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Are therapists as judgmental as people make them out to be?

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Last Updated: 10/12/2020 at 3:56am
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I feel my work as my personal mission and I love it. My work with clients is nonjudgmental, supportive. I am a very good listener. I use several approaches. Amo il mio lavoro.

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April 8th, 2015 10:31pm
Any good therapist is non-judgemental, non-biased, and generally non-confrontational (exceptions apply to this, such as therapeutic confrontation). This means that whatever you bring to therapy is not judged or thought to be ridiculous or outlandish. These are your personal challenges are they are there to help. Bear ind mind that sometimes it may take a change of therapist to find someone you really 'click' with. Often times people who have bad experience with a therapist portrays them in a negative light. Sometimes people go to therapy with the idea that the therapist will give them all of the answers to their problems, and say 'this is what you need to do', but it does not usually happen. Judgmental feelings can sometimes happen when the therapist and client meet an impasse in therapy and the therapist raises a question or topic which is sensitive. Sometimes the client can feel like they are being judged when the therapist is trying to help them identify various things, such as negative thinking. If you feel this way, bring it up with your therapist.
April 1st, 2015 10:53pm
Therapists work for some individuals and not others but we all need someone to talk to. They are trained to not judge so if you find one that you do not feel comfortable with, DO NOT STAY! Their whole job is to help you understand things not hinder you
March 24th, 2015 6:48am
Therapists are simply people - just like the listeners on 7 Cups. Not everyone is going to be perfect, or a right fit for you. If you're concerned about interacting with a therapist you can often times find online reviews of therapists in your area to help you make an informed decision.
April 10th, 2015 9:43pm
Therapists are trained to not be biased. They also work with many types of people and issues so they are usually not surprised at your problem or judgmental. This is their job as a professional. If you do have a therapist that you feel is judging you, find a new one. Most are kind, compassionate, and do not judge. It is in their job requirements and they do it everyday all day. If you have a therapist, trust them if you can. Good question.
October 10th, 2016 1:11am
Some might be?? lol Just as you can't assume every mechanic, painter, even priest is the same it is important to choose the right therapist. Ask a lot of questions, make your wants and needs clear. Trust your gut. I believe in open communication with my cients. If you disagree or are concerned just say it and we will talk through it.
April 10th, 2015 9:24am
In my experience, some will be. As with any profession, there are very good and some not very good. Therapists are also people, and not robots, so clearly they will have some level of judgement; we all do. But the good ones will ignore any judgement they make on you and focus solely on why you are there, and try to work through your issues.
April 11th, 2015 3:23am
No! I've been to therapists and they are not judgmental at all! They helped me out a ton and they are there to listen and help you get through the situation you need help with! Try one out!!
April 17th, 2015 5:20pm
It all depends on what therapist you have, I tend to feel around before I talk to one. I try to get to know them, have a couple sessions with one before revealing anything to personal or deep. I have found not many are, and they keep everything confidential so it wouldn't matter anyways. They are there to help you not judge you.
April 23rd, 2015 1:33am
From my past experience, I would say no. I think it all depends on finding the right therapist for you. Luckily, I found the right therapist early in my search for professional help. It just depends on the therapist honestly.
April 30th, 2015 12:44am
The therapist that I had, was not. It's a big part of their job to stay objective and make a safe place for you.
May 8th, 2015 9:30am
From personal experience, therapists are non-judgmental. People might exaggerate and put stigma on mental health issues, which in fact they are mostly false. You can discuss any issues and the therapist treats you with dignity and respect. You could express actions you've done, your sexuality, and things that you might think someone would look down upon, but a skilled therapist never looks down on you and makes you feel accepted and loved.
May 27th, 2015 6:40pm
A therapist is not at all judgmental. They're there to help you, not judge you, they aren't allowed to be judgmental, and they want to be there for you, and they wouldn't have gone into that profession if they didn't have you as their concern :}
May 28th, 2015 4:22am
While some may be, most are just wanting to help you and give you the extra support you need to overcome your challenges. In order for therapy to be as beneficial as possible, you have to feel like you have a connection to your therapist. If you attend the first session and feel judged by them, it's time to try another therapist you feel comfortable with and trust. Don't be afraid to see different therapists until you find the one you feel is the best fit for you.
June 6th, 2015 2:58pm
no. they are not supposed to judge you, or anything that resembles it. if that happens, please look for another therapist.
June 24th, 2015 1:07pm
A therapist/a counsellors job is not to be judgemental and to be accepting, but its also human nature to judge and form opinions about people. So its a matter of whether the therapist is trained enough not to judge and to be accepting of your problems but I'd say a majority of them are non judgemental because that's what they train for.
June 29th, 2015 2:04pm
No no no no NO. Some people might have chosen a bad therapist for them, and that might be what you heard. But therapy is such a marvelous tool. Therapy saved my life.
July 21st, 2015 5:42pm
Therapists are like any other professional occupation. The only thing some of them could have in common is the name of their job, and they can vary from one another in terms of personality and style. Therapists are trained to deal with people's issues, so they've likely found a lot of people who are unsettled or unbalanced or in a bad place. Some therapists will be professional about it and just do their jobs, others may talk to their fellow therapists about it. It's more of a case-by-case basis.
August 18th, 2015 1:35am
Absolutely not. If you find the right therapist, they become your best friend. They are definitely not judge mental.
November 23rd, 2015 2:22am
Sometimes, they can be, but not always. You want to find one that isn't, and fits you well. If you run into a therapist who is judging you and is trying to change any part of you that is not an issue and or not helpful, do not hesitate to drop them and find another.
December 15th, 2015 5:43pm
Not all therapists are as judgmental as people say, there are a wide spectrum of therapists out there. Some are judgmental but if you get a good one they will simply listen to what you have to say.
January 4th, 2016 12:50pm
Every therapist is different, and in my experience none of them have been judgmental. They want to help you, they will sit and ask you about yourself and try their best to understand you.
January 11th, 2016 7:18pm
Therapists are not meant to judge anyone. They are wonderful people that we can talk to during difficult times. They can help guide us in the right direction when the path becomes blurred.
February 1st, 2016 8:56pm
I honestly feel as if it does not make a difference if they are a judgmental or not. They are people like everyone else so there will always be judgement. They may be more accepting but it will not take away the judgement.
February 8th, 2016 3:30pm
Not at all. But sometimes a client and his/her therapist may just not be the right fit. It's all about finding the right one through trial and error. So if you have a bad experience with your first ever therapist, make sure to look for another and not just give up. Once you find the right one, the results are sublime! And you will know it when you find "the one" in a sense.
February 22nd, 2016 3:19am
Each therapist is different and some may come off as being judgmental and others may not. If you're looking for a therapist then I advise trying out multiple different ones to see who fits best.
February 22nd, 2016 8:59pm
Not usually. Most people who go into counseling or psychology have either experienced the consequences of stress and psychopathology themselves, or have a loved one who has endured these experiences. Subsequently, therapists are often more empathetic towards the struggles of others, because they know these struggles first-hand. Furthermore, a good therapist will have been well-educated, well-trained, and have come into contact with many people who struggle with mental health issues over the course of his/her career, hopefully expanding his/her understanding and appreciation for the nuances of human experience. However, therapists are human and their traits are as diverse as what you might find in the general population. A person who was judgmental and self-serving before he/she became a therapist might very well become a therapist who is judgmental and self-serving, but that is a reflection of the character of the individual, and is not a general representation of therapists.
April 12th, 2016 7:02pm
Some therapists are, not all of them are though. I have met some pretty cool therapists in my life time, they aren't too terribly bad.
July 5th, 2016 1:51am
Therapists do not make judgements. They will help you understand your own personal history and relate it with the specific issue you brought to therapy. They will not judge under any circumstances.
September 6th, 2016 12:46pm
The truth is everyone is judgemental. Some of therapists just don't let their judgement affect their work.
November 14th, 2016 2:55pm
No , therapists are only there to listen and help you , not judge.. Sometimes people confuse help as judging