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Can depression lead to other problems? Does it often?

39 Answers
Last Updated: 06/01/2020 at 7:43pm
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November 4th, 2014 8:39am
Depression can and does lead to further problems when left untreated. Just like any physical disease that you would take medication for, depression left unchecked can only grow and cause nasty side effects: isolation, loss of relationships, losing one's job, even suicide. Talk to a friend, loved one, or medical professional. An infection needs antibiotics, and depression needs love and support.
November 16th, 2014 8:41am
I feel like depression can lead to other problems. As someone who faced depression for 7 years, I also managed to become addicted to alcohol/drugs, I began to self-harm, I developed anxiety, and a few other quirks. I'm not exactly sure how often it happens, but usually when someone has depression, they try their best to feel anything but that. I think that may be why depression can lead to other problems.
September 17th, 2014 8:15am
Yes, depression can lead to insomnia, OCD, anxiety, bulimia nervosa and more other mental ilnesses.
October 4th, 2014 6:05pm
Depression can sometimes lead to other problems if you do not seek proffesional help.You have to take care of depression because it can sometimes get worse than it was!
October 9th, 2014 2:18pm
Yea, depression leads to other problems; not often, but always. It affects your behaviour and personality which is NOT GOOD.
October 18th, 2014 12:57pm
Depression can lead to problems with self esteem and substance abuse. If we feel depressed, we tend to have a negative world view and feel bad about ourselves, we can seek escape in substances such as alcohol. This can feel more depressed and cause us to get stuck in a vicious circle.
October 19th, 2014 2:25pm
Depression MOST definitely lead to other problems. It lowers your self esteem and then you start doing things you would NEVER DREAM OF DOING! If you are looking for an escape of the pain, you might turn to drugs, or start having sex with random people. This could lead to guilt and identity issues, maybe even pregnancy. It is all just a cycle that is difficult to get out of. So try to get help before it spirals out of control.
October 24th, 2014 6:35pm
Depression does often lead to other problems. For me, when i get depressed i tend to take less care of myself and i am more destructive in my relationships. Having other problems is normal.
October 25th, 2014 9:43am
Untreated depression can lead to other medical difficulties, so try and get help for it as soon as possible.
October 27th, 2014 11:24am
depression itself a big problem and yes its leads to other health problems also. better consult a doc soon
October 29th, 2014 2:12am
Depression can lead to multiple problems. It can cause lack of interest in activities that you use to enjoy. It can affect your sleeping habits. It can play havoc on your diet. It can also change how you present yourself and/or how you see yourself.
October 29th, 2014 6:41pm
Depression can definitely lead to other problems. Many times when people are depressed they resort to other things to make them feel better such as alcohol or drugs. Some people may become isolated as well. This can in turn make their depression worse and have a great effect on their health.
October 30th, 2014 11:17pm
I think it can. Anxiety and suicidal thoughts are a couple of other problems that could occur. I would say that depression leads to other problems more than half the time.
October 31st, 2014 12:11am
Yes, untreated depression can lead to suicidal tendencies. It will if left untreated; seek prompt professional help.
November 1st, 2014 11:05am
Yes,Depression can lead to other problems such as sleeping or eating disorders.It can even interfere with our daily works if not taken care of.
November 4th, 2014 4:37pm
If it goes untreated depression can definitely lead to other problems. It could lead you into financial problems or your relationship. Anything you need motivation to keep on doing will suffer during depression.
November 7th, 2014 1:06pm
personally i have seen that depression can lead to lack of motivation in work. therefore it can lead to worsened grades, a worse further education and a worse life
November 12th, 2014 5:06am
Besides the risk and problems depression alone plays on you, it's definitely not uncommon for other mental illnesses to be triggered by the depression. It has been commonly linked to most forms of Anxiety(General, social, separation, panic, phobia, etc) OCD, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Eating Disorders, Dissociation/Depersonalization, etc. That does not mean you are determined or "supposed" to have any other illnesses, simply that it's been associated with these other disorders before.
November 16th, 2014 1:59am
Depression can lead to other problems such as a lack of socialization, problems in your household and a lack of well being
November 16th, 2014 4:57pm
Yeah often depression leads to to other problem like you can have physical problem and mental problem due to this
November 16th, 2014 5:58pm
Yes it can, and yes, depression almost always leads to other problems. Depression is a dark force that takes over your life. It invades everything.
March 15th, 2015 2:03pm
Depression can indeed lead to other problems, both physical and mental. While the following are often considered symptoms of depression they can also develop over time: Loss of interest in activities, social withdrawal, interpersonal relationship challenges, lack of focus, weight changes (increased or decreased), appetite changes (increased or decreased), changes in sex drive, thoughts of harming yourself or others, thoughts of suicide, and irritability. Depression and anxiety are frequently seen together. As far as other problems often going with depression, generally yes. The symptoms listed above are things that can and may show up in depression, and are some of the diagnostic criteria for having depression.
April 2nd, 2015 7:47pm
It can, just because as it affects you it in turn also affects multiple areas of your life. Don't worry though, things can be done to get you out of that feeling :)
April 11th, 2015 3:14am
Depression can lead to other problems. The thing is, starting at the source of depression can allow you to get through it.
May 15th, 2015 3:47pm
Absolutely. Depression can lead to addiction and addiction leads to all sorts of medical issues as well as family, career, etc.
May 22nd, 2015 8:16pm
Yes depression can lead to many problems. such as self-harm,drugs/alcholic and mental problems. It is possible to happen often.
May 27th, 2015 4:43am
Yes, depression can more often than not, lead to other problems. I have personally undergone this, so I can say this as a fact. When I was going through a tough time, I looked to alcohol and smoking as an escape. They may have provided a temporary relief, but I soon understood they were doing me more damage than the depression alone was. It took me time to overcome it, but now that I have, I'm more relaxed.
June 5th, 2015 10:37am
Often, depression in itself is already a problem. However, rooting from it, there's suicidal thoughts, feelings of misanthropy and helplessness and can even lead to anxiety. It can happen often yes, however it can be controlled through therapy and medication.
June 17th, 2015 12:59pm
Depression means withdrawal, so it can prevent you from living the life you want to live. You might be afraid of failing or disappointing others, so you prefer to withdraw. The solution however is to find professional help, get self-help, and get back into life. Take small steps a time. Even small things will give you a sense of accomplishment.
July 20th, 2015 1:32am
Yes, depression often leads to other problems, because the depressed person is often too depressed to take care of themselves, do their work, or interact with the people around them. My depression was a large factor in my girlfriend breaking up with me, since I was too depressed to find work or do housework.