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How do you deal with your mental state after a severe injury? (Feeling worthless, self anger at being weak or helpless, etc.)

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Last Updated: 08/31/2021 at 4:46pm
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Catherine Demirdogucu, Level 4 Diploma with Merit. CBT and Mindfulness Practitioner.


It takes courage and strength to seek help. My desire is to help my clients express themselves and grow in confidence, my support is offered in a nonjudgmental manner.

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September 13th, 2016 6:32pm
The most important thing is talking to others about it ... keep in mind that its normal to have these thoughts but it doesnt mean that you are really worthless or have a reason to be angry.... you head is in a big chaos after a injury ...take the time to get your thoughts in order again.
February 5th, 2017 10:24pm
Know that it takes a really strong person to live through a severe injury. Emotions are just signposts they are there to say something, if you acknowledge them, they tend to subside, rather than trying to push them away or battle them. Here's an example. Instead of saying" I can't do anything because of this cast leaves me bed ridden". One can say; "Of course I feel useless or worthless, anyone in a cast leaving them bed ridden would. So that's a normal feeling to have, maybe this is a time for me to reflect, get some extra sleep, the people around me can understand I am normally not like this and there is a clear reason for it. Let's be gentle with myself and give myself the needed time to recover."
September 20th, 2016 9:28am
Practice deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, being in the present moment with full awareness. Write your thoughts down. Talk to someone. Ask your doctor if there's a trained counsellor you can talk to who specialises in severe injuries.
December 2nd, 2016 4:20am
Start by talking about it with someone, with anyone. It can be helpful just getting it out in the open and off your chest. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Whether it's physically or mentally, try to find tasks to keep yourself busy and to give yourself a break from punishing yourself. Stay positive. Our thoughts are what trouble us the most, but it is possible to rise above them.
December 5th, 2017 1:45pm
I have been chronically ill for 15 years. It is VERY hard. Mine was also sudden. I fought mine for so long. Then I made peace with it while doing everything I could emotionally, spiritually and physically to improve my health even a little. It is hard! You may need to see a GP or psychologist/psychiatrist to help you adjust. It IS maddening. The most helpful thing I ever did was mindfulness. I have some peace in the moment for once. Best book in the world is called Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world. Cheaps on the Book Depository and free worldwide postage. Do the CD exercise every day. Complete the course - you may be so surprised at the change within!
December 7th, 2017 11:19pm
I feel worth less I had a serious head injury and that left me feeling depressed ( shot to the head) and my right side doesn’t work to well it was a really bad time
October 12th, 2020 1:59am
I've been injured twice recently and it's put me back from where I need to be physical. What helped me most was reminding myself of my goals and where I wanted to be. I felt hopeless sometimes, so I would let myself spiral for a half hour or an entire night if I needed, but I would sleep It off and start fresh the next day. Its hard, but each day It get easier and you begin to feel better as you change your mood to be more positive. But most of all stay strong and keep pushing through.
August 31st, 2021 4:46pm
There are times when I feel like this. Immediately, I tend to write down things that I'm grateful for, times when I felt strong, times when I helped someone and how I channelised my anger into something productive. This helps me look at the brighter side. of things and helps me channelise the negativity into positive thoughts. When I am unable to see the brighter side inspite of doing this, I tend to calm myself down using some relaxation activities like walking in the nature, listening to songs or meditate. This helps me calm my intensity of emotion and gives me a self grip over the emotion.