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Why do I sometimes feel sad over small things or over nothing?

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Last Updated: 07/02/2018 at 10:21am
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Elena Morales, LMHC

Licensed Professional Counselor

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April 10th, 2018 3:01pm
Sometimes we can have a hard time getting our emotions in order. Stop and breathe, sometimes counting to 10 before making the next step makes all the difference.
February 12th, 2018 9:29am
I feel sad over small things of over nothing because sometimes or most times I have not dealt with what has made me feel that way when I was younger or even in today life day to day situations
February 20th, 2018 8:13pm
I can relate. I also stress over small things I used to think I had to be perfect I had to dress in a certain way talk in a certain way and the truth is nobody is perfect the secret is to be yourself because being myself is the best feeling ever .. one way I learned to love myself was by embracing my flaws and by understanding that mistakes make human because it's the proof that you are trying
July 2nd, 2018 10:21am
Feeling regular sadness for no particular reason can be a common symptom of depression. It can also be hormonal. If this is effecting you or you feel that you need to, please speak to your doctor.