I absolutely hate most things about me. I find it hard to believe that people genuinely like me. I have a chronic illness and pain but feel totally useless at times. Can anyone help?

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Last Updated: 03/27/2019 at 5:47pm
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March 27th, 2019 5:47pm
I think you need me to tell you that you are important. 12 years of living and I haven’t come across anyone who wasn’t important or useless. Because all humans are brilliant and great. I’d suggest that if you want proof to feel helpful, then use this website to answer others questions and help anyone you can, trust me, it’ll feel much better. And if your not sure whether people like you or not, then ask them for 100% honesty and even say that you won’t get hurt no matter what the answer, even if you do. Then if they don’t like you, find other people who might do. There’s someone for everyone.