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Why do I feel so unappreciated?

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Last Updated: 01/29/2021 at 1:43am
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September 15th, 2016 7:55am
The people around you might not know how to express how much they appreciate you. Nowadays, showing any type of emotion is considered a bad thing. That doesn't mean you're not appreciated; it just means they have another way of showing it than what you want,
September 18th, 2016 5:02pm
Because you don't care about yourself much and think what others will think of me .So start caring about yourself
September 24th, 2016 4:04am
Maybe perhaps you are! Evaluate your interactions with these individuals who make you feel this way, and see if your feelings are valid. If so, perhaps you should sit them down and have a chat with them about how you feel.
October 7th, 2016 4:48pm
You should share that you feel this way with the people who make you feel unappreciated, which will help the people who care for you let you feel appreciated.
October 28th, 2016 1:53am
The best way to cope with this is to appreciate yourself! Know in your heart you're truly doing a good job!
November 11th, 2016 9:10am
because you dont appreciate yourself enough, you need to appreciate yourself for you to see that others really do appreciate you
January 11th, 2017 3:01am
I don't think that it is your fault that you are unappreciated. It happens and most of us all have done it before; we take people, even the ones who are closest to us, for granted despite their best efforts to help us. Sometimes we just don't notice how much they care for us. If it's bothering you too much, you should communicate with the person who you feel takes you for granted so that they notice how their lack of regard for your efforts is hurting you.
January 14th, 2017 12:55am
Chances are, you might be hanging out with people who make you feel that way. It took me to the point of almost dying for people to show that hey cared about me, and that proves that they cared all along. I'm sorry you're feeling this way, and a lot of people know how you feel. Most people take advantage and forget to thank the amazing people around them, and that is more than likely what's causing you to feel unappreciated. Just know that you are loved, and appreciated no matter who truly tells you, they notice the little things you do.
February 18th, 2017 12:02am
You feel unappreciated because we just focus to this particular person/group of persons that do not appreciate us instead of those people who is unconditionally loving us and care for us
March 11th, 2017 5:15am
People tend to have their own "standard" on their mind,unappreciated by someone may lead you to frustration. We don't live to impress other, appreciate yourself.
March 17th, 2017 6:16pm
Because you might be looking for other people's appreciation. You should learn to appreciate yourself first. Before wanting anyone to want you. At the end, the only person who will stay with you, it's YOU. When you learn to embrace that, everything else will come along.
April 6th, 2017 3:19am
You're the best one to answer that question! The best we can do is offer some possible answers, or suggestiosn for how to figure out the answer yourself. You may feel unappreciated because the people you have socialized with so far, or most often, do not appear to listen to you, acknowledge you, or treat you in the way you feel you should be treated. It is totally fair for you to be treated the way you want to be treated. Sometimes it is necessary to communicate these needs to the people around us so that they know what will help us feel appreciated. Sometimes it is best to disassociate with our normal social circles or public places, and look for new public places or social circles to engage with until we find people who appreciate us the way we deserve. Some questions you may want to ask yourself are, How long have you been feeling this way? When was the first time you feel unappreciated, and appreciated? What do other people do or say that makes you feel unappreciated? What actions or words help you know you're appreciated? Good luck and have patience with yourself.
April 12th, 2017 1:29am
When I hear people ask this i find myself wondering who you wish to be appreciated by and if indeed you actually appreciate yourself. Often we look elsewhere for that which we find difficult, Could this be a case of giving to much and receiving too little?
April 12th, 2017 11:11pm
Expecting too much from people is the soul reason of getting hurt. When we are doing something worthy of appreciation, we need to have the strength to acknowledge that we might not be treated in the best way. Still, trying to make the world better without searching for any ovation, that's what makes us so great.
April 30th, 2017 5:06pm
Maybe you are surrounded by people who don't seem to see your efforts. Have you tried talking to them about the effort you're making? They may be taking you for granted without realizing so.
May 6th, 2017 6:48pm
There are several possible reasons. Sometimes, an individual in a family or organization is not given adequate appreciation for what they do and who they are. I see it all the time. In that case, the sense of being unappreciated is probably a reasonable and logical appraisal of a real situation. (And there are some things we can do if we find ourselves in that situation.) But, in other situations, a person might have a feeling of being unappreciated that may not be totally based on fact -- sometimes a person has very low self-esteem and tends to interpret others' actions and words as showing a lack of appreciation -- and the interpretation can be incorrect. And there are also circumstances where, with some people, their hunger and thirst for approval is so strong that it is difficult for other people to convince them that they are truly appreciated and loved-- No matter how much appreciation is shown, it never feels like enough. Again, this is probably caused by a poor self-image and low self-esteem, based on past messages and experiences, The good news is that we can learn to appreciate ourselves and value ourselves, so that we aren't as needy of appreciation from others, and we can learn healthy and effective ways to seek situations in which appreciation is given and expressed more often.
June 8th, 2017 2:36am
One can feel unappreciated for many reasons. It could be because the person is not good at communication or it could be because we oursevles are lacking self-esteem.
June 9th, 2017 9:35pm
You usually feel unappreciated when people around you do not acknowledge your hard work and/or constantly put you down. Try writing down on a piece of paper all that you do each day (including things like work, school, errands run, etc.) view the list when you feel unappreciated and know that you work hard and appreciate yourself for all that you do.
July 6th, 2017 2:09pm
I suppose you feel that way because you've been taken for granted at some point of your life , or you got hurt . Sometimes , the slightest actions or words can affect us deeply on a long term , and therefore , we become insecure and we feel unappreciated . But my advice to you is : don't pay attention to all the negativity that some people are spreading ! You're wonderful the way you are , just focus on the positive things , and do WHAT YOU LOVE , and don't listen to no haters !
July 20th, 2017 11:15pm
Probably because no one ever gave you the appreciation you deserve. Don't let those feelings take over you. Just know whatever it is, you are doing a great job and there is someone that is proud of you. If not, then I am proud of you. Keep up the great work and don't give up.
August 11th, 2017 12:52am
Sometimes we feel unappreciated because we have a set idea of how people should show us appreciation and that doesn't match up to the way they express it. Sometimes, we have to figure out if the people in question are truly not appreciating us and decide if that person brings enough positive to our life to keep them around.
September 10th, 2017 6:56pm
I feel unappreciated because even when I stand in as someones cheerleader, support someone when no one will, speak up for someone when they don't, cannot, won't or are unable, I still get chewed out for seeking the truth and "stirring the pot."
October 1st, 2017 6:50pm
That could be because you're actually underappreciate. Sometimes the world could miss out on some really amazing people and they may not get enough appreciation to what they do or who they are. If people don't pay you the respect or appreciation that you deserve make sure you stand up for yourself. If you've worked for it (every work counts even if it's not the best enough or not hard enough in someone else's eyes) you should be appreciated for it. If you feel underappreciated talk to the people who might be unconsciously (or at times consiously) not appreciating you for your efforts, try to make them see the point if they don't understand double up your efforts... If you're already doing your best, maybe it's time to leave toxic people. Be strong!
November 15th, 2017 7:04pm
Because either there is something you feel you are not doing right or you are giving too much value to other's opinion who don't matter that much.
November 23rd, 2017 10:00am
Maybe because people don't tell you often how much they appreciate you... some people don't tell it but they believe it ...
December 6th, 2017 7:01am
The reason could be because you set very high expectations that you want people to appreciate you so much, but you receive less or none. It could be also that you're dealing with the wrong people, who don't appreciate you well enough.
December 31st, 2017 8:04pm
This could be because you lack appreciation for yourself, or have a hard time communicating with others.
February 15th, 2018 8:22am
Sometimes, not everyone can understand what others are going through, or even realise how great someone is! This is not your fault at all, and through time, more people will start to realise this! Talking to people about the way you feel can really help others put it into perspective, they might not even realise you feel this way!
February 15th, 2018 10:14pm
Maybe you are experiencing self confidence problems, or maybe you're just surrounded by negative people...In any way, you have to keep in mind that you are a wonderful person and that you deserve to be appreciated :)
March 1st, 2018 8:53am
Maybe it’s probably because the people you surround yourself with and that’s why you don’t feel really appreciate