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Why can I hardly ever realise how amazing my life is?

14 Answers
Last Updated: 12/28/2020 at 7:28pm
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April 2nd, 2015 5:01pm
We often look up and not down. We look at people who are richer than us instead of looking at people who are starving or struggling. The grass is always greener because we never stop to count our blessings.
May 8th, 2015 3:04pm
It's not your fault. It's difficult to keep a positive attitude when you're beset with problems. What you can do, though, is list down your blessings one by one. Don't miss a single thing out, including things like having a roof over your head, food on your plate, Internet, listeners on 7cups (hint hint).
May 10th, 2015 6:29am
Because we focus on negatives more than we do on positive things happening in life as well. I think sad and happy moments are the same but we enjoy happy moments than we do sad moments. So it seems like a never ending journey.
July 20th, 2015 5:38am
Sometimes we focus only on the negative aspects of our life and easily forget about all the wonderful things we've done or accomplished and why we did those things.
September 1st, 2015 10:25am
We all want to impress people. It's quite common. Most people do half the things they do because they want to attract someone's attention. Sometimes all the wanting people to like you and praise you doesn't work out and you just end up feeling crappy. And of course there's all the comparing people do to find out who's the 'best'. But you end up forgetting you are you, your own person. You are your personal brand. Nobody else is good at being you, except well, you. So forget about others. Think about yourself. It is only then you'll realise how awesome your life truly is.
March 21st, 2016 1:44pm
We all fall into this trap as our lives are faster now and more stressful, one should "stop and smell the roses". Learn about mindfulness and meditation as they will reactivate your conscious about a lot of great things that you may have taken for granted and re-calibrate your senses :)
April 25th, 2016 5:44pm
Sometimes, your view on life gets really disformed, and that can lead to you thinking that way. You can help yourself out by just being around optimistic people, in the first place :)
January 16th, 2017 3:18am
Often times we are blinded to how good our own lives actually are because we don't actively make the effort to see the good. Taking time during each day to list what you have done well and what you have. Simply taking five minutes a day to do this will help you see that amazing things you have in your life.
January 8th, 2018 6:43am
The world is a very distracting place. It is easy to become caught up in what is going on around us, to the point where we forget to look at and appreciate ourselves and how awesome we are.
May 22nd, 2018 1:05pm
You've probably not found your true life purpose and don't have a clue what you want from life or found anything that interests you, BUT that's okay! Nobody ever truly knows, so your not alone in this! I think you need to find something that makes you happy, it might take a while, but truly do something that gets you excited every day and slowly you will find purpose and happiness flowing into your life that makes your life amazing. Keep working on yourself. Hope I've helped you in some way!
September 3rd, 2019 8:50am
It is because all human beings tend to compare our average or under average life events with highlights of other's life events. For example, let's suppose that you go to the sea and swim a lot. Then you see on Facebook that someone else went to even farther place on the sea and on his Picture they are hugging with their friend. You start to compare your most lonely, most miserable moment of your vacation (for example, that it was when you were stuck in a queue on the country border) with their highlights (hug on a romantic site on a distant place). You don't take into account that they maybe are no longer hugging and that they might be about to lose contact with each other... You only see this higlight Picture. And it is valid for all life events - we tend to see higlights of others and misery of ours. And it is very sad.
March 30th, 2020 4:19pm
I think a lot of people don't realise how amazing life is meaning down to think about past experiences and how these experiences may effect there future thinking like this to much well leave a person eather always in the past or thinking of the future and never stoping to think how life is right now living in the present moment and taking in the wonderful life we have been gifted. The past no longer excesses and the future is not here yet and in order to be happy in the future when it arives is to realise how it is right now in the present moment not tomarow or in an hour right now
June 29th, 2020 10:26pm
I think in today's society it is easy for us to get caught up in the work wind of the media. We should instead take time out of our day, even just a few minutes to think about what we have achieved, what made us smile, what we are grateful for. If you do this often enough you will quickly start to realise the amazing parts of your life. While there will almost always be the not so great parts, we can use these experiences to better our lives in the future. Life is an amazing concept and should always be treated with respect.
December 28th, 2020 7:28pm
Because we tend to always compare our life to others and what we fantasize "life" to actually be. It is those moments when we have hit rock bottom or have had everything stripped from us when we truly realize that just even having our ability to breathe and being able to sleep in a bed along with a great meal are all things that contribute to an "amazing" life, although we tend to compare life to others and constantly think that we are not where we should be or want to be because it is not matching the lifestyles of others or what we perceive other lifestyles to be.