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Can I be depressed and not know it?

195 Answers
Last Updated: 05/12/2020 at 11:04pm
Can I be depressed and not know it?
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December 30th, 2015 6:10am
Yes of course, especially if you show symptoms of it. You may not realize it at the time, and thats okay!
December 30th, 2015 11:17am
yes sometimes it's possible especially when you're sad from something that is distracting you from realizing that you are depressed
December 31st, 2015 11:23am
Yea you can! Depression is quite dangerous,if you face loss of concentration,negative thinking, lack in confidence high chances are that you suffering depression
December 31st, 2015 11:13pm
Absolutely. A large portion of the mind is occupied by unconscious thoughts and emotions. You can definitely not realize it.
January 1st, 2016 8:54pm
i would like to answer with another question : can you be happy and not know it?
January 2nd, 2016 5:27pm
Many people assume that depression is easily identifiable, manifesting itself as persistent sadness that doesn't lift.As subtle and confusing as signs of depression can sometimes be.Depression is no fashionable affliction. In it is real, insidious, and when in full bloom, debilitating. Yet far too many people are oblivious to their own deep sadness or simply refuse to recognize it.
January 2nd, 2016 5:49pm
Yes, when you're unproductive to something you do, and having no interest at all. Then you are possibly experiencing depression.
January 2nd, 2016 7:26pm
It's a possibility, but most likely you would be aware. Though sometimes it can be hard to tell. You should talk to someone you trust about it to determine what to do. Just remember to stay strong love!
January 3rd, 2016 2:15am
As a general rule of thumb if you are not bothered or distressed by a mental issue it is not an issue. Being depressed is a serious mental illness and while it creeping up might not be very obvious, having it is for most people. There are different kinds of depression, such as bipolar personality disorder, major depression or a so called somatic depression, where people ignore their feelings and their body reacts, often with chronic, mostly diffuse, pains and symptoms.
January 3rd, 2016 3:28am
That's very possible. There are criteria for depression and you can look that up online. Don't rely on just that to make any decisions, though. It's always good to get a professional's perspective to be sure.
January 3rd, 2016 7:37am
You can most certainly live without knowing if you are or not. If you don't know what depression is you might not know why you're sad for a long time.
January 3rd, 2016 12:34pm
Yes, sometimes you can feel something without knowing what its called. Depression is complicated, I think.
January 3rd, 2016 1:46pm
Distracting yourself is not going to give you depression but feeling sad for no apparent reason, crying yourself to sleep, and not getting enough sleep but my answer is yes, depression isn't noticeable or visible for the people diagnosed with it
January 3rd, 2016 7:48pm
Of course, it happens to many, and they don't recognize key features that could help in catching it early in it's clinical course, early enough that it doesn't have to turn into a full blown debilitating major episode. Changes in sleep pattern and gradual loss of interest in things that were previously pleasurable can often be misinterpreted as just being stressed or burnt out. Symptoms like these should be checked out by the doctor, especially if they are affecting career and personal life.
January 6th, 2016 1:16am
Yes, I personally was suffering from a sort of depression and didn't know myself. It wasn't until after the fact that I figured out that I wasn't being myself. Now I know what to look for, but at the time I had no idea.
January 7th, 2016 3:34pm
I think it's pretty easy to be depressed and not know it, because sometimes depression sneaks itself past you without you realizing it's there; and then, it just slowly weighs you down. If it's your first time 'being' depressed, it's normal for you you not to recognize it, because it is foreign to your feelings and emotions.
January 7th, 2016 9:35pm
Yes, sometimes depression creeps in and starts taking over your life. You won't notice it, others around you will. You will stop smiling as often and distancing yourself from your loved ones. Then one day, you will find it very hard to get out of bed in the morning.
January 8th, 2016 2:32am
Yes, you can be depressed and not know it. But I like to think that we all go through things and just know you will get over it.
January 8th, 2016 2:58am
Yes you can be.Depression is mostly brought on something like a medical problem or some kind of problem worrying you
January 8th, 2016 3:16am
yes you can, sometimes you dont notice that you wont go out with friends, listen music, dance and smile, it happens communly
January 8th, 2016 3:07pm
Yes. I think depression is like a dark hole. You can't see out. And sometimes you don't even realize your in it.
January 9th, 2016 12:55am
Possibly... If you tend to hide your feelings you may be depressed without knowing it but at some point you can tell you are
January 9th, 2016 5:22am
Yes, it is possible to not know that you are depressed. It is quite common to people that they are not aware of the symptoms and it makes them not realize about the depression.
January 9th, 2016 4:20pm
Absolutely. Most of the time depression sneaks up on us and we do not realize we are depressed until it is pointed out by someone close to us or we come to a breaking point. If you think you are depressed, there is no shame in seeing a doctor. If you're not depressed, they will help you get through whatever it is that is making you feel as if you are!
January 9th, 2016 7:37pm
Sometimes depression can occur in different ways and Yes! it is possible to be depressed and not understand that i is depression. Depression can make you feel tired, sad and can change the way you operate on a daily basis such as: (1) not enjoying activities, (2) not wanting to eat, or (c) feelings of sadness or feeling "blue"
January 10th, 2016 3:44am
Yes. For a while I just thought that I was stressed, which I was but it was more than that. It took me having a really big breakdown to realize that this was not normal stress and sadness. I sought out help and now I'm doing much better. I hope this encourages people to seek help even if they are unsure if they have depression. Regardless of whether someone has a mental illness or not, everyone can benefit from talking to someone once in a while about their mental health.
January 10th, 2016 8:32am
Yes you can definitely be depressed and not know about it! Infect, most people who are diagnosed as depressed have been suffering without knowing it. If you are feeling very sad, especially tired, stressed, upset or hopeless then you should definitely speak to a professional for advise and help as soon as possible.
January 13th, 2016 4:23am
Of course. Depression is very sneaky and sometimes you don't realize it's affecting you that much.
January 13th, 2016 4:52am
Often depression is brought on by certain situations, or other circumstances. It is unlikely to be depressed and not know it, as depression can drag one down to sleeplessness, feeling lonely, distraught and desperate. However some people can feel it in waves, coming and going, though it is always there, there is momentary distraction that allows someone to feel at ease if even for a short while.
January 13th, 2016 4:49pm
Yes. Many people are oblivious to their own sadness and grief. This makes it difficult for them to seek help.