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Is it normal to think about suicide everyday?

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Last Updated: 09/22/2021 at 3:29pm
Is it normal to think about suicide everyday?
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March 22nd, 2020 11:25pm
When I've had suicidal thoughts they've been intense but tended to only last a day or two and when I did anything it was spur of moment not well thought out. It's scary to have these thoughts, compulsively for even a week... let alone everyday.. I'm not sure if the new meds I started 2 weeks ago has something to do with it. For me it's not normal at all so I've been panicking a lot. I looked this up to see if anyone else was having this. I tend to like to feel in control of my feelings. I feel totally out of control. I've told my support worker last week she didn't seem too bothered? I caved and had to go and see someone and stay over at their house today as I've been feeling unable to cope alone at my flat.. I can imagine if you have experienced it most of your life it would feel 'normal' but It's got to get exhausting. You should definitely keep reaching out for help for it..
March 25th, 2020 4:35pm
Thinking about suicide every day is not normal. To help overcome these thoughts one can ask themselves why they are having these feelings and try to isolate why they are feeling them. Doing this can seem overwhelming but moving forward you will be happy you did so. At the same time you will be addressing some issues that you may have pushed to one side for a while and not known how to deal with. This will be relieving for you and you can start moving forward in a healthy way to achieve whatever goals you may have set out to accomplish.
March 28th, 2020 6:41pm
It is not normal to think about suicide often in a day. Any thoughts about hurting yourself are difficult to cope with. It’s especially difficult to feel secure and safe when suicidal thoughts follow you around all day. When you think about suicide, neither repress nor ignore. When it occurs, physically move or back away from the area or situation in order to minimize the potential of acting on suicidal thoughts. Take deep breathing slowly to regain control of your breath and repeat until you feel calm. Focusing on breathing can help, especially when combined with visualizations. For example, imagine your lungs are filling up with air, your diaphragm rising and falling. Add more detail, the better or visualize numbers or imagine yourself in a safe and calm place, being with someone you love, or someone whom you confide.
April 2nd, 2020 2:56am
I do not think that it is normal thing to do at all, especially if you do it everyday! If I were in your shoes I really would consider at least trying a therapy. It will help you to develop accurate skills for your present situation and make you feel better in general. I would have also consider going to psychiatryst. It is nothing weird to take such medicaments, bscause they are really going to helpful and they are designed dor that, so there is no need to worry about it. Also try to seek for help, it will pay off!
April 2nd, 2020 6:17am
No. Thinking about suicide daily should be something you see a therapist about. If you are in a crisis and need to talk to somebody now about this, you could always call the suicide prevention lifeline or 911. This part in your life feeling this way can be very difficult, and I understand that. I have felt suicidal in the past, and I regret attempting to commit suicide. I am past that now, anybody on the website who does say they will harm themselves I will give them links or phone numbers they could call or click to help them.
April 9th, 2020 10:18pm
I saw this question and wow. Until recently I haven't hardly ever thought of suicide so then I probably would have said no. Now I would probably say no too but recently all I think of is suicide. In the morning, during meals, literally every 30 minutes. As of now I have to consider if it isn't not normal. Because of what I feel now, I say if your feeling stressed it's normal to think about suicide everyday. Personally I would never really do it (probably) but I still think about it all the time. I'm not really sure why though.
April 11th, 2020 5:02pm
No, it is not normal. Anyone experiencing this should contact a doctor immediately. Persistent thoughts of suicide is a symptom of depression and other related illnesses, and it is necessary for them to be adressed as soon as possible. Thoughts such as these hinder regular, day to day functioning, mood and health. It is not safe and definitely not normal. Thoughts such as these hint to a person experiencing depressive episodes and/ or hopelessness. No one deserves to experience such intense and negative emotions so persistently. If anyone is experiencing this, the safest thing to do is to let someone know and then seek professional aid.
April 12th, 2020 4:08pm
It is not normal to think about suicide every day. I would talk to someone immediately if someone were to be thinking every day about it. Remember the three pillars of support in life! Social, Physical, Internal. You need people around you that care, a physical environment that is designed to help you stay motivated and prosperous, and internal mental and emotional health. These will allow you to see the light in the day. Depression comes from nowhere, if you are in a bad situation, remove yourself at all costs. If your average energy is that low, where suicide is concerned daily, removing factors out of your environment alone, can help, remember the three pillars!
April 22nd, 2020 5:39am
No, it's not normal. Life is so precious to waste thinking suicide everyday. No matter how many problems might exist, this too shall pass. The more we think in negative way, the more we attract it, we manifest that more into our lives, and likewise. Try to see the bright side. Change perspective too see the beauty of it. We are here today, but we can be gone tomorrow, so live life to the fullest. We have to appreciate what we have in the here and now, and learn to live life the fullest. Remove all the negativity from your life and forgive those around you for whatever it is they might have wronged you for. You don't need to forget. Just forgive. And ask professional for help if needed.
April 23rd, 2020 5:51pm
Well, yearly, it is approximately 6% of the world population think about suicide, and only 1 or 2% attempt to do it. Most people who survive the attempt are happy that they did not die, even if they became permanently ill or disabled. But if you think about suicide everyday, you probably severely depressed, and it is a common symptom of depression and other mental health illnesses. It is imperative to get helped if you feel that you want to kill yourself, or death is the only way out. However, the fact that you asked this question means that you are motivated to change, and you believe in a different outcome. Note if you feel a strong urge to kill yourself, please call a suicide hotline, or you can also text to a crisis hotline or talk somebody you trust. It is also recommended to create a safety card where you have telephone numbers of people you trust, hotlines and you can list reasons to stay alive.
May 22nd, 2020 6:00pm
Yes and no. If you have depression then you probably should talk to a doctor if you don't ghen it can be really bad in the future. I have had the same experience and my doctor had me go on a medicine that helped a lot. Doctors can help as long as you let them. Be brave, you are needed in thie world. People love you. Suicide may seem like an easy out but it's not. Please remember that. If you want to talk more in detail reach out. I'm on quite often. Don't forget people love you. All day every day.
May 23rd, 2020 1:55am
Thinking about suicide generally is a normal thing in my opinion, but thinking about it every day isn't normal. Might mean that you could be having a mental disorder. Possibly something like depression but the common causes are resulted from deperssion. Thinking about it every day could actually lead you some day to have actual urge to attempt and maybe after a few attempts, you'd have the bravery to actually commit suicide. If you ever feel like suiciding please contact the suicide hotline or grab someone to talk to: Either on 7cups or someone of your friends. Remaining quiet isn't really healthy, also speaking about your trauma helps decrease the trauma's effect on you.
May 31st, 2020 10:02am
It is not normal to think about suicide everyday. Life is precious not only that each and every person themselves is very very important. You being born is an essential part of the grand scheme of universe. You were destined to be born in this particular time and era. Each step you take and each breath you exhale/inhale shapes the world for the way it would be in future. Your existance has a great impact on an unimaginable scale. Think about it. The mere act of eating the crumbs of bread left by you becomes food for ants, your shedded skin cells, the oxygen and CO2 helps the plants. We are all unconsiously keepers and guardians of the grand scheme of things. We are contributers and have buttowed this body as a means to make as much contributions as possible. Death is a certain reality no human being could ever run from it even if they want to. So, why would you deprive all the life that is depending on you leave hanging with out your kind presence. If you are really that heartless than you need to rethink about the choices you made in life and have a responsibility to correct it. Don't live long but live responsibily.
June 12th, 2020 10:58am
I would say it is not normal and if you are having these feelings on a daily basis you need to seek professional help; like seeking a good counselor, talk to your family physician, if you are a spiritual person seek to speak to your pastor. If suicidal thoughts are a daily part of your life you have to seek help immediately. Don’t continue to live a life of negative thoughts when you can live a life full of happiness and peace. Daily thoughts of suicide is definitely not a normal thought. There are many people out there that loves you and would be devastated if you took your own life. Please seek professional help!
June 13th, 2020 8:47am
I think that thinking about suicide every day is normal for those experiencing mental health struggles to an extent. If prolonged, that is when it is time to reach for help or find ways to manage these emotions. As someone who has had suicidal thoughts, I did not want to reach out for help. After slowly recovering from the thoughts, I would encourage those having suicidal thoughts to reach out and get support. Suicidal thoughts for me lead to self-harm, which I would never want anyone else to experience in their lifetime. If you or someone you know could be experiencing suicidal thoughts, I encourage contacting a loved one or crisis help line.
June 17th, 2020 6:08am
No thinking about suicide is not normal. A person might be going through a lot if he or she is thinking about taking such a drasric step. This might be a result of anxiety or severe depression which takes place due to overthinking and feeling hopeless at times when you are unable to find a solution to your problem. Suicidal thoughts are not normal as it's an example of a person dealing with something they are unable to do anything about. These people need to seek help so that they don't harm themselves and need proper therapy and consultation
July 15th, 2020 8:06am
Noo suicide is the worst thing ever people thinks that suicide is the best way to heel their problems but definitely isn't not the way just think about your family and sibling twice and definitely you won't think about it again so Please avoid that suicide thought never try to pretend to happy before your loved ones let them know your pain they might help you to overcome that problems everyone deserves atleast one life so please don't loose your life live your life, you are the creator of your life create your own destiny always enjoy your life and live your life in your own way 💯.
August 6th, 2020 7:24pm
It is a symptom of mental health problems, like depression, but should be taken seriously. It is not something you should get used to or have to live with for the majority of your life. Suicidal thoughts are not directly treatable, but by treating your underlying mental health issue, you can stop thinking about suicide. Please advise a medical professional or call the Suicide Hotline to get help. Contact your health care provider immediately. Drugs and alcohol can also worsen these thoughts. It's important to understand that thoughts like this must be taken seriously. You matter. Please talk to someone.
August 9th, 2020 10:54pm
If I take it in general then no honey, it isn't. If you're feeling this way you might be very depressed and I would recommend you to seek help. Here is a lot of listeners and therapists that will listen and support you through your path. If you have someone you can openly talk to then sit and talk with them about your feelings. I asure you that it's going to make you feel better! Find the cause that makes you think about this and make it disappear. Life is so much beautiful and YOU must see it. You've got this! 💖
August 22nd, 2020 10:03am
I believe it is! I know for the past 6 years I've had an underlying suicidal thoughts. I've acted on them a couple times but never to extreme. Also sometimes you just need a dramatic change to help you get out of it! That's exactly what I did & let me tell you it was horrible in the beginning! but has gotten so much better. i'm really glad i made the change that I did. Yes I didn't go about it the right way but it has worked out in the long run! I am a survivor & I want to help you continue to be one!
August 27th, 2020 4:30pm
"Normal" is relative. What is normal to me (eating vegetarian, for example) might be absolutely strange to someone else. That said, usually thoughts of suicide are majorly disruptive to every day life. If you are thinking about suicide daily and feel like it is having a negative impact on your life, it is probably in your best interest to seek professional help so that you can better understand your situation and start the process of making a change for the better in your life. Taking this step can be challenging. The pay off can be great, however. Using 7 cups can also help.
September 2nd, 2020 4:12pm
I think it is not "normal", because not everyone is doing this every day. But you are definitely not alone either!! The same way not everybody is coughing and sneezing everyday. But if you are, this doesn't mean you are "abnormal", it just means that it is time for a professional to help you with this. Because the same way coughing and sneezing is interfering with your allday life, suicidal thoughts have the tendency to interrupt our life quite dramatically. And it is harder to keep going when there is something this heavy on your mind. I believe it is crucial to know that you are not alone, other people feel and have this too, and there are people who are trained to help you with precisely this issue.
September 23rd, 2020 10:50am
Honestly, I am no help here. The younger me has been in the place where suicide was frequently on my mind. The younger me was filled of hate due to pain from my childhood and heartbreak. But the older me, though I have mental issues, is on the fence. A part thinks thinking of death has become the norm. So many people think about it, even though they may not speak up. However, thinking and doing are two different things. We should not act of these thoughts. EVER! In stead, think about how your loss would hurt the people around you. I tell you, there are soooo many people who would love and miss you. Do you not know that YOU are why the world is better? You are valuable, important, special, and loved.
September 27th, 2020 6:21pm
No, it is not normal, but you are not alone. I can see that you are suicidal and may be dealing with depression or issues related to it, and I want to help, and there are plenty of professional therapists that want to help. You are certainly not the only person to think about suicide very frequently, other people with depression, anxiety, and other issues are in the same place. But you should get help, you deserve to get better and live happily again. For now, take a deep breath, things do get better, even if its slow, they do get better.
October 1st, 2020 8:54am
Thoughts of death have held power over you and you are not sure where to turn or what to do and the day in and the day out of the matter keeps coming back to you and in this there seems like a loss of peace and hope where no light can be seen in the mess that life has become in your thoughts. This touchstone of darkness keeps repeating on and on and on and on and there appears to be no end in such thoughts and nowhere else to turn, but think about it again and again, without fail.
October 15th, 2020 11:00pm
It is unusual to think about suicide everyday. This usually happens when a traumatic even occurs. If someone is extremely upset for a long period of time they might feel suicidal. It is important to have support. Support can help with comfort and feeling needed. It can also keep you and your mind busy. It is also important to ger as much information from that person as much as possible to see what their intent is to harm themselves. I would ask now tell me have you had any thoughts on harming yourself? If, so do you have a plan to harm yourself?
October 25th, 2020 2:54am
My answer to this question would have to be no. It is not normal to think about suicide daily. The reason this may be happening on a regular basis is the state of your thoughts and being in a depressed state of mind to long. If this is happening I would suggest that you seek professional help. It is not a good thing to be in that state of mind for long periods of time. Are you alone at home or are there others around you? Is there anyone that you trust that you can talk to about this problem? Keeping silent about what you are feeling is not good nor safe. I am so sorry that you are entertaining these thoughts daily. We here at 7cups would love to support you and listen to you. Just please find the courage to reach out for help.
November 5th, 2020 2:07pm
As blunt as this may sound, no it is not. Suicide is a serious matter and involves the act of killing a human being. It may not seem as serious to you as an individual as you are speaking about performing it on yourself, however, try to imagine yourself performing the act of murder on someone else. Would you still be able to do it? When you have suicide thoughts, try to think about the fact that you have been given the opportunity to walk this earth, make an identity of yourself and create your own story. Instead of thinking back to the earlier chapters of your story that may have caused these suicidal thoughts, try thinking forward of what your story might have in store for you. As someone who has thought of what it would be like, I can justify that the future will have things planned for you that you may not ever expect. Try to get yourself out of that mindset of "maybe I should do it" and find things that are a reason not to, whether it is something that seems as insignificant as "I shouldn't because I laughed at a meme/joke today". Repeating good things will lift your mood up even if it takes time. If this does not seem right for you, try thinking about your family, if you have a good bond with them try thinking about how devastated they will feel to lose you.
November 6th, 2020 12:44pm
At times, I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts, even on a weekly basis. Sometimes I’m able to ignore them. I might be driving to meet a friend for brunch and briefly think about driving my car off the road. The thought might catch me off-guard, but it quickly passes through my mind and I go about my day. But other times, these thoughts stick around. It’s like a huge weight is dropped onto me, and I’m struggling to get out from underneath it. I suddenly get an intense urge and desire to end it all, and the thoughts can start to overwhelm me. In those moments, I’m convinced I’ll do anything to get out from under that weight, even if it means ending my life. It’s like there’s a glitch in my brain that’s triggered and my mind goes haywire. Even if that glitch is actually temporary, it can feel like it will last forever With time, though, I’ve become more aware of these thoughts and found ways to manage when things get tough. It’s taken a lot of practice, but simply being aware of the lies my brain tells me when I’m suicidal helps to combat them. If this last year has taught me anything, it’s that no matter what depression tells you, there’s always hope.
November 15th, 2020 12:04am
I think it depends on the circumstances. It is often a symptom of depression which can be treated, but because people don't normally talk about, it can become a bigger problem over time. It is also a symptom of other issues like personality disorders, ptsd, addiction, and se,xual abuse... I have thought about grief and death, but not necessarily suicide, for me it's like a constant dullness or feeling of boredom every day. It feels more like emotions are trapped in the body and that death can be a helpful release, but I rarely thought about a specific plan to carry it out...