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Does life ever get better?

9 Answers
Last Updated: 04/26/2021 at 11:20pm
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Tricia Saviano, MA, ATR, LCPC

Art Therapist

Life can be tough. Finding creative ways to get through issues and live a happy life is important. As an art therapist and licensed counselor, I can help you reach your goals.

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March 19th, 2018 12:40am
Life does get better but with it there will always be some good and bad experiences, lucky opportunities and bad lucks too.
April 10th, 2018 2:27pm
Life is what you make of it. You have the power to change the course of where your life goes, put your time and energy into things you want to succeed in, places you want to go etc. Try to put positivity out into your everyday life and see it come back to you. It all starts with attitude.
July 17th, 2018 2:42am
Depends how you want to see it there's many things in life that's truly beautifull even on darkest times its just a matter of time before things settle down
July 2nd, 2019 8:24pm
Yes it does. Sometimes life gets tough and you will feel hopeless like there's nothing good about it, that things will never change and your going to always experience bad things. But it gets better eventually. Not everyday will turn out the same. Tomorrow will be different from today. You can never know what'll happen the next day. You can be really sad today and have really bad luck but be really happy and lucky tomorrow. Life is like a rollercoaster there will always be some ups and downs. You just have to stay strong and not give up hope.
September 23rd, 2019 12:28pm
Yes, it gets. Even though it might seem that it doesn't. There are a few things you can do: - Step one: Do things you like, things like reading, sporting and other things. - Step two: Try to see the nice / beautiful things in life. If you see a flower, think 'Wow, that's pretty beautiful. - Step three: Try to talk about it, it doesn't matter with who, just talk to someone. This might bring peace into your head and they might be able to help you with seeing the bright side again. :)
July 6th, 2020 4:55am
Short answer, yes. It does get better. Life is what you make it. It will get better if you want it to get better. Having a positive outlook makes things easier for you and everyone around you. Being negative doesn't get you anywhere except stuck. Trying to live in the moment instead of always looking towards the future is easier said than done, but will benefit you in the long run. Enjoy today, because that is what is in front of you. Tomorrow is never promised. Set goals and how you are going to reach them. One day at a time.
August 10th, 2020 11:57pm
Absolutely it does! I have been around for over 4 decades and I find as I get older and the more I learn the happier I am. I watch my children grow every day and grow more proud of them each of those days. I have found the more I get in touch with nature, in particular with water the stress melts away, the anxiety is calmed with the rippling of the water. I feel embracing the positive will reflect in the world around me. I hope that this has helped inspire you to take a different look at your world.
November 9th, 2020 10:19am
yes it does ! things may seem difficult in the moment but as time goes on, you grow and are able to adapt to certain situations so while the circumstance itself might or might not change but your outlook on it will - making it a completely different experience. it's important to try and seek out help and resources to help you grow and adopt a more positive habits and mindset to better cope with your circumstances :)) there's always something that can be done - don't be afraid to ask a therapist, a friend or family for help to find that solution !
April 26th, 2021 11:20pm
Thank you for reaching out! It’s really important to ask yourself where this question is coming from. How your life feels for you currently is something to think about. Have you had a conversation with someone close to you about this ? Have you had a pep talk that you need not worry about life or that things will get better soon for you? Life can be like a graph with ups and downs. Things can look and feel great for some and things can look and feel bad for some. Quality of life is subjective and related to an individuals wants and desires. Your quality of life can improve by raising or lowering your standards for what you think is a better life. Traveling, shopping, and engaging in materialistic things may be how you improve the quality of your life. Some people think that keeping things minimalist is a preferred lifestyle and helps to raise their quality of life. How do you determine your own personal definition of quality as it relates to life? You need to be honest with yourself on what you want from life before you can raise or lower your expectations. Look at the smaller things in life that make you happy and the things you feel grateful for. You are also welcome to communicate with one of our amazing listeners or therapists on our site for a listening ear.