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How can I motivate myself to do things, so that I can feel like my life is meaningful?

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Last Updated: 11/01/2021 at 5:57pm
How can I motivate myself to do things, so that I can feel like my life is meaningful?
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April 4th, 2017 9:38pm
Existentialism is a theory that addresses meaning. One of the listeners here said "the meaning of life is to find the meaning in our life" which isn't inconsistent with Frankl's ideas. Frankl is an interesting study - he had to search for meaning despite being a concentration camp survivor experiencing significant losses.
March 9th, 2015 8:35pm
In some point of our life, we are going to feel like nothing cheers us up. Trying to focus in some kind of extra curricular project, doing hobbies... Searching something that we really like can makes us see what life has to offer.
April 15th, 2015 6:08pm
try and finds things to do that intrest you or make you feel good so that you will be motivated to do them.
May 26th, 2015 7:13am
Find one thing that you enjoy, and remember that if you do 'this' the closer you get to do thing thing you love. Set goals. Set awards for yourselves. Everyone's life is meaningful.
July 20th, 2015 8:09pm
I think the trick to that is to find something that you enjoy doing. Be it a hobby, or a task or and activity, it doesn't need to be a necessarily "big" thing. Even if it's something as simple as watching that movie you've been meaning to watch, or going for a short walk. Those are big steps on the road that is your life. Motivate yourself to take those little steps by indulging in the things you really love.
July 21st, 2015 8:41pm
Motivation is hard to come by, especially when trying to carry out tasks that you don't usually like doing. Think positive, plan ahead, view the situation realistically, and perhaps set yourself a reward for once you've completed certain tasks to help you push yourself to achieve what you want to! If you can't do it for yourself - do it for someone else :)
August 17th, 2015 6:45pm
I really wish someone would answer this for me actually. I need motivation to do something that gives purpose to my life. I know i have to create it, but how...
September 21st, 2015 12:15am
you just need to wanted this,and if is real you will be successfull, you need find the main reason to make this, to inspirate you
December 8th, 2015 4:38am
One thing that helped me when I was at my lowest was having my friends and family write nice things on sticky notes, and hide them all around my house. Whenever I would see one, it would boost me up a little bit. Bring your friends and family into it, ask them to help motivate you. Do more of what you love.
December 29th, 2015 9:35pm
One simple way is to focus on something you can achieve, like a project you can look forward to, plan, start and complete.
July 19th, 2016 2:00am
Remember that feeling when you can beat your laziness. It feels so good and satisfying. Try it. It really works for me :)
August 9th, 2016 6:40am
In my personal experience I find that writing out goals and dreams is highly beneficial. Then breaking them down into steps to help achieve them.
September 13th, 2016 10:00am
Life is precious and more so because of consciousness. So being alive itself is a source of motivation,
November 8th, 2016 6:51pm
Just have faith in yourself and be ready for the next move. Just think of possibilities and get ready for them
March 27th, 2017 5:42am
I set alarms on my phone to remind me of the things I want/need to do. It helps me keep track of things and is a great motivation on days when I feel like doing nothing. It also helps to have motivational quotes or song lyrics plastered everywhere ( your binder, your fridge, your mirror, wherever ) with sticky notes! :)
June 5th, 2017 7:39pm
I like to give myself insentives for when I do something good. For example, If I get up today and go for a jog, I'll come home and enjoy a movie with a friend. If I eat an apple and a salad instead of nothing, then I'll allow myself to Go out and blow my savings, haha. Its just the little things that go a long way.
July 24th, 2017 1:30am
Take things one step at a time. Don't think about everything you have to do today. Just think about what you have to do in the next ten minutes. Do you need to shower? Have breakfast? Leave the house? Walk somewhere? If you break things down into things you can manage, everything is slightly easier and you can get a lot more done without overwhelming yourself.
November 13th, 2017 5:42pm
The best way is to explore. Explore things that might interest you so that there's a chance you might land on something you can spend your time with and become passionate about and good at.
May 7th, 2018 10:47pm
- Think about the outcome - Don’t a list full of plans , step by step , write down only 3 things , when you do them , write the following tasks. - Start by the easier short time task - Turn on energetic music or relaxation music or whatever boosts your mood - Ask for help from family or friends - Appreciate yourself and feel proud when accomplishing something , this would make you want to get rid of another thing to do to feel relieved and happy. - Just get up , do not think about it , tell your mind shhhhhh , and just go ahead and do it GOOD LUCK ✨
August 3rd, 2020 7:11pm
For me, personally, motivation comes with exploration and freedom. To find motivation, it helps quite a bit to explore different hobbies, interests, or perspectives that are outside of your comfort zone and allow you to go beyond your daily life. In exploring different parts of society of life that are outside your daily life, you find meaningful things that you've never thought of before. Another major way I've found meaning in life is through volunteering. It doesn't matter where you volunteer, but helping people is so emotionally fulfilling and allows you to develop your morals and character. Additionally, it allows you to meet many great mentors and role models.
June 1st, 2021 3:00am
Look for people, characters that you admire, or at least think oh it would be nice to be like that person, or I wish I was a little bit more like that person. Then you can start seeing what that person does, and you might like a little bit more of what you do day by day. Another one is to look within, think about the things you dream, or once dreamed of... does it still seem like a nice dream to you? if it is, what should you be doing to start accomplishing it? Many times, many days we don't feel like doing anything, and from time to time it's ok; we are not machines, we need to take a breath, so do, then start again/continue while not beating yourself about taking some breaks
November 1st, 2021 5:57pm
Motivating yourself can start with setting achievable goals. Think of goals in your life that you want to achieve. Some daily goals, weekly goals, and overall goals that you'd like to achieve. Keeping goals organized and written out can help you achieve these goals. Continuously review your goals and the progress being achieved, this can aid in the motivation aspect. Reach out to mentors that can aid in motivating you as well. Breaking tasks into smaller steps can help these goals feel more achievable as well. Lastly, be kind to yourself and understand that life may get in the way at times.