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I want to die but I don't feel depressed. I know it must be depression but I don't feel constantly sad, I just dont ever feel happy? I'm so confused 😕

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Last Updated: 07/27/2020 at 11:38pm
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May 1st, 2018 5:33pm
a lot of times depression isn't a constant state of sad, it could also be a numbness, or just a complete absence of happiness. it show's itself in many different ways, but if you are feeling suicidal, or having thoughts of death, you may want to consult a therapist. yes it's a cliche, but thrust me, once you find the right one, they really help good luck! and stay strong
March 5th, 2018 7:41pm
Depression is not a "constant state of being sad". Depression is a complex disorder that can manifest in many ways such as anger, sadness, or nothing at all. If you're having these thoughts about wanting to die or symptoms of depression talk to a licensed professional if you can
April 17th, 2018 8:33am
I'm not an expert, but I have dealt with the same issue of not feeling happy (and sometimes I still do). Depression, from my point of view, has a very wide spectrum, so it's not only 'feeling constantly sad'. That unhappiness is also depression, and it can be linked to other feelings that can make you think it's not depression, that's why maybe you feel confused
April 20th, 2020 12:21am
It does sound like depression, but there is different types of depression, unfortunately depression is very hard but their are things to help, as in listening to music, dancing, jogging and of such to distract yourself from it just remember when you feel this way it's not that you want to die it's that you want to escape the pain and don't know what else to do, but that is not a escape it's a loop hole because when someone does it, it puts the pain on someone else, everyone has a purpose on this earth, I truly hope everything gets better for you, and remember to always reach out never feel ashamed or anything.
July 27th, 2020 11:38pm
I don't think you want to die, but instead that you want to stop this part of your life. It sounds like your tired of going through life day after day and finding no purpose in it. depression isn't constantly feeling sad, it's constantly putting yourself down over the smallest of things, it's hearing voices in your head that are trying to push you in the wrong direction. I'm clinically depressed and I'm not sad 24/7 at all. I'm an array of horrible emotions, thoughts, and as a product of it all, actions. It's a terrible thing but you can heal. I healed and now I see the purpose of my life, and so can you. talk to a therapist or a listener, or a friend. please