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I'm having reoccurring nightmares about what happened, how can I stop them?

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Last Updated: 08/16/2016 at 5:28pm
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September 11th, 2014 8:13pm
It is recommended that people who suffer from chronic nightmares go see their doctor as there are a number of treatments available.
November 17th, 2014 11:01pm
There probably isn't a waterproof trick for it, but I recommend changing your before sleep routines. Sleep in a different room, if possible. Are you avoiding the nightmare? maybe if you write or draw it down, its not going to be nearly as painful anymore. Your mind repeats the dream as long as you make progress with it. Sometimes you can't sleep at all, and then you should contact your doctor about the condition. Even on meds, the progress should continue. Remember that they are for a short-time use only, so try to get enough time with your thoughts and therapy. Try also cut your stress level as down as you can, because its going to reflect on your dreams. Also avoid booze, because it wrecks your sleep routine even more.
November 18th, 2014 6:23pm
Time will help with these reoccurring nightmares. I have found talking about what happened with a counselor really helped me when I was experiencing nightmares as a sign of PTSD.
November 4th, 2014 8:51am
Write them down, and share them with someone you trust. Addressing something head on makes it less frightening. Recounting and processing the events while you're conscious will eventually allow your unconscious mind to rest and stop trying to make sense of them.
December 21st, 2014 3:04am
The best thing to do is to talk to someone about it. Tell them what happened, tell them about your nightmares, and ask them to help you get over them. Most of the time, you have nightmares because you are still afraid and bothered by whatever happened. Someone you trust can help you get over that. At that point, there's a high chance that your nightmares will stop. Also, you can ask someone to sleep with you at night so that if you wake up, they will be there to comfort you.
December 28th, 2014 6:19pm
If you feel these nightmares are upsetting you significantly, write them down, journal your thoughts and how they make you feel, and seek a therapist.
October 13th, 2014 1:53am
It sounds like the dreams are really bothering you. Sometimes remembering that you have survived and are no longer in the situation can help to calm you a bit.
October 30th, 2014 7:42am
In my experience I've found that writing down my experience and then throwing the page away helps me to put my emotions into words everyday, doing so helped my nightmares become less and less frequent until they went away almost completely.
November 5th, 2014 5:44pm
try to distract yourself from the nightmare think happy thoughts before sleeping im sure you will be fine
December 26th, 2014 6:51am
Coping strategies that have worked for me when I have recurring nightmares are meditation, and expressing exactly what is happening in the dream either on paper or to another person willing to listen. Drawing the dream, or simply writing about it can release stress that is hiding in your mind, and therefore may allow you to sleep more soundly.
July 7th, 2015 11:16am
Nightmares are essentially a way of your brain trying to deal with material that it has been unable to process. In order to reduce the frequency and intensity of the nightmares your need to find a way to process these. This can be done in a direct way, through talking through the events in away that allows the to be processed, or indirectly, through processing your body's experiences to the events. Which path you take depends on you (and your therapist). it is also possible (and sometimes most effective) to use some of both strategies
August 5th, 2015 12:04pm
the best way to get rid of what annoys you id o confront it, how? well you can start by talking to some one who can surely help you, tell them about what happened, about the nightmares, say it all, its OK to ask for help there's nothing to be ashamed of :)
January 25th, 2016 6:47pm
Dreams are your subconscious' way of running scenarios, trying to make sense of the things that happened to you. I don't know that you can force yourself to stop having dreams or nightmares. But you can accept them for what they are: a sign that your brain is trying to help you, and even though they feel unpleasant or scary, they are temporary. Be kind to yourself when they happen, and do something positive to self soothe. You are having a perfectly normal reaction to an extraordinary situation. Also, remind yourself that the dream and feeling will pass, and that you are safe.
August 16th, 2016 5:28pm
Probably it's because you have fears that you don't want to face and so you try to escape from them. Probably, you're also doing things that will make it seem acceptable / reasonable for you to take not face what it is. In any case, you are making powerful over you. I think you have to identify what it is you're afraid of, accept your fear but don't dwell and think you're powerless. If you're already calm, ready and you have think things through, face it.