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Everyone in school thinks I am bitter. How can I change their minds?

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Last Updated: 04/09/2020 at 1:50pm
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September 7th, 2019 7:25pm
Be kind to all those around you, even if a lot of people may be unkind to others, don't follow the crowd. Having a positive attitude and praising other people when they do a good job will help you become a likeable person, don't over do it though because you don't want to become annoying. Criticism isn't something people take kindly too. You may say something that is in fact a honest observation but most of the time a lot of people can't handle the truth so you have to put a lid on it, to learn if its appropriate to make such comments or not.
September 12th, 2019 7:10pm
I understand that you are experiencing some hardships in school but I believe focusing on yourself and reaching out to us is a great way to begin your journey.However changing peoples minds is a serious issue and I can understand your struggle but what would change your mind if you were in their shoes? By thinking about this solution you might find your answer and you should start thinking positively about the things that you’ve done against it like reaching to us and being here facing your problem is a really brave start for you on the road to success
September 13th, 2019 11:52pm
You don't have to satisfy them. Let them think you are. Just be who you are and later on they will see that they are wrong. Remember that you really can not please everyone. They will always find some fault on you. Or maybe they are just jealous of you. That is why they made lies about you. I hope that you understand what I have said. If you want anyone to talk with, I am always here for you. You can talk to me and I will listen to you for sure. Smile. I i i i i i
September 20th, 2019 4:18am
Showing the happy side of you showing that you are an amazing person that you do not judge them and you do not want to be judged and return make friends smile be joyful showing that you are not a better person with a wonderful person with a wonderful personality. If that does not work just listen to people mimic their personalities see if you are truly coming across as being better overdrawn if you are change find that happy medium where are you are you but you’re also accessible and friendly to others. Remember you have to be happy but strive to make other people happy as long as it does not affect your happiness in return for the most important person is you
October 18th, 2019 11:44pm
You can begin by helping around in class, or showing your support to others in situations. Try hanging around other people more, or doing generally kind things to others and yourself. Also, be kind to yourself, try not to be harsh to others as it could contribute to the beliefs. Try to just be your true self, and remember to smile 😊. Just try some of these things depending on your situation, and just try to stay optimistic. Eventually, people will realize that you are not bitter and you will have nothing to worry about anymore 😊 I hope that I could help in anyway!
November 14th, 2019 2:11am
Well, You could try smiling at strangers more often, complimenting people, and even waving occasionally, it doesn't hurt to be kind to people, some people need it and it often boosts their mentality. Some people may not react as sweet back, or exchange confused glances, but don't worry, that's simply because people in schools normally aren't kind enough to smile and be sweet. If someone looks down, you can try picking them up, and if someone looks like they may need help, you could offer it to them. Don't worry, stay positive and keep that lovely smile on your face.
November 16th, 2019 8:38am
The way you change anyone mind is by changing your ways and the way your doing certain things. Your actions speaks way more louder than anything you could say so start with changing the way you act towards things. In my experience I've dealt with my bitterness by accepting my role in past situations. I've forgiven myself and asked those involved to forgive me. When I feel bitterness creeping into my world I try to find things to that will bring a joyous reaction not only to myself but others. You have to first admit that you are bitter and not deny it above all else.
January 3rd, 2020 7:52pm
Why do they think you are bitter; and, how would you prove to them that you are really a great person? I honestly can understand that feeling isolated from others can be brutal in communication settings where two or more people must work together to accomplish a goal. But above all; how do you feel about this certain situation that life has shown you? I remember how socialism and it's many diverse ethnic groups. When you have a chance, I only ask that you take a small break to actually understand your position and situation; because we don't want or need ourselves feeling like our peers opinion of us are rite.
January 20th, 2020 5:42pm
Continue to be you, do not change yourself for anyone - if you're happy the way you are and they do not appreciate it then that's not your fault and your true friends will recognise that, in life there will be numerous people you may not get along with or there will be people that you simply cannot please but as long as you know deep within that you are loving and you stand by yourself no matter what then these problems won't take over. Stay true to yourself and love yourself for who you are, you are amazing and a lovely person I'm sure.
March 9th, 2020 12:24pm
First you need to know why they think this, and then monitor your behavior and conversation, and try to change your way of dealing and talking with others, it is also good that you write notes about yourself, and make your close friends and family write some notes about your personality, which may help you change for the better, There are many books of behavior assessment that you can use and learn through the art of dealing with others. It could be just an illusion in your mind or just a bully, so check with a psychiatrist for help
April 9th, 2020 1:50pm
What do they think you're bitter about? Is it possible that you are truly feeling bitter? It could help to work out if you are actually feeling bitter, and then try and decide, if so, why, and what you can do to accept the feeling and to stop it from interfering with your relationships. There may be some underlying cause beneath the bitterness that is making you seem bitter to others. It is also worth considering whether your sense that they think you are bitter is actually a consequence of the fact that you know in yourself that you are feeling bitter. Perhaps you are judging yourself for feeling that emotion, and then assuming that everyone else is judging you too! Things you could do to help you move through bitterness is work out the origin: is it rooted frustration or a feeling of rejection? Did you have some hopes and dreams that you find/found that you couldn't achieve? Whatever it is, find it, and think about whether there's anything you can do to change the circumstances in your life that are causing the bitterness. Best of luck xxx