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What should I do when every time I tell my friend I’m suicidal they say I shouldn’t be and that I have a great life?

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Last Updated: 12/15/2020 at 10:41pm
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December 12th, 2020 11:44pm
Try to explain to them what it feels like for you and try to make them understand what you are going through. One of the reasons they may be saying that is because they don't know or understand what it is that you are going through.
December 15th, 2020 10:41pm
Maybe you should consider who your real friends are. I know this sounds hard but sometimes friends can be toxic and tbh this doesnt sound like a caring friendship. If they do not understand you after you explained it (maybe with a letter as there you cannot be interrupted) then they are not the right people to talk to about this topic. Sometimes it is helpful to find a friend who is going through the same as you do. It is easier to have a dialogue or explain your thoughts and feelings to other. Stay safe and try to be positive. Greetings.