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How do I get motivated to exercise?

2 Answers
Last Updated: 12/21/2020 at 5:58pm
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May 9th, 2018 12:44am
Why do you want to exercise? What will you get out of it? List reasons as to what exercise means to you and what you can get out of it. Maybe also bringing a friend or family member along with you? If you don’t want or like going to the gym, home exercise DVDs or YouTube videos are really good as well. And then you just need to get started! It’s hardest to get the ball rolling, but once it starts, you can gain momentum (by continuous exercising eg scheduling in time to exercise). A healthy reward could also be a good motivator for some people. Rewards could include a healthy protein bar, or watching a video etc. Also, going out for walks with a pet or partner could help you start exercising, and slowly increasing the intensity of the walks and turn them slowly into runs. There are some free and paid exercise apps as well online or online exercise programs (usually paid) that you could join. There are so many options! :)
December 21st, 2020 5:58pm
Every person has different motivations! My motivation is music during my workout, but yours might be entirely different. Search around and see what might be suited for you :) You could try looking on the internet for possible motivations and try them out. Some examples include: working out with a group of people (perhaps on a video call) if you enjoy social interaction, using an app on your phone if you are stuck on what excercises you should do, or finding a workout that works for you (dancing, swimming, running, etc.)! It all comes down to personal preference. Good luck, and happy exercising!