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I'm 28 years old, unemployed with a really weak resume, don't have any post-secondary education, still living with a parent, and chronically tired and depressed. Is life over for me?

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Last Updated: 05/06/2018 at 2:30pm
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May 6th, 2018 11:37am
I am sure here to tell you life is not over for you because you are here. I am 39 and I have been in a similar situation and I want to just say that you still have a chance because did you know that there are so many places that you can work that you may need to not have an education or you may be over qualified to hire you at the same time. I wanted to just let you know that I had a friend who came back to our hometown with an education as well as she was a valedictorian. She was married with two kids having to move back in her grandmothers and it was very hard to find a job being over qualified since our town isn't a city and they could not help out with paying someone even though she was well suited for the job. Her husband the same way found construction work but hurt himself and he finally found a job out of town in the middle of thinking that they were stuck. He went to the job and of all things this was a sad situation because this was a good person who passed away from a disorder that isn't well understood. My friend was depressed. She was tired and had to go to a mental hospital for a month so she wouldn't self harm. My point is she has been able to come up with good luck after a bad time. It was not what I would hope anyone would have to do moving back home. I am a disabled person who can not work and another thing just because someone is living with their parents as long as there is a chance for you to get any work it would help. Maybe this will help the feeling of depression. Dedication to something you want to do may land you a job that you will be able to get as you go schooling and there is a counselor who did not have the best grades and he was an addict and he decided to start helping people as a counselor and I have known him for my entire life having went to school with his own kids and then having my issues with having to go to his counseling and this man had to do a lot but he was gifted and living like this was not easy but he decided to tell me things will get better. Also depression is not always something you can do alone if it gets to where you may need more help get it because your brain and you will need to be healthy for you. You are worried shows a sight of strength asking for any advice. I may have not been able to help with much but as I have experienced being a person who observed people getting to work after the education matters but I think most people need a good personality and sometimes the one lacking the knowledge can learn as the good sport seems few and far between so there will be a spot open if you remember not to give up. The counselor had his own office and a good life but he almost didn't get it by self doubt.Since the job he had was working at a government mental health place as he was a natural who has worked in several places for children with no homes and the boss was very lacking and he said he was just about to search for a better job . I do not remember what happened but on his way whatever he had to stop well he was able to talk to a person who he shared about how this is a job I want to do but I can not get ahead this is not the way for me I am doing all of this work. He was like wanting to get ahead he took some classes and did free stuff that start making his family time less but he person said just ask him. The person he knew was meeting his boss! All he needs is you to ask him.He does have a manner that I pointed out. He was like that so it doesn't really bother me and he is a good guy but if you do not ask then he will not really know.I was told the counselor thought not to ask since he had pride and he was telling him he was overworked. He did that advice and he said that the boss said all you had to do was ask and I would known. He was telling the man thank you but did think that I told you I was overworked and the boss said I am sorry but I was too and I did look at the classes when you said that but he said he barely could remember the people he works for and he was going to recommend him to do his own private counseling which he has been very good at and he really loves his job and is this another of many people I see that have a late start and may not be vey positive . Take care of you and hope you get rid of depression. You can do it just heal yourself and don't give up.
May 6th, 2018 2:30pm
No life is not over as long as you are still breathing. You still have hope, maybe finding that hope still seems so impossible but no, it's still there and I'm sure you'll find a way. We as humans, can only try. Of course then we get tired from trying but not giving up is the thing! It's okay to rest up when you get tired but don't give up, Okay? :3 I have the faith in you