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Is it possible to move on from a traumatic experience?

14 Answers
Last Updated: 10/05/2020 at 3:01pm
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Top Rated Answers
March 5th, 2015 12:22am
Of course it is! If it was not possible, then most people would never be able to continue with their lives. Acceptance is key to learning how to move on with your life. Try checking out this guide, maybe?
October 17th, 2016 3:39am
It's always possible to move on from a traumatic experience! It might take effort, maybe some therapy, but there is always a possibility! Never believe that there isn't
March 12th, 2018 11:10pm
It may not be possible to move on from a traumatic experience but there are many ways to cope with it that can help take your mind off it by going for a walk, listening to music to taking deep breathes.
October 5th, 2020 3:01pm
Moving on is a big term. I think it is possible to grow though and change after trauma. Trauma changes the pathways of how our brain works, so "moving on" is something that your body may not allow. It will allow you to grow through and around an experience, but it can never be removed from your core experiences. Traumatic experience are catorgized that way because they fit a standard set of rules, and within that framework "moving on" does not happen, but growth and coping skills can be learned. Try talking with someone first, then see what suggestions they have.
June 7th, 2016 12:44am
It is. It requires time and and abundance of patience with yourself along with self-love. Those experiences may rob you of self-esteem, may make you feel worthless or unimportant. But the truth is you are more that your negative experiences. You are greater than any harm you have received.
March 4th, 2015 5:50am
It is possible. I've been through a few traumatic experiences I thought I would live with forever. Dialectical behavior therapy, aka DBT, helped me find my way out of constantly re-living those experiences. I also went through individual therapy, one-on-one with a trained therapist. On the rare occasion I am triggered, that I begin to re-live the experience or have anxiety because something's reminded me of it, the tools I learned in DBT and individual therapy come in handy. They help me walk through it. I hope this gives you a lift in spirit, and helps you walk your own path.
March 5th, 2018 8:59am
Of course it's definitely possible to move on post traumatic event/experience with proper guidance and help.
May 15th, 2015 3:55am
Yes, it is very possible. It might take time and it might cause some tears, but moving on from a traumatic experience is very feasible.
May 7th, 2018 8:10am
Yes, it is possible. However, it will not completely go away. Will lots of work, you will be able to cope through it.
April 25th, 2015 3:22pm
It is definitely possible, but it is a long process and not a overnight decision. With the right support, the right attitude and with alot of time you will be able to move on... this doesnt mean you will forget, but it does mean you will be a winner and a conquerer
November 16th, 2015 6:42am
I'd say ya it will never leave my mind but I wake up everyday and live not to forget but to stay active
September 15th, 2015 3:36pm
Of course there is. It's just going to take time, and you'll get there by taking it at your own pace. They say that there's always time for pain, but there's always time for healing.
November 16th, 2015 9:10am
Moving on from a traumatic experience is difficult, but definitely possible. The thing to remember is that event does not define who you are or determine your future. You have the ability to change your thinking and turn a negative experience as a learning experience or an experience that revealed something about yourself. A quote that I try my best to live by is "very little is needed to make a happy life, it's all within yourself and your way of thinking". Now, there are still things in my life that trigger my traumatic experience, and sends me on a whirl of negativity, however I am the only person that can bring myself back from that and remind myself of the good things in life. You are the only person who controls your mentality towards a damaging moment. Remind yourself of the positive things in your life, it is going to take practice and time. Work on it by waking up and instead of reliving a horrible experience, think about something you are looking forward to. It is difficult at times, but we have to remember that the past is behind us, and that there are many things to look forward to in the future. Pick something, and get lost in it. Before you know it, your traumatic experience will be another tale to tell, and might help someone else one day.
March 12th, 2015 5:19pm
I feel that traumatic experiences involve going through the 7 stages of grief. I believe that it takes time to move forward, like anything horrible that happens, but it is possible to move past it. I don't believe you forget about what has happened but that as time goes by you begin to feel it gets easier to get through each time. With time you begin to focus less on every minor detail and just remember what has happened as an event rather than a series of minor details