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I think I'm depressed but my parents don't believe in mental illnesses and I can't see a doctor for diagnosis/treatment, what should I do?

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Last Updated: 05/03/2021 at 8:04pm
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December 5th, 2017 12:40pm
If you think you are depressed and want to contact a therapist then you can contact to one here at this website. If you want someone to talk to you can contact listeners here. They’ll support you and will try to help you
August 14th, 2018 10:22pm
I'm sorry that you are not able to speak with your parents about this. Unfortunately, this can be a common problem for some individuals, however your mental health should always come first. Speak to someone you trust, possibly a teacher or a coach who you can confide in. Depending on your age and where you live there can be many free walk-in clinics to help you see a family doctor/psychologist without needing to go with your parents. Try and speak to your parents or any family that you trust about how you are feeling and that you want to talk to a doctor. If they are still hesitant, please reach out to another adult that you trust. The important thing is to tell someone :) Good luck and take care xx
May 3rd, 2021 8:04pm
Have you talked to your parents about what you feel? Maybe presenting them with information about depression might make them understand a little bit more. Do you have anyone else other than your parents that maybe they are able to support you. If you're going to school maybe talking to your counselor at your school who might be able to help you. School counselors are actually great. It can be that maybe you can talk to them so they can can talk to your parents. Have you thought about going to a support group in your school or finding one in the community.