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How do I come out to a homophobic school?

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Last Updated: 09/29/2020 at 9:53pm
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September 29th, 2020 9:53pm
Hey there! Before you make a plan to come out, is it safe if you come out to your school? Would you be in any physical danger if you come out? If there is a good change you would be in danger, please don’t come out to your school. I know it may be hard, but I don’t want you to get hurt for being open and yourself. If it is safe for you to come out, then it depends if you’re doing school distant, hybrid, or in person. If you’re distanced or hybrid, you could change profile pictures or video all backgrounds to your identity’s flag. If you’re in person, then you could tell everyone, or wear a shirt; whatever you’d feel comfortable with. Keep in mind, though, that the third paragraph should be ignored if you could be put in danger. Even if you don’t come out, for your safety, you’re still valid and I accept you.