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Will my depression ever end? Does anyone get better and stay better?

25 Answers
Last Updated: 11/03/2020 at 9:29pm
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Paola Giordani, Psychoanalyst

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I have helped and am helping people cope with loss, divorce, anguish and parenting. Depression is also a major issue that comes up.

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September 14th, 2015 1:01am
Your depression WILL end! You just have to stay focused on the positive side of life and understand what you need to do to better yourself. I understand it's a hard thing to do, but just take one day at a time. You'll definitely make it!
June 6th, 2015 7:45am
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September 8th, 2015 12:03am
Yes it ends. But how and when depends on how brave you are to fight it. Whenever you feel depressed, just remember that you're not alone in this.
January 22nd, 2015 10:22pm
YES. Depression will end but ONLY if you try to overcome it yourself. MEDITATE daily for 30 minutes. You'll get past this stage in next 4 weeks if you practice daily.
July 14th, 2015 8:44am
Depression eventually does end. I've been diagnosed for 7 Years. I've had my "Relapses" but things eventually do get better. They really just need time. It's been years for me, But eventually I started seeing the brighter side of life personally. It's truly the smaller things in life that make the differences. Like the sun shining, The bright green grass outside, Waking up and seeing your parents, It does get better. It just needs time.
September 7th, 2015 9:46pm
Everyone is different. There is no one answer fits all. If your depression is interfering with your everyday life, it may be time to speak with a trained professional that can help.
November 10th, 2015 8:55pm
It is hard to say. Because it is different for everyone. But if you really want to overcome depression, I say "why not?". It is you who has to make the effort so just do it and stay better and hope for staying that way.
December 1st, 2015 3:02pm
Depression is something really hard to deal with, and I understand that when someone says " just be happy" that it's not gonna work, it's okay to be sad, it's okay to cry, it's okay to feel. But never lose hope on getting and staying better! You can always get help if you need it! A lot of people are here to listen and help you, your not alone and I know it's tacky of me to say " it gets better" but I really do mean it.
April 11th, 2015 4:15pm
Statistically, people recover from depression all of the time. It may require treatment. It is absolutely possible for you to recover.
September 8th, 2015 1:26pm
I have had depression two times before and have dealt with it, So yes you can get better and stay better.
May 17th, 2015 10:00am
Everything that has started has an end to it. Your depression will end too. Most of the people are able to successfully overcome depression. You just need to trust yourself and do not loose the courage in your life.
July 14th, 2015 12:23am
I know that depression is extremely difficult to deal with. This pain you are feeling will not last forever. Things will get better.
June 14th, 2016 12:28am
Yes depression is only temporary. People can get better as long as hey want to and as for staying better everyone has bad days
June 10th, 2015 12:58am
Some do. Some don't. It's all about why you feel the way you do, and what you do to make things better - read the guides on depressing, and chat to some listeners! Once you figure out exactly how and why you are depressed, you can start working towards solving your problems. And don't be afraid to seek professional help - it's a large industry for a reason, you truly aren't alone.
January 15th, 2018 9:55pm
My depression hasn’t ever ended as such but has become more mamageable. To start off with I didnt know what it was or why i felt that way, but as you learn about it and start to deal with it you realise it is just a part of you. The trick is to find support networks and coping mechanisms that work for you and then it won’t be as daunting.
May 24th, 2015 3:12am
One can choose. One can also decide to erupt from the concrete. My life has been a series of saying "yes", or "no" at the right time.
August 5th, 2018 3:33am
I was diagnosed last year with severe depression. I hadn't realized it was something I had steadily been dealing with for years before it came full bore. Now a year later I feel a great deal better. It's an everyday battle with myself mentally to try to maintain the positive equilibrium. But, it's getting easier. There isn't a quick fix for this. So don't expect overnight or weeks later results. Keep at it. Use your resources be it family, a therapist, appropriate medication, or a new hobby. It does and will get easier. It will get better. You are not alone in this.
July 13th, 2015 9:06pm
It will get better, it takes a while... I'm slowly getting there, it took 4 years with my mental health service team and now I'm finally strong enough to do it by myself. Its okay to fall back, not everything goes the way you want it to, but you've got to learn to listen to yourself and know what you want, but I guess I had learnt that from my therapist and not everyone knows how to do so.
July 6th, 2015 6:50pm
A lot of people do get better and stay better most of the time, although it usually comes back once in a while. Depression usually doesn't go away on its own--it depends on what's causing it, but usually in order for it to be mostly under control you need to have a relatively decent support system & life circumstances, as well as good coping skills. Medication is also a part of it for some people.
August 10th, 2015 2:19pm
It hard to talk about your own specific experience but in general people get better slowly. Sometimes the depression lifts on it own, other times medication helps and others therapy contributes (with or without medication). What is definitely true is that being depressed makes us predisposed to feel like we are trapped in something that will never end. Unfortunately sometimes depression does reoccur. Medication can control this but there are other ways too. For example if you learn to notice when you are starting to relapse into depression you can take action immediately to help support yourself rather than waiting until it gets to the worst it can be. Over time you will learn strategies which can help reduce the symptoms of the depression. It is definitely possible to get better. Some people only ave one episode of severe depression while for others it does reoccur.
June 6th, 2016 9:30pm
It will end. In my case, my depression got a lot better after taking medication (to eliminate the physical symptoms, and allow me to function) and then following it up with therapy. Even though I still get "relapses", they never feel worse than the ones I was getting before treatment. So in the end, I feel like I am staying better. It beats being on rock bottom.
July 31st, 2018 9:33pm
Depression technically doesn't end, but it does get better. You learn to cope and how to love yourself more, but relapses do happen. However, this doesn't mean that you will never be happy if you have depression. It takes a lot of soul searching and patience to find methods that work for you, but depression is beatable.
November 21st, 2017 5:39am
Depression will end if you talk to professionals. Yes, they do get better in many ways. I was once like you too.
February 20th, 2018 7:51am
yes, your depression can end if you want to find help. You will get better along the way and you can for sure always stay happy
November 3rd, 2020 9:29pm
At the end of the day, you have to remember that being diagnosed with depression isn't a death sentence. There are so many stories about getting and staying better, I have done it! The best thing that ever happened to me regarding my recovery was to find someone who constantly pushed me to believe it was possible to get better. While I disagreed with them at first, I slowly started to believe it and before I knew it, I was the one telling myself I could and will. It took time and some effort, but here I am today, depression-free for 2 years now. It's also important to note that, if diagnosed, it might come back in waves : but with time they will be as insignificant as a drop of rain.