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I'm always tired and too exhausted to seek help, what can I do?

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Last Updated: 12/04/2018 at 7:44am
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Tanyia Hughes, Adv Dip Psy


I have been through a lot in life too, which helps me to be able to empathize with situations, thoughts and feelings that we have. Sometimes, it's not easy just being human.

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December 14th, 2014 7:26pm
Sometimes you just have to drag yourself to the doctors and get help. Asking a friend or family member can help. It may also help to break it down in to little steps: what exactly do you need to do to go get help? Step one: find the doctors phone numbers. 2: find your phone and calendar. 3: call and set up an appointment 4: arrange transportation for that day... etc. Take it one step at a time and inch your way there. If needed, give yourself rewards for each/some step(s) and definitely work on speaking positively to yourself for every step you take. :) I wish you the best.
September 14th, 2014 8:15am
In my personal experience, I found seeking help to be helpful. I understand it may not be for everyone though I would encourage you to seek it since I do care for your well-being. I think it is important to care for your health and I also found things such as writing in a journal or practicing my hobbies to be beneficial. Cheers!
September 26th, 2014 5:25pm
First you start out slowly. Try to do a 5-10 minute task each day till you get used to that. Then add to those couple of minutes each day, try maybe walking around the house to pick up a couple of pieces of trash. Continue adding then every day or every two days!
October 14th, 2014 12:58am
You can also come on here 7 cups of tea. We try to provide support and try to make the most comfortable you can be
September 27th, 2014 3:47am
Write in a journal about how you feel and when you feel you have the time just come and we'll listen!
September 28th, 2014 3:56pm
If your too exhausted and tired, try helping someone else or supporting a cause. Ive learned form past experiences, that it helps you and gives you strength to look at your own problems and seek help.
October 26th, 2014 8:18pm
You aren't alone! Even if you are, you can always think to yourself. If people are letting you down, just know that this is your own life. It isn't your friends, or your families, or the bullies.
December 8th, 2014 3:31am
What about getting someone to come to you? Or, you can always speak to a close friend/family member about what is going on and they can try and find the help for you. :)
December 23rd, 2014 12:50am
try changing your routine. sometimes doing something new and a change is what you need. Sleep could help but you can also be oversleeping.
January 5th, 2015 11:11pm
We can understand that you are tired and too exhausted to seek help and it all depends to your current situation if it's really affecting your health and stressing you to the core and if you are not happy about it You can always write to us and how you feel. We will be there for emotional support :)
April 17th, 2015 11:09pm
Don't worry about feeling exhausted because you are always welcome to this site to talk/vent your problems. Also, some hotlines (not only for suicide) can help.
April 23rd, 2015 4:12am
DIY: Do it yourself. You may not think you're strong enough, but if you wake up every morning and go to work, school, wherever, enduring the pain and hardships and the feelings (or lack thereof), then you are strong enough to motivate yourself to become better. Make time for yourself before anyone else :)
June 4th, 2015 4:29pm
try to make you happy and keep positive because by this ways we can help self . we can help self if we are positive.
June 10th, 2015 5:09pm
Hello, I will tell you my own experience: I have had depression for years, I did self-harm, I was tired of everything and I just didn't want things get better, but then my life changed dramatically. Everything will be fine, you have to wait, and seek help. You can tell your friends, your parents, your teachers at school... Anyone will help you, but you can't just give up, you mustn't throw in the towel, because you're stronger than all your problems, and some day your life will chage for the better. If you need someone to talk to, listeners from 7 Cups of Tea will be here to help you with everything we can. Stay strong sweetie!
June 14th, 2015 6:54am
Figure out the best single place to seek help, then save up your energy and make a big effort. When you're there, tell them you're always too tired to ask for help in other places and find out if you can get someone to help you with everything, not just one thing.
July 7th, 2015 12:50am
try to practice any kind of sports .don't stay alone and keep talking with others , telling them your problems so they may help you
September 14th, 2015 1:50pm
Attempt to talk to someone that you trust that can motivate, assist and help you seek further help such as reaching a hotline or contacting professional advice such as a therapist.
November 16th, 2015 10:59am
You can dial a helpline that can assist you. There are home doctors that can come to you, and you can seek counselling online.
October 4th, 2016 9:32pm
Possibly try sleeping more at night. Maybe if you aren't sleeping, you can try sleeping medicine. I think that eating more energizing foods can also help.
October 17th, 2016 2:04pm
7 Cups is a good place to start. When you feel too exhausted to go out or to research a doctor, coming here for support is convenient and easy. Maybe, with more support and encouragement, you will be more motivated to find a doctor or counselor. Plus, there are counselors here as well.
November 14th, 2016 4:21pm
Well being on here is a good start. You know you need help and being here maybe you can find the support to speak to professionals
March 6th, 2017 5:04pm
Talk to someone over the phone that you can trust. Don't over think things and take a few deep breaths and try to relax.
December 4th, 2017 10:10pm
Dare to talk and let it out, seek help , reach out for someone to listen to you, it is the first step to many things, it is the first step to heal
February 12th, 2018 10:24pm
If you are always tired, take a nap. As simple as that might sound, it sure works. Taking those extra hours of sleep will definitely make you feel better. If this does not help, either try it for a longer time and/or seek professional help.
March 27th, 2018 1:14am
learning to find not tiny spark that will help you to motivate to seek help finding those I can relate and connect to what you are going through finding someone with and uplifted personality showing you that they are willing to listen and to help
July 16th, 2018 4:44pm
You can try telling your family or friend to arrange help for you. It’s really important to get help. If you don’t ask for help you’ll continue staying exhausted and tired.
December 4th, 2018 7:44am
Well if your tired and your too exhausted to seek help I would say then stay home and do some meditation and listen to soft music. Music can calm the soul down and make you focus better on the problems that you are having being tired and exhausted. Last thing you can do is tell yourself to go to bed early and get up feeling refreshed and then get yourself to a place that can really help you when you got the proper sleep. Really in the end it is about taking it easy and really listening to your body mind and soul.