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I feel like I can't be myself anymore. I can't stop thinking about ______. What can I do?

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Last Updated: 01/08/2018 at 12:57pm
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Kristin Noyes, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Depression and anxiety can feel overwhelming even on the best of days. I believe in helping clients understand these disorders and help them to reduce and manage symptoms.

Top Rated Answers
November 3rd, 2014 4:20pm
Try to engage yourself into some other work, the one you love. You can have some friends to talk with, you can have silent time to figure out whats actually going with you and how to deal with the. You will definitely get a solution.
November 14th, 2014 6:03am
Find something else to do. Do you play a sport or like to play a video games? If so glad do that take a chill pill maybe watch Netflix and if your still worried then try to rationlse whatever is going on.
November 19th, 2014 6:43am
I understand that sometimes thoughts can be so consuming! We can often ruminate on things, over and over again, until it's almost like we are beating a dead horse! Sometimes rather than fighting it, it's best if you can just embrace whatever it is that's making you feel the way you are. You'll find yourself moving through it faster and easier. Keep yourself busy by doing things you love!
October 30th, 2014 6:56am
People do change and if it helps, perhaps try writing out your thoughts or even talking about your thoughts online or out loud. It may help you get it off your chest and well, make it less jumbled for you to think about.
November 16th, 2014 11:45am
just focused on something you like to do and then the pain of things might go away and that's how you stop thinking of things
November 17th, 2014 11:46am
When ever I lose sight of myself I take time out from life and sit by the water so I can respect the importance of my own happiness
October 28th, 2014 9:56am
Distract yourself from those things and people who make you feel bad about yourself. Its okay to change,people change for good, if you feel you are not yourself anymore, try to find the cause
March 27th, 2015 11:45am
It's hard to get over someone you cared deeply about, but with support of family, friends, or even us listeners we can help you get through it together. From my experiences I stopped thinking about a person after having fun with friends or distracting myself with things I find fun like video games, drawing, singing, and dancing around in my room while listening to semi-loud music. Do what you think is fun, do what you can to benefit yourself and love yourself! We all here at 7 cups of tea love you! - Ari
May 21st, 2015 8:22am
Send a message to one of us listeners on 7Cups. We will find a way to help you. I'm happy that you've found the site.
January 8th, 2018 12:57pm
I understand how you feel.You should relax.Take your time to understand your situation for only you are truly the one who could solve this