a little time. After all the best things at worth waiting for. Have a great day.
June 10th, 2017 9:16am
Sure, as long as you still able to love, love will find its way back to you. Just focus on loving your self at the moment you deserve it.
June 10th, 2017 4:31pm
You will. But first, you need to love yourself. And that too, truly. When it comes to love, it is a gift you need to give yourself at first. Then, the rest will flow in smoothly.
June 10th, 2017 5:43pm
Yes. There are a lot loving people in this world. You just have to find them. Find friends that are loving and kind, those who want the best for you. It takes time, but they are out there.
June 15th, 2017 7:51am
Yes! Just don't give up hope. You're worth being loved and cared for. Everyone is but that doesn't make you less special.
June 23rd, 2017 2:28pm
Yes, it's only a matter of time before you meet the person you were destined to be with but don't put too much emphasis on that.
June 28th, 2017 5:59pm
The answer is yes! You will definitely without a doubt find someone who will lie you. And not only love you but in the healthiest way possible. The only not so good thing is the when. We don't know when they'll come but that doesn't mean they won't. Just be patient and work on being the best self for you and your future mate.
June 30th, 2017 7:59am
Whoever you were with previously loved you for certain reasons and qualities, so what's not to say someone else won't love you for the same reasons, even if things didn't work out before?
July 5th, 2017 9:54pm
I think that there is always someone that loves and cares about you. You dont have to search for him or her. Sometimes it is just right there with you and you are not seeing....
August 6th, 2017 7:33pm
Eventually you'll find someone else to love you. Most importantly, you gotta love yourself first. While getting love from someone else is terrific, the love that we have for ourselves is the most satisfying.
August 9th, 2017 2:42pm
Yes! When the time is right and with the one that is right for you. It will eventually find you. It will come soon
August 9th, 2017 4:13pm
You will. The day you start loving yourself and stop looking for external motivations to feel loved ! All the love that you need is within you, you just need to channel it in the right direction. Besides life works in mysterious ways, love may hit you like a lightening bolt and sweep you off your feet, the day you least expect it. Until then, keep loving, keep laughing because you're all that you'll ever need.
August 10th, 2017 11:48am
Yes!! Of course you will! As a matter of fact, I can think of one person right now who does and that's you!
August 10th, 2017 4:22pm
Yes you will. When the right time come, you will see the person that really love you for being yourself. But, love yourself more than everything.
August 20th, 2017 3:15am
Yes of course. There is always that someone for you but it's just not right time to meet them if you're not with them right now.
September 1st, 2017 6:27pm
I constantly find myself asking that question, but I realized that I was putting so much thought into other people loving me, that I forgot what it really meant to be able to love and be comfortable with myself. Once that happens, you will see that love will come your way.