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What do I do when I feel like I've hit rock bottom and I'm not worth it anymore?

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Last Updated: 04/02/2022 at 7:00am
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Jennifer Patterson, LMFT, ATR-BC

Art Therapist

Life can be messy. Sometimes you need a little support to make your way through it. I love to help guide people through their challenges & to find the beauty in our messes.

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July 18th, 2018 6:48pm
you find something worth living for. it doesn’t matter what it is. it could be your pet, the taste of your favorite food, your favorite song, your best friend. anything. cherish that thing. know that as a living breathing human, you have inherent worth. it doesn’t matter what obstacle you’ve run into. your worth still exists. pick yourself up off the ground, tell yourself that you are worthy of everything life has to offer, and move forward. the only way to go from rock bottom is up.
July 21st, 2018 3:33am
I weigh out my options and take a step back breathe. Reanalyze my situation and what caused me to feel the way I do. If it doesn’t apply let it fly.
July 25th, 2018 1:14pm
Stand up. You've got that thought only in your head but that's not what others see. All you have to do is stand up and stick up to yourself because you haven't really hit the bottom.
August 1st, 2018 11:33pm
Give the problem time. If you let trouble rest, eventually light comes to your mind or destiny brings you a solution that was out of your control before.
August 2nd, 2018 6:09pm
Youre definitely worth it, rock bottom is nothing but a place to rest before you climb back up and try again. Don’t tell yourself you’re not worth it, try saying positive stuff to yourself.
August 4th, 2018 4:33pm
Life is not same for all and it makes us feel that we can never get what we want the most. This failure to grasp what we want most at the present junction of our life might make us misrepresent the opportunities that are available to us. Even when i feel like lying down alone is the best possible option right now somehow remembering that it is not bad as it seems works for me. There are more opportunities i just need to find them.
August 9th, 2018 11:54am
You must keep going no matter what, cause things change, life has both positive and negative moments
August 11th, 2018 10:38am
You can reach out to someone you can trust and talk it over but usually I listen to music that is calming and constantly remind myself it is a challenge I should overcome and I can overcome it and thinking things I learned from the challenge and you can help others to so you can see someone smiling for you and realize that you are worth it
August 11th, 2018 4:35pm
Change your view of yourself, instead of asking if your worth it tell yourself you are, only you can determine if your worthy or not. I'll remind you every day if that's what it takes :)
August 11th, 2018 5:08pm
This is a common, and difficult feeling. We all are unique in our own way, meaning we all have worth. Sometimes it is hard to see if we keep listening to the negative self-talk that often dominates our rational or positive mind. Finding someone to talk to--a support person (friend, family, clinician) can help you to find strategies to deal with this feeling. You are never alone, reach out and talk, even to us.
August 15th, 2018 3:54am
I don't know if you believe in God but pray, if you do! I'll tell you right now... YOU ARE WORTH IT and you are worthy of all things great in life. You do matter and you deserve to be happy. We all have felt thar way but get negative thoughts out your head. Guess what? If you are at rock bottom now, you can't go any lower. You can only go up. Things will get better. Stay strong.
August 15th, 2018 7:51am
Try and talk to someone, someone who you trust. If there is anything that you find joy in, try and participate in that thing. It may seem hard, and pointless, but you should not give up hope. If you feel like hurting yourself, or someone else, then seek professional help.
August 22nd, 2018 1:08am
First I find a safe space and curl up into a little ball, making sure I will not be disturbed for the time I need to pull myself together. Then I consider the options open to me, which are to live or to die. Then I remind myself that death does not exist, that living is the only option anyway. Then I breathe in and out, in and out, and remember that everything is transient, everything is temporary, nothing lasts forever; and that whatever pain I am going through will pass. I imagine myself as I am, a tinier-than-tiny molecule in an atom in a vast universe, only one in an infinite set of infinite universes, each in themselves containable in a single molecule in an atom, and realise I am not so important as I like to think. I open my eyes and the world becomes new!
August 23rd, 2018 6:57am
I get back in touch with the things that I know I am passionate about, and I make sure not to lose sight of my long term goals -- no one can take those from me. Also, I remind myself that I have been here before, that I've hit rock bottom and it's never been as bad as I thought it would be. I've always managed to dust myself off and get myself back up. I will also reach out to friends and make sure to talk to them more and spend time with them, letting them know how much I appreciate them all the while.
August 24th, 2018 5:29am
I talk to someone who I care about. I tell them how I am feeling and they always help me feel loved. If I don’t have anyone available I will give my cat lots of affection and he always makes me feel better. It’s good also to get out in nature. A walk up a hill or even sitting outside and listening to the birds in the trees always makes me feel so much more grounded and connected with the world and that there are great things waiting for me to find. Sometimes it’s good to just hug somebody I love if I am not in the mood to talk
August 24th, 2018 3:36pm
Talk to someone you trust! This can be friends, family, a loved one. Even a teacher or doctor. Good communication is key and you cannot get help unless you ask and you are open and honest with how you feel. Set yourself achievable and realistic goals, what you want in life and then set yourself a strategy on how you are going to achieve these. Everyone in the world is worth it and there is always someone on 7 cups of tea to support and guide you. Talking, even online helps us off load and often that is exactly what we need to feel better
August 25th, 2018 4:12am
You don’t want to think that way, it’s just your mind telling you so. Wanting to believe what’s not true. Hitting rock bottom will hurt but you have to be brave and shoot for the stars. You can handle anything, keep fighting. You are not alone in this journey. For example each storm has an ending to it. You will get through the rain, thunder and lightning. There will be a rainbow at the end. Letting you know you’ve made it. Do not give up on yourself when you have so much to live for. You are worth more than you think.
September 26th, 2018 6:16am
There's a few things that have helped me in situations like this For one, start by taking a break from your everyday life and do something like going for a hike or hanging out with friends. Break the daily monotony. I'd also suggest don't allow yourself to focus on the negatives. Look primarily towards the positive things in your life and the good things you can do for others. While it may feel like it's not worthless, you can't give up. It's not over yet, even when you think you're finished or you've hit your limits. Keep pushing. You'll make it through whatever you're going through. No matter how cliche it sounds, there is legitimately a light at the end of the tunnel.
September 30th, 2018 3:18pm
You are never not worth it. Remember that you are important and loved and things will get better eventually but you'll have to stay strong to get there. Some of the best days in your life haven't happened yet, so please stick around for those moments! They will be worth it and someday you will look back on the times when you hit rock bottom and be glad that you pulled through. You are always worth it and deserve love and happiness, never let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise. Better days are coming. You just have to stay strong and stay here for them.
October 27th, 2018 2:52pm
The easiest thing to do is to just give in. But if everyone did that there would be no hope left. You have to find your personal light in life and focus on that! Whatever it may be... A loved one, something you're passionate about, religion... No matter what it is, if it matters to you it is important. Rely on that to help you in the hardest moments and do all you can to lift yourself back up. Listen to the people who are trying to help and look for help! You are not alone in this and so many people have been where you are now. Just keep going because that's the hardest part. I know you are worth it.
November 21st, 2018 2:47pm
When I feel like I've hit rock bottom, I like to think back on all of the positive qualities I like about myself and also all of the achievements I've accomplished and am super proud of. It doesn't matter how big or small as it can be super helpful to remind yourself of your values and real worth because everyone is valuable and deserves support and enjoyment in all aspects of life. Exercise can also be very beneficial to improve your mood and feelings of worthlessness. It's scientifically proven although it can sometimes be difficult to get moving once you've hit rock bottom, but the end result will be worth it.
December 6th, 2018 11:37pm
I talk to someone I trust, or someone who can relate to my problems. I try to make a "to do list" for the day to make me productive and stop thinking too much. I write down things that make me happy, and positive things about myself. I turn off my phone for an hour, and just try to relax and do breathing exercises, like mindfullness. I throw out things that i don't use in my closet or in my fridge, and make a fresh start. I try to go outside for some fresh air, and best scenario - work out.
December 13th, 2018 11:08pm
When I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom and that I am not worth it anymore, I see immediate help. Even listeners like me, need a bit of help sometimes and that is okay. People deserve to get help and I want to be able to provide that for them. I use drawing, singing, writing and music as a few types of coping. It has helped me a lot throughout the years! Even if they don’t help me right I’m that moment of need, I will try to do as much as I can to help myself because I know I deserve it as much as anyone else does.
December 27th, 2018 2:18pm
I talk to people and let them know how I feel. I listen to them. I drink coffee and take time out for self care. I think about what is making me feel that way and then try to balance it out with the positive things in life, the things that mean life is worthwhile. I try to think about people who rely on me or I help. That makes me feel better. Being in Cups helps me to see that I am helping others. I know that if I am making others feel better then I must be worthwhile.
December 29th, 2018 5:47pm
I usually feel like this a few times a week, and it can be the worst feeling inside you, like you are deteriorating. My first instinct is to cry, sitting alone on the dark on my bed and go over all the reasons why I’m worthless, but know that that is NOT the answer! The best thing to do is surround yourself with the people who make you feel like you- friends, family or anyone else that you like to spend time with. That often distracts you, and the distraction helps to make you feel better as you begin to know more of your worth.
January 4th, 2019 1:01am
I keep a notebook with me with little things I've written when I'm feeling good about myself and my life. I write quotes that make me feel good and make me feel motivated. I write things to remind me that everything will be ok, and I've felt bad in the past and I'll pick myself up in a bit soon. I try to have a self care day as well, doing my hair, doing my skincare routines, maybe going to get my nails done and just remind myself like, hey, I'm me! I know I'm not always perfect but I'm still here. I've done a lot of good things in my life and I've come so far, and I should be proud.
January 24th, 2019 11:24pm
As you come to terms with a rock bottom you recognize that youre at the very worst with just a large flat cold floor underneath you, you need to realize you can only walk on that cold floor full if hurt or take the ladder beside. Even if youre scared of heights, its better to climb than to suffer. You are worth it. If not to yourself there are people out there that know you are worth it. And worst case scenario im yhr only one. I can tell you are worth it because you are trying. Any life is worth living, sometimes its just hard to find your reason. I believe in you
February 8th, 2019 2:36am
keep pushing! I'm sure you felt like this before some other time. remember what you went through and remember that your alive today! if you can go through one you can go through another. Take what you can from the situation, analyse it and learn from it. nothing that comes our way is more than what we are made of and what we can take, prove to the problem you can figure it out. there are millions of others going through the same thing, the future needs you. just because you don't see the answer in front of you it doesn't mean there isn't one.
February 10th, 2019 3:15am
I try to find things that are meaningful to me. For me that is writing, poetry, music, exercise and religion. When I'm feeling low I try and write out my experience in a way so that I can understand what im feeling and why. I then just try to express myself creatively through writing and reading poetry. Listening to music helps me get through rough times, artists have a good way of making me feel like im not alone. Lastly but most importantly to me, talking to God is very important in time of need and always gives me hope that there will be better days and the I am strong enough to get through anything.
April 24th, 2019 7:26pm
I can not give you advice but i am always here to listen along with the whole team!!! I completely understand how you are feel but tough times don’t last forever and you will get through it just picture this as a passing storm, there will always be a rainbow at the end! I can see you are struggling with self worth and this is something we all experience. I am happy to listen to how you are feeling and I will try my best to help you progress. Keep on going, even admitting to your feelings is progression sometimes talking about how you feel can clear your head and brighten your day. You have a lot of courage keep going!!