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I’ve been really depressed. And cutting myself I feel terrible but don’t feel like committing. How do I get this feeling away?

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Last Updated: 10/20/2020 at 4:31pm
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Elaine Kish, LMSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

My goal is to treat clients with respect and compassion. I am a supportive, strengths-based therapist with experience in treating mood disorders, grief, and trauma.

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October 20th, 2020 4:31pm
Hi there, I'm so sorry that you feel this way. I've been there before, and it's not fun. People always told me to talk to someone, anybody, but I don't really like talking. I wrote it down instead. That really helped. I also discovered music. I don't know why, but there's something about music that makes me feel better. I listened to a lot of music. I talked to my dog; is that weird? I read books. I drew. I think the worst thing I did was pretend I was okay. So I think one answer is to put that sadness into something else. Something that doesn't hurt you or anyone else. Of course, there's more than one answer. I'm not even sure if what I did was right. But I don't think you should ignore your feelings and let them sit deep down inside you. Anyway, I hope this helps, and I hope you remember that you matter.