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Why do I feel so depressed before my period?

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Last Updated: 04/03/2017 at 12:23pm
Why do I feel so depressed before my period?
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August 30th, 2015 5:22pm
Hormones are really really mean. I suggest you go to your doctor and talk about this, many girls get on birth control pills in order to lessen the depression they feel from their period. Please give that try. You deserve to not be depressed, don't be afraid just go and see what happens. It might just change your world for the better.
September 3rd, 2015 4:15am
Hormones. Five days before your period you start to feel them go wild. During your period and five days after your period your hormones are very everywhere. Midol should help you.
September 19th, 2015 8:11pm
This is more common in women who drink a lot of caffeine, so cut down on energy drinks, cola and coffee. Also reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates. Instead, eat plenty of vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds. You will see the change.
September 16th, 2015 10:42pm
There is this thing called Premenstrual dysmorphic disorder (PMDD) ( a severe form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The symptoms of PMDD are similar to those of PMS but are severe enough to interfere with work, social activities, and relationships.) that could possibly be the culprit. However, I'm not a doctor so I can't say it is that, but you can do more research about it and even talk to your GP if you're comfortable to.
September 6th, 2015 2:05pm
Periods cause a big change in your hormones levels which can affect your emotions, and some people experience this more than others. These hormones work for up to a week before your period starts, and so your changed hormone levels can affect your emotions for in this time too. These hormone levels and changed emotions cause different kinds of moods, and one of these can be the feeling of sadness, or depression. Its all down to your hormones, and how your period affects them.
April 22nd, 2016 6:32pm
Don't worry about it. its a biological thing You are still good you just don't have to worry about it, Some girls feel depression before the ovulation. But its a normal thing
July 30th, 2016 1:10pm
It happens to me too to experience a sudden wave of deep sadness before getting my periods... it doesn't make it fade away but it helps knowing that it is just a temporary situation passing thorugh due to hormone changes in my body... I am very sensitive to it and experience it strongly, but I now know... this too will pass... I just have to be patient and take care of myself at best
April 13th, 2016 10:07pm
Your hormones change before, during, and after your period. The feelings of depression could be caused by a lack of dopamine, caused by the change in your hormones before your period starts. Thats the short verison, anyway.
August 19th, 2015 8:47pm
Hormones! The rush of hormones messes with your moods and usually not in a good way because your insides are getting ready to rip apart and bleed. You're missing a lot of minerals because of the bleeding- which makes you feel sluggish, or uncomfortable, or powerless- and when your body is unhappy you are unhappy.
January 27th, 2016 7:50pm
This is likely caused by a change in your hormones during your menstrual cycle. This is probably an issue you should consult your doctor on as it might be possible to lessen those types of symptoms.
August 21st, 2015 9:06am
I'm not really sure of the explanation but I think every girls go through a huge and fast roller coaster of emotions before and during the period.
August 16th, 2016 12:36pm
The body probably releases hormones which make you feel sad. A lot of women experience bad mood and ( also random) sadness or depressing feelings before their period.
August 26th, 2015 9:24pm
Sometimes the hormonal changes/activity that happen during that time can make our brains go haywire. But as long as you're aware of it, you can find ways to cope with it and handle it accordingly. Being able to identify what the problem is and when can really help with your progress.
January 24th, 2016 11:32pm
Your hormones are finding it hard to balance at this time. You can try doing something that releases the natural hormone that makes you feel happy for example when you exercise more is released or even some chocolates have this hormone in it.
February 6th, 2016 8:30pm
In the days leading up to your period you are secreting progesterone which helps your body make cortisol, a hormone that is higher in people who are experiencing stress. If you already have situations that are causing you to be stressed this can lead to an excess of cortisol in your system. This can cause irritability, depression, and the desire to be comforted.
October 23rd, 2015 6:45pm
It's quite normal to get depressed before your period, provided you are not going through any major life changes that may be causing depression such as a death in the family or other major stressful events. The mood swings you experience before your period are caused by sudden fluctuations in hormones. The 28 or so days before your period, your body is slowly increasing its production of estrogen to prepare your body for your regular period to occur. As you get closer to your period, approximately 10-14 days before your period starts, your egg drops and your body starts producing progesterone to prepare for pregnancy. During this time, the walls of the uterus began to thicken in preparation for pregnancy. After about 7-10 days of NO PREGNANCY, the body abruptly stops producing both estrogen and progesterone and your period starts. This sudden drop and abrupt discontinued production of both hormones can lead to mood swings in some people.
January 21st, 2016 5:58am
That's a natural symptom of PMS and it's not fun, but it just means that your body is working correctly!
September 5th, 2016 4:35pm
It's common to feel depressed before a period because of the fluctuation of hormones and the shift of your bodies chemistry.
August 19th, 2015 4:57pm
This is a symptom of PMS - which occurs due hormonal changes triggered by ovulation process. Ways to cope would be to ensure you get enough exercise, eat well and sleep enough. Indulging in some dark chocolate and luxurious baths can help your mood a bit as well.
August 23rd, 2015 10:09pm
It could be Premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Most women with PMS find their symptoms uncomfortable, a small percentage have symptoms that are severe enough to stop them living their normal lives. This is the result of a more intense type of PMS known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).
September 11th, 2015 5:57pm
It could most likely be PMS, due to the fluctuation of your hormones.. Perfectly natural that time of month, happens to me every time. I suggest practising some self-care and being kind to yourself during this time :)
October 23rd, 2015 5:14am
When you are experiencing your period your bodies hormones are different than they are at any other time. This can affect your moods & mental stability. Some people even have medical conditions where their periods affect them so badly that medication is necessary for them to be able to get through that time of the month. Many people are affected with depression when they have their period so you are not alone.
November 15th, 2015 8:26pm
If you are feeling depressed before your period you could be suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome which basically is a compilation of signs and symptoms experienced before your menstruation. As many as 90% of women experience these signs and symptoms before their period. How do you know you are experiencing Premenstrual Syndrome? **If symptoms are reliably severe enough to interfere with quality of life. **Physical and emotional symptoms occur reliably a few days before multiple consecutive menses (periods). **The symptoms go away after completing a period and don't occur at other times. **The symptoms cause significant personal problems (such as at work, school, or in relationships). **No medicines, drugs, alcohol, or other health condition might be to blame. Exactly what causes premenstrual syndrome is unknown, but several factors may contribute to the condition: **Cyclic changes in hormones. Signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome change with hormonal fluctuations and disappear with pregnancy and menopause. **Chemical changes in the brain. Fluctuations of serotonin, a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) that is thought to play a crucial role in mood states, could trigger PMS symptoms. Insufficient amounts of serotonin may contribute to premenstrual depression, as well as to fatigue, food cravings and sleep problems. **Depression. Some women with severe premenstrual syndrome have undiagnosed depression, though depression alone does not cause all of the symptoms.
January 15th, 2016 7:00pm
Because it is a hard time for any girl and for hormonal activites you know. But it is normal. Try tobe comfortable
January 28th, 2016 2:42am
Your body is going through a lot of changes as it moves through your cycle. Just remember that you may be feeling depressed because of your hormones, and that it will pass. Try to take care of yourself when this happens.
April 16th, 2016 5:37pm
I've no idea, but so do I! Obviously its a hormone mix up, but that's not much consolation, is it? Things that help me are eating and drinking well ( which takes discipline because I lose my appetite), practicing mindfulness (all month round) and Vit C supplements for some reason. Knowing its just the hormones and will soon pass helps if I realise that's whats happening. Keeping a calendar helps some with that.
August 19th, 2015 3:54pm
I feel depressed because I feel like the whole world is against me and that nothing will ever work out but it is normal. It is just your hormones fluctuating. Don't worry about it! It is very normal for this to happen. My mom got depressed before her period too.
Anonymous - Expert in Depression
August 20th, 2015 3:39am
This may be due to a rise of hormones or hormonal changes which makes you feel more extreme versions of emotion.
August 21st, 2015 4:35pm
Usually it depends on the person personally i know i am faster to get annoyed and i yell at my friends. Don't worry it happens to every girl. (i'm not a guy so i can't speak for them). And it's completely natural. But if you are feeling depression whether before your period or just at a random day of the week. It's okay to talk to people here on 7 cups of tea. There's always somebody willing to listen.
August 21st, 2015 10:06pm
Right before the menstrual cycle the hormones increases causing the body to be become more sensitive, so emotions also would tend to highten and you would become more emotional at that time.