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What to do when I came to know that my lover has a girlfriend from past 5years and we had a relationship since a few months. I am in so much depression.He can't let her go. But I want his love back?

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Last Updated: 10/20/2020 at 12:13am
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I specialise in respectfully helping people navigate their way through trauma and relationship issues. The adversities in our life can actually transform us.

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October 15th, 2018 2:50pm
I know it's really hard what you're going through. Always remember that you deserve to be treated fairly and that you should love yourself first. No matter what happens you still have yourself. You could stay with him and he may never get over her and you might be unhappy or even though it's hard to let go of someone you love sometimes it's for the best and when that person is ready and when you're ready it might work out. We don't see the big picture so maybe there is someone out there even better waiting for you and you needed to go through this to grow more so that you're at a place where you can meet this person. I hope this helped, you can message me at any time. I'm sending you love and you are in my prayers.
October 20th, 2020 12:13am
First step is to actually step back,literally step away from your lover and just stay there until you are able to have an outside point of view of your relationship with him, your mind is boggled right now and you seek the love and affection he was seemingly showing you but a person who truly loves you would never do such a thing to you, think about it would you even be able to imagine yourself doing the same to him? The answer would probably be no since you’re even still thinking about him, you truly loved him and so you know what you wouldn’t do to him so if he wasn’t the same as you...
July 17th, 2018 4:16pm
Unfortunately my advice would be to walk away. Love is not a completion where you need to win someone's love back. If it has been lost then however hard it is for your own self esteem you need to get your self respect and move on. Re discover yourself and your values. To be second best isn't a healthy place to be. This is a view point made from many wasted attempts to get someone's love back. If it is gone it isn't yours anymore. You will get the right person come along when the universe is ready to deliver. No love is better than to be second best. 🙏🏻✨✨✨✨