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What do I do when I feel like I've hit rock bottom and I'm not worth it anymore?

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Last Updated: 03/11/2022 at 5:31am
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Jennifer Patterson, LMFT, ATR-BC

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Life can be messy. Sometimes you need a little support to make your way through it. I love to help guide people through their challenges & to find the beauty in our messes.

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December 7th, 2017 9:11am
Write down your long-term goal. then keep narrowing down the ways that will achieve that goal until you reach your short-term goal. At that time you'l know what to do in order to get up on your feet again.
December 8th, 2017 3:48pm
I make a mental list of all the people who would miss me if I were gone and I try to think of the pain I would put them through if I did anything to hurt myself. Then I make an appointment with a counselor to talk about my problems.
December 23rd, 2017 12:23am
I think you should talk to someone about your problems. Maybe try letting our a little stress. Are you okay?
January 4th, 2018 8:56am
When I feel down and not worth anything I usually listen to music, read a book. I do it to get out of the negative loop. Also before bed, I usually count three things that were good in my day.
January 7th, 2018 10:29am
I reach out for support and I take some down time to do some self care and have time to reflect or meditate.
January 14th, 2018 8:18pm
Do something small. Help someone, volunteer, take a course in something. Don't just think about your current situation, but about what you could be doing to be worth it. You can't be worthless if you are helping someone.
January 18th, 2018 5:45pm
Rock bottom is an excellent, solid foundation to start building up again. You need to surround yourself with good people and be honest with yourself.
January 26th, 2018 11:28am
Look back at all that you have already accomplished and remind yourself that you are a stronger/better person than you give yourself credit for.
February 1st, 2018 8:33pm
you are worth everything, don't say you're not. i can bet you that ur sweet, amazing, beautiful, etc. and we never really hit rock bottom... you will always be able to get back up even if you feel u have hit rock bottom.
February 7th, 2018 1:12am
I write in my journal - in the moment it helps me to process my feelings, I just write down whatever is in my head, my thoughts, feelings, worries and concerns, no matter how stupid or irrational they may seem. Later on when I've got it out of my system I read back on it and it provides me with something to reflect on. When I'm in a better space of mind I can see many of the issues that I thought were huge actually aren't that big. And I can start processing through my issues and feelings step by step rather than feeling overwhelmed and dealing with them all at once.
February 8th, 2018 12:21pm
Think about those in your support network. This could be family, friends, acquaintances or anybody really who cares about you. Think about what they would say to you if the knew how you were feeling right now
February 8th, 2018 2:17pm
A few months ago, I hit rock bottom, and was (am still am) dealing with all of this. During winter break, I often had no motivation to eat/drink/sleep/do basic daily functions, I often either woke up at 1am or slept at 1-3am, and I started to have episodes, as I was (and am still) experiencing so much emotional pain (that I would scream and thrash, and I would become violent, unfortunately, often resorting to punching myself). Some of the things that go through my head when I’m dealing with this is that “life isn’t worth living…I can’t keep doing this…there’s no point to anything…(and) it’d be great just to die here…” and I know this makes no logical sense, but it’s what I’m dealing with, and it’s difficult to deal with. So it'll take time to feel better, and it's frustrating, but you'll get there. I'd say just keep being immersed in your life, and trying to cope healthily. But this just depends on your situation and how you'd respond to it.
February 11th, 2018 5:43am
Turn to others for support, whether that be online within the 7 Cups community, or physically with family, friends, or a trusted adult. You are loved
February 11th, 2018 4:43pm
Remember to think of yourself positively. No one will ever be you, intricate and imperfect as we all are. The funny thing about "rock bottom" is that you can only go up. Motivate yourself, and do things that interest and please you.
February 15th, 2018 6:38pm
As a quote to the movie Sing, "You know the best thing about hitting rock bottom? There's only one place left to go, and that's up." Remember this, it has stuck with me, and helped me through many situations.
February 22nd, 2018 8:19am
Speak to someone! Don't allow yourself to bottle up these feelings and dwell on them. Always remember that you are beautiful inside and out. Things will get better, even if you have to walk through the rain to see the sunshine.
February 23rd, 2018 9:41pm
Look at yourself in mirror and realize that you have something to offer someone in this life. You have a role to play in this game called life. Sure you get tired of the pains, sorrows, grief, love, hate, joys and thoughts but it all works out in the end.
February 28th, 2018 8:24am
Everyone has those rock bottom hopeless feelings at some time but that doesn't mean that those feelings are facts! No one in this world is not worth anything and we each have so many wonderful things to experience in life! When those feelings and thoughts hit, counteract them with positive ones. For example, for every word that someone said to you that was cruel, think of a time when someone said something nice. You will see that usually, the good outweighs the bad and if it doesn't, think of those who have said negative things about you and discern those relationships. You deserve to be happy, loved and respected.
March 3rd, 2018 4:30pm
Just remember your breakdown is your breakthrough. Take this opportunity to rebuild your life on a solid foundation. You can, and you will shine through this.
March 24th, 2018 12:18pm
I had literally hit rock bottom when I was in my college. I didn't know what to do or how to do and what next to do. So I just thought for a day or two and then decided that I will go back and learn so I could prove my self that I was capable of doing it. Once I took that decision everything was good for me and later I started enjoying my life.
March 31st, 2018 8:44pm
Personally, I would talk to someone, or contact a helpline. They can give you the tips and advice you need.
April 4th, 2018 3:10pm
Remember two things when you feel like that. 1. Your worth is not defined by your current circumstances, and 2. The only way out when you've hit rock bottom is up. No matter how bad things are, no matter what you might have done, you are always, always worth it. No matter how hopeless life seems at the moment, it can always change for the better. Take small steps to getting better starting with self-care. Once you stop feeling this hopeless, try to make a plan for dealing with things one a time in little steps. Hopefully things will get better and continue getting better.
April 4th, 2018 8:39pm
seek for help and tell you family friends about your feelings and what you can do, even talk one the phone using one of the hotlines or talk to a professional
April 6th, 2018 1:28am
When I hit rock bottom I always go to my dogs. they are always there for me and comfort me. they never judge me and always there to listen.
April 6th, 2018 3:42pm
Express yourself to people. Put out all the negative in life. You have people around you who love you and your not worthless. You cant let yourself feel like that.
April 22nd, 2018 9:37pm
Take a step back. Why do you feel that way? Is the people around you, your situation, your mental health? Find out what it is and adjust your life accordingly, whatever it takes.
April 26th, 2018 4:15am
You pick yourself up and keep trying because in the end it’ll all be worth it. All the pain just made you stronger.
April 26th, 2018 3:23pm
I had to take responsibility for my actions in life because only then was I able to change things for the better. If you take responsibility, you take control. You take control and your life can finally become what you want it to become.One of the side effects of taking control was gaining freedom. I finally had the chance to make my own decisions and do what I wanted and it opened my eyes to a whole new world I wanted to be a part of and it gave me options I didn’t know I had.
May 2nd, 2018 10:45pm
First always remember that everyone is worth it, nobody is worthless. Second you should find someone to talk to about this feeling.
May 4th, 2018 7:25pm
Cry to let it all out , ask God for help , make notes on what i would like to do / change / make , plan actions and make it happen.