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Why am I getting severe depressive states even though everything in my life is fine and my state is becoming worse?

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Last Updated: 04/20/2020 at 6:30pm
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Deane Rain Marie, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

I take a holistic approach in working with eating disorders, mood disorders, relationships, and the LGBTQ community. I use EMDR, Dreamwork, Stories, CBT and Cinema therapy.

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January 29th, 2018 6:54pm
Lots of people feel depression even though their life is really going well at the moment. Your brain doesn't care really that it's all going well and this sort of stuff happens a lot. If your state isn't getting any better then you may need to see a professional or talk to one online
February 12th, 2018 10:20pm
I occasionally have the same thing happen to me. I have learned that it normally is caused by something in my life that is upsetting me but I am pushing it down and trying to ignore it.
May 1st, 2018 12:24am
Depression doesn't have to have a cause. Sometimes you can feel depressed for absolutely no reason. It's completely fine. Just keep working through it.
April 20th, 2020 6:30pm
We are all human, and I can't count the number of times I felt at my lowest when there was nothing close to low going on in my life. Or, at least, I thought there was nothing wrong going on. It really took me a while to look inside and find myself to really understand what was going on. I told myself, "I will look at my life and figure out what is going on. If I can, I will try my best to really overcome that problem to hopefully deal with it. If I can't or I can't overcome, I will talk to a mental health professional and see if they can help me instead." Either way, I knew I wasn't alone and that I could overcome this problem; whether it was from within me or from external resources.