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What does it mean when you don't know how to go on after you lost someone you love?

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Last Updated: 04/07/2020 at 11:56pm
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Sometime situations and feelings can be so strong that we struggle to function. You are not alone! My practice is flexible and open-minded and tailored to your personal needs.

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January 22nd, 2015 10:02pm
Well I'd take a little while to get back onto my feet, I've lost a few loved ones. It affected me deeply and I felt helpless. But things got better with time. You go out there, enjoy life. Remember how much you loved them and they loved you back.
May 11th, 2015 8:24pm
As we all know, Grief is a natural response to losing someone we love dearly. There is no such thing as a "normal" way to grieve. Grief is a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you just don't know how to live you're life when that person that you love is gone. That is normal. It can be hard to imagine you're life without you're loved one. The best thing to do is to be patient with you're self and allow yourself to relive the process. Don't rush it.
January 26th, 2015 10:49pm
It means you are grieving! Know that what you are feeling is understandable and part of the emotional process that happens after you lose someone close to you.
June 9th, 2015 11:24am
Feeling like you do not have the ability to move forward any more is a natural response to loosing love. It is part of the grieving process and perfectly normal to experience. It may help to talk about it.
June 10th, 2015 6:19am
You just don't know what to do in your life anymore. You feel so "lost" in a discomfort comfort way.
August 10th, 2015 1:17pm
It means you're human. I've lost several people I was close to and it felt like the world was crashing down around my feet. I cried for days on end. You just need to remember that they would want you to move on and be happy. There is light beyond the dark.
August 18th, 2015 12:34pm
this subjects means alot to be as my ex boyfriend committed suicide a few days ago. its very hard getting over people you loved but you need to think positively about it. there must of been some bad things about them to make them leave or for you to leave them . the best way to get over someone you loved is to carry on with your daily life, see friends go to work, just keep your mind occupied
September 1st, 2015 10:59pm
It may be depression. I lost my mum when I was 10 and after that I didn't know how I would continue.. I didn't actually want to continue. You might be best to see a psychologist to diagnose you with depression if you have it.
September 7th, 2015 2:48am
Losing someone you love is never easy. But if you are having trouble moving on or moving forward perhaps talking with someone you are close to or trust can help. Also speaking with a counselor or therapist can help get your thoughts in order.
December 14th, 2015 8:20am
It means that you have just experienced the depths of your soul, the capacity you have to truly love and connect with them, and that you need some time to grieve and heal. It might be your first time with such a great loss and if you can find someone to share your pain with and let it out, this can help. So can writing a letter to the person you have lose and express all your feelings.
December 14th, 2015 12:23pm
That your break up is fresh the best thing to do maybe is to go out with friends and take your mind off what's bothering you your heartache will heal it can take time
January 25th, 2016 5:22pm
Grief,pain , and just not being ready to move on. Whether it be a mother,father or any other loved one, loss hurts.
August 9th, 2016 6:41am
I believe it means you are still grieving and this can take a very long time. It might be best to get help with this. Seeking counsel would be a good idea.
December 27th, 2016 7:18am
From a very objective perspective , it means that this is a change in our lives we are not ready to deal with. We humans like to have an illusion of control over things around us we like to pretend as if we control our environment and our surroundings. It's hard to let go of someone we love but this too is a change we need to accept in our lives after all change is out of our hands. Change is after all what makes a life tick , life is like an ECG machine a straight constant line without any change might as well mean that we're dead. Change is something we should learn to deal with and with compassion.
May 22nd, 2017 1:18pm
It means that you loved that person soo much but life goes on and you need to start living your life for yourself not for the others. Those that we love and we lost them are going to always be in our hearts but now you need to move on and find yourself a happy place in your mind.
November 7th, 2017 1:58pm
Time heals everything and ones who are gone won't come back but we can do things to make their memory proud of us. We can fight back against negativity and keep grinding through. One day one moment at a time.
April 7th, 2020 11:56pm
Losing a loved one can be extremely challenging. Oftentimes we hold on to everything we knew and felt about them. Not knowing how to proceed after such an event can show multiple things. It can show that we love them so much, that there is no complete way to detach. We should commend ourselves for being able to love so deeply. It can also mean that this loved individual has impacted our life in a way that we think of them frequently, or even feel their presence. This can be through teaching us and shaping us into who we are today. Not being able to let go can be ok. It can be heard to go on. Things take time and it is ok to be unable to let go sometimes. Everyday we get stronger and are supported by those around us: near and far, here and gone!