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Depression leading to breakups?

3 Answers
Last Updated: 08/05/2019 at 9:18am
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June 3rd, 2019 6:50pm
I neither disagree or agree on this question as it varies to every individual. Some individuals may suffer from depression and still continue to work on their relationship while others may want to give up. An individual who believes that they should break-up may use the relationship as the reason for his or her suffering which is either true or false - an example would be, a cheating partner which may affect the individual negatively and may result for a breakup. Another example, an individual may lead to a breakup because he or she may want his old life back, as it can be a sign of infatuation. The other individual who suffers from depression which won't lead to breakups may just need space or isolation. We, humans, need to have breaks when socialising or even committing on the things we love. However, that does not mean we should break up with an ideal partner who helps us through our Lives unless when necessary. So, that really varies when it comes to this question. :)
August 5th, 2019 9:18am
Depression can lead to breakups when the partner isn't understanding to the person's feelings , they might feel that they've changed, or that they've been becoming a lot more sensitive. Often people with depression likes space, they avoid hanging out and they maybe just want to binge watch their favourite series, their partner may not understand what the person with depression is going through, they might think they're avoiding them. Sometimes they do understand but they just don't want to be there for a person (toxic relationship). Either way it can't be the depressed person's fault since they can't control how they feel and they can't control when they want to be with their partner, or when they need them to give them some space.
December 24th, 2017 2:49pm
Depression can lead to breakups. Depressed people tend to prefer to be left alone and have zero interest in interactions with anyone. If the partner is understanding and supportive, they will give their depressed partner space they need while assuring them being there for them whenever needed.