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My depression is so bad, and the worst thing is there’s no relief or days off. How can I find things to make me care and keep going?

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Last Updated: 04/08/2019 at 9:42pm
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Amy Justice, BS, MA, LCMHC

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My passion is to help people overcome feeling "stuck" in unhealthy patterns by facilitating real, healthy changes through self-discovery and practical applications.

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November 25th, 2018 9:21am
Hi, I'm sorry to hear that, you seem in a difficult place right now. I found that a good way of going through depression is to understand how it works, in your brain. Depression prevents your brain from reacting to things that you enjoyed doing when you weren't depressed. Instead of producing hormones that make you feel joy, pleasure, etc, it kind of does't. So you can't feel joy anymore, even when you engage in things you used to like. So of course, you can end up not wanting to engage in those activities anymore, and in any other activities. But here's the good news : that circuit can rebuild itself. You may know the proverb "fake it until you make it", well it's exactly that : even if you don't feel nice feelings anymore, keep doing activities you used to enjoy, and/or try new ones. At first you won't feel joy doing it, but with time, it will come back. What helped me was to volunteer in an organisation, which helped me to feel useful. It made me go out more than I would have, it gave me goals and helping people was rewarding too. For you it could be something totally different, like drawing, trying a new sport, etc. The hardest part is to get motivated enough to do the first step, right ? Maybe some friends can help. It may be easier if you're not alone with that.. It could be friends, family and/or a therapist. Some time, some medicine help to get on your feet. They're not a cure, they're just a crutch to give you the energy you need to engage in things. most of them aren't addictive so, you can talk about it with your doctor or therapist if you have one, if that's something you think you would like to consider. (and as a reminder- there's absolutely no shame to seek help. When one breaks one's leg, one doesn't feel shame to go to the hospital and get it fixed.
April 8th, 2019 9:42pm
Think of things you do for fun in the past. What are those things that makes you happy? Regular exercise could also help in the process or better still seek for therapy. Hang out with friends in real world not internet, reduce internet operation. Engage yourself with good books, movie and eat lots of fruits. Sleep well, when ever you feel stressed, take a nap. Do not let your past or mistakes get to you. But the most effective of all, is seeking for a therapy. This will enable you interact and listen to professionals.