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How come that it is so difficult to erradicate bullying?

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Last Updated: 05/04/2020 at 6:54pm
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November 23rd, 2015 2:57pm
Bullying is a perfectly natural; although, it definitely isn't justified by that. Logically, I don't think that anyone can fully stop bullying, but we can lower the amount, raise awareness, and help the victims. In the words of Andy Biersack," When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end you end up polished and they end up useless." Finally, don't you dare forget the sun, and I'll try to be here for you.
February 15th, 2016 5:07pm
many people will always feel the need to be better than others, bullying is way for people to feel this.
January 18th, 2015 6:27am
Because bullies are not punished by the school enough, and parents refuse to believe the fact that their children are bullies, so these bullies get away with the things they do. If they are punished and zero tolerance policies are implemented, bullying can be eradicated. But it also needs the help of the parents to be aware and involved.
January 27th, 2015 11:13pm
Because bullying originates from violence: bullies were often bullied themselves, that's why they feel the need to do it to others. It creates a loop of violence, and loops are hard to stop.
April 13th, 2015 2:09am
People don't want to believe that it's a serious problem when it really is. People don't want to believe that their child is a jerk.
May 23rd, 2015 7:40am
because there will always be evil in this world, nothing is perfect, but you know what you are perfect, you dont need to be perfect for anyone, you are just the way you are, those who bullys you are week minded, wont last long honey, dont listen to them life is too short to do that
June 25th, 2015 2:55am
People don't report bullying or if they are bullied they don't speak up. People don't see it as bullying only as harsh criticism which is wrong and makes bullying harder to abolish.
August 11th, 2015 5:34pm
Because bullying stems from people feeling insecure. So, until insecurity is solved bullying can't be solved.
August 25th, 2015 4:41am
It is difficult because even though you complained more about them they will never shut up so they always bring people down
December 8th, 2015 5:27pm
it is difficult because you'll always have naive and uneducated people in a society. Simple as that..and indeed it's sad, very sad.
December 8th, 2015 11:08pm
Bullying hasn't stopped because instead of being encouraged to empathize with others, they are shamed for being hurtful without an explanation as to why that behavior is unacceptable.
September 5th, 2016 3:04pm
Bullying is a cycle and people keep falling into that cycle. They can't stop and you can never truly find all the bullies in a specific environment.
October 4th, 2016 7:01pm
There are a lot of unhappy people out there . some of these people are going through difficult stuff that they have noone to talk to abuse both physical and mental and so much more they may be victims of bullying themselves and Dont know who or where to turn for help
February 20th, 2018 8:34pm
As long as there is difference and unique individuals in this world there will always be bullies. We just have to remember bullies are those who are usually more damaged than ourselves.
May 4th, 2020 6:54pm
Often times, those who are doing the bullying have hurt within their own lives. It helps them become distracted from their own hurt by bringing down others. Bullying can be full of many lies that people use just to satisfy themselves. If you are able to, being direct with who is bullying you can often scare them away or show them that you have had enough. Sometimes that doesn't work, and individuals may need to seek help from someone else with a greater influence. Bullying does no good for the victim or the initiator. It is not easy to put a stop to it, but someone has to try.