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How do I cope with all the work I am currently receiving from university? It seems impossible to keep up and stay on track. Feeling as if I'm going to pop.

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Last Updated: 03/27/2021 at 6:52am
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January 18th, 2021 11:32pm
By planning & taking breaks. Some days are better than others. When we push ourselves too much, it becomes harder to achieve our goals. First of all, try to make a to-do list everyday or one for 3 days. Plan things ahead & utilize the time you get in between. Keep one day break every week or whenever you get time. Don't hesitate to take help when you need it because then that task takes even longer. Try to sleep on time because that's important too. Stay hydrated & exercise. Self care is must & don't avoid it any cost. Talk to the teachers, ask them how you can improve. Remove tasks that are not necessary. Hope it helps! :)
March 27th, 2021 6:52am
Excessive amount of work from university can be so hard to manage with life and studies , your feeling like it's not gonna end well, and stressed , is so valid . *deep breaths* you're doing the best you can to keep up, and it's so great ! What may help in coping, do you think it's an option to ask for support and seek help from your peers and teachers ? Maybe they can help you out with the course load. When we look at things as one big whole, it may come off as a giant monster creeping up on us , so how about analtiding what all needs to be done , dividing the big log of work into small, management tasks and then working on them effectively, also as you start completing off the check list of what all needs to be done first , it will be an added boost of motivation that okay, just a few more to go and I am done with this . Best wishes, you'll soon get done with all the work, just one step at a time . 💓