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How do I stay motivated when I am not seeing results?

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Last Updated: 12/03/2022 at 3:15pm
How do I stay motivated when I am not seeing results?
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November 2nd, 2019 2:56pm
You have to find a way to enjoy the process of reaching your goals. Success is not always linear there are ups and downs along the way. A lot of times you have to experience the downs to know what the ups feel like. Life is just this journey that we are all on. This journey isn't a competition and you should never really compare yourself to other human creatures. Relax and look at your life from an open perspective and you'll find that everything is just perfect and everything is going to be alright. Smile more!
February 5th, 2020 10:18am
I would recommend continuing to adjust strategies for whatever it is that you're doing, or working towards. It's incredibly important to have multiple pathways to reaching something, and having multiple pathways will also increase your chances of motivation. It is also completely okay to give yourself a break if you feel you need it - you don't always have to be motivated and productive or actively working towards something. Sometimes your mind and body just need a breather. Don't be too hard on yourself and try your best to be kind to yourself, because it's difficult to remain motivated if you're putting yourself down.
February 12th, 2020 6:39pm
I like to place sticky notes where I will see them. They are like a little pep talk throughout the day reminding me that things take time. Sometimes if I have worked for a while at something and do not see results I forget that it takes time to change or I lose track of what I am doing and why I was doing it. These little reminders are really helpful in keeping on track. It basically helps me reaffirm my goal and refuel my motivation for what my goal, or goals are! It is a great way for positive affirmation too.
February 19th, 2020 6:21pm
Change in perspective. When I'm not seeing results, I try to take a step back and identify even the smallest accomplishments. Once I'm able to identify all the little things I was able to accomplish (from just getting out of bed to doing all house chores), I'm able to build a momentum. This momentum is what contributes to getting my motivation back. It's all a matter of perspective. To some people, getting out of bed just a no-brainer. To some, it's the biggest challenge they may be facing. Being able to celebrate small wins is what allows for a positive shift in perspective and ultimately, keeping your motivation.
March 1st, 2020 4:03pm
Give myself feedback every now and then and see what happens with every step to find what is not working out exactly. To be clear I set goal for myself to pave the path as a start, I consider the multiple routes I can take and from there I test the routes. If the first route works for me I keep going until I feel that it reached its limit I take the other route and so on. Another way to stay motivated is remembering why I started whatever it I am doing in the first place, that is the ultimate push to keep going especially if you have gone far with it.
March 21st, 2020 10:48pm
Think of your overall goal and how happy you're going to be once you achieve that overall goal. Take every step in mentally, physically, and emotionally. Realize how much closer you're getting through every step you're taking, you're getting that much closer to your big goal. Take a moment to realize your goal is possible and you're going to get there despite your obstacles during the process. Sometimes you may not always see results, but in others eyes, they see a change. Results may also take time, not everything can change overnight, so keep your patience throughout your journey! You got this!
March 27th, 2020 4:14pm
Staying motivated without seeing the direct results is hard. I've definitely experienced this in my personal life. The easiest way to stay motivated without seeing the results is to look at the POTENTIAL results. Watch inspirational videos, listen to music, give yourself rewards for following through. You have to train your mind before you can see the change. Results will come, you just have to be confident in your ability and really hone in on focusing on the potential results. If you want it, force yourself to do small steps that will lead to the bigger ones. It's hard, but its worth it.
April 5th, 2020 10:33pm
From my experience, it is good to "reframe" the goal. Say, I want to lose weight, but these excess 10 kgs won't go away in a week of diet and exercise. And it's something you know very well but after three days of trying you can't see the results and it demotivates you. Make your goal easier by reframing it into, for example, "I will do two push-ups every day". In that way, you will see the results every day, like "I did it today! I can do it tomorrow too!". Tomorrow you can do 9 the day after tomorrow 32, and the day after only 2, and it still counts, you did the amount you promised, you can always do more, but never less. Make that your goal, a puzzle made of a tiny habits that are easy to do, and soon you'll realize you can do 100 push-ups, and those 10 kg have just gone away. Hope this helps!
April 9th, 2020 7:29am
I recommend joining a facebook group or another community for working out. You can post about your progress and your issues and the community will support you! I find that being around something a lot motivates people to do it, so surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals and will hype you up can be super helpful! Also, writing down a routine can help you stay organized and motivate you to complete a workout program or each day's grind. Some other stuff that could help are friends to work out with and great workout music. As to why you aren't seeing results, nutritious diets can boost your progress significantly and also improve your mood. If you are trying to lose weight, the number on the scale can be misleading. You can gain muscle mass while losing fat, which is a good thing. Stay positive and always have a goal in mind. You can do it!
April 19th, 2020 5:58am
The results are not what you do compared to others. the results are what you do compared to yourself. just trust in yourself. even though the results may not be visible something is happening. I have gone through the same situation. going through actually. here I am guessing that from how do I stay motivated you are meaning how do I don't give up when things are not going the way you want them to. but remember one thing. trying not to to and not failing is thousand times worser than trying to do something and failing. just make sure that you have no regrets that you didn't try your best.
April 19th, 2020 5:03pm
It's not about the result I think. It's about whether I am trying enough or not. If I am satisfied with my work, I think that's the result. The result which is visible to public that can be important too. And I know failing decreases confidence. But we all are fighter. Let's try to fight once again. If a person is working hard enough, nothing can stop him/her. That's what I believe. When the result is not satisfactory one should try to find the mistakes and try to work harder next time. I am 100% sure s/he will see some change.
April 22nd, 2020 12:08pm
Think about teaming up with your future self! Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated in the moment so I try to think what future me would like to be able to say that I did. It can also be useful to think about the identity you'd like to become. For example, if I'm hoping to become more productive and focused, I like to ask myself "what would a productive and focused person do right now?" and that often helps me see a more clear path forward. It can also be useful to not focus on results, but focus on the actions you can take right now. When working towards a long term goal it may take a long time to see results, and that can be daunting. Instead of focusing on the specific outcome it can be nice to focus on the one thing you can do TODAY -- the small things add up and they are worth it :)
April 26th, 2020 3:35am
This can be a really difficult thing to go through because it's so easy to get disillusioned. The way I think about it is trying to come from a logical stand point and know that whatever I am doing is better than nothing. Internally, I know my body is undergoing change, but that isn't something that you necessarily see right away on the outside. Everyone's body changes at a different rate, and you have to be patient with yourself. After some time, you can reflect on your routine and see what is/isn't working for you and then adjust as necessary. Nothing happens overnight, and you can always adjust your plan as necessary. Allow yourself to try different routines, different schedules, and make mistakes! As long as you don't give up you are still on the path to progress!
April 26th, 2020 6:20pm
I try not to put too much pressure on myself in the first place. I set goals and always aim to achieve them, but sometimes we all have days when we don't feel motivated to carry out tasks we have set ourselves. I always attempt to carry out the tasks I have set, I try, but if I simply cannot bring myself to carry it out then I don't beat myself up about it. I try again the next day. I find that when I do it this way, and refrain from putting unnecessary pressure eon myself, that when I do have good days, they are very good days. I end up doing five time the amount that I originally set out to do, but I feel good about it because I have chosen to achieve it.
April 30th, 2020 1:36pm
Many times we are faced with several situations that cause our motivation to be shaken, so we soon find ourselves unmotivated and we no longer get around these situations and go on with life. You then ask yourself: What tools can I use to increase my motivation? Well, the first step is to think about where to start this change, as well as transform the feeling of discouragement, to be more motivated than ever. Thinking is always changing reality as well as changing our mood. The first step for any and all changes is to reflect on your own thinking, that is, when there is a thought that causes you to become demotivated quickly, replace it with another that makes you stop and reflect: Will this increase my motivation? If so, hold on to that thought whenever any negative thoughts come to mind. We know that motivation is such an important condition when it comes to achieving our goals. It is extremely important that we are always motivated! "If someone blocks the door, do not waste energy on the confrontation, look for the windows". - Augusto Cury Some advice to increase motivation is essential: 1 - Always learn, don't make the same mistake twice and learn from it. 2- Search for new alternatives. If you are facing a problem that seems unsolved, remember that there is always a solution, just look for it. 3 - Be the best student in life, because it is a constant learning, but little is taught to those who do not know how to be a good student. 4 - Happiness is in everyday life, just learn to see it. 5 - Have you tried anything new today? Get rid of your mania. Be flexible and cheerful. Get out of the routine now and then. 6 - Learn to love without expecting anything in return, this is a recipe for happiness and prevents great frustrations. 7- Things don't work out just for luck's sake, achievements depend 50% on inspiration, creativity and dreams, and 50% on discipline, hard work and determination. 8 - Don't worry about yesterday, it has passed; nor with tomorrow, for it is the unknown; live today and make things happen. 9 - Enjoy every second, live as if it were your last day. 10 - Each of us brings his beauty in his heart. Sharing this beauty with others is a job that will make you reap rewards, because when we share a positive thing, more positive things happen in our life. 11 - Positive thinking always! Thought is who controls everything and all aspects of our life. If we are always connected with our positive thoughts, the bad things will stay away from us! 12 - Being aware that everything we do, think and talk, whether good or bad, will come back to us, is the natural law of life. What we send out to the universe, it echoes and sends back. These are just a few steps we can take to increase our motivation. Believe, persist and insist!
May 6th, 2020 5:09am
Remember that there will always be failure before success. There will always be a mountain to climb before you reach the gold mine. One day you will wake up and you have reached the gold mine and you have succeeded. However make sure to keep setting new goals for your self to achieve. But keep them positive and reasonable. It is quite hard to stay motivated sometimes. It is like a cat and mouse game with motivation as the mouse. But if you bribe it with food and are kind to it you will catch it. So make sure to keep at it you got this!!!
May 31st, 2020 7:22am
Staying motivated is important. It helps us to move towards the goal. The problem is when we lack the energy or when we feel overwhelmed or when we feel that task is too difficult or boring, we tend to give up and search an easier task or a distraction. However, to stay motivated, we need to use the brain's instant gratification tendency to our advantage. We need sandwich the long-term beneficial tasks with the instantly gratifying tasks such as checking the mobile for a minute or so. We can excercise and then use mobile for a minute. That way, we will be motivated and also will be happy.
June 4th, 2020 2:21pm
The first thing I do to stay motivated when I am not seeing results is to take a step back and properly assess the work I have put in and the outcomes. I have repeatedly found that when you're heavily focused on a goal and a specific outcome it is easy to miss other positive things you've done along the way. For example, if the goal was to lose weight but there was no evidence of results, you could step back and examine how you may be cooking healthier meals. Therefore, although the main goal may not have been achieved yet, you have acquired new skills that will help contribute to the end result. It can be hard to stay motivated when you're not immediately seeing result, but it is important to remind yourself that a lot of things take time and unfortunately don't happen as fast as we'd like. This can be easier said than done sometimes, but talking can help! Any of our trained listeners are happy to listen to any motivation problems you're having.
June 20th, 2020 7:34pm
Results may not always be obvious and the fact that someone has been able to share their thoughts may in itself be a positive step for them even though there may not be an obvious solution to their situation. The motivation comes from being available and supportive to each and every member to offer the best opportunity for them to reach a more positive state through self enquiry. It is important to understand what the motivation actually is so that you have a point of reference to how well you may be performing and to set an appropriate level of expectation when talking to people.
June 26th, 2020 6:25am
Many people gets confused when it comes to how to handle the results when they are not to the mark they expected. But everyone needs to understand that it is not only our effort towards the situation that decide the result but the end result will get impacted by lot of other things which we don't have any control over. So putting our efforts is only one of the things that will impact the results. So the right way of approaching things is to this, No matter whatever be the result I get I will put my 100% efforts. Even if I get something less , I will be okay . This kind of approach will helps us to move on from the bitter situations there by not effecting our self confidence or self doubt issues. Only thing we can keep in our minds is putting our full efforts towards a task and not focussing or expecting about the result.
July 5th, 2020 10:53am
We live in an age of instant gratification where we enjoy whatever, whenever, however we like. However something that is worth doing often requires effort and its results may not be visible or tangible till much later. We have to understand and maintain our motivation in order to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Recognizing and overcoming interim discouragements n setbacks is a common thing. when there are obstacles and your intended results are far, you need to calm down, monitor and regulate your thoughts and know that it is only temporary and things will improve. We must know that the end result is a worthy cause and believe in it to stay motivated.
July 5th, 2020 3:57pm
Staying motivated to work hard is pretty difficult as it is, but when you don't get the results you've worked for it get harder. I myself have been through such a situation in my life before and the only thing that kept me going was following the policy of going through each day, one at a time. Do your part for today with worrying about your tomorrow. For example, if you have a test in a week's time, prepare a little each day and before you know it you will have completed everything you need for that test. Also sometimes our methods of hard work may not be appropriate and a small change may get you to the results you want to see!
July 10th, 2020 7:32pm
Just know that everything takes time and you won't necessarily see results immediately. However, you will see results in the long run. This is why goal setting is so important. You set your long term goal, as well as short term goals. You will be able to see progress along the line as you pass your short term goals, and sooner or later you will be hitting your long term goal and achieving what you want. That is how I personally deal with motivation. I was a swimmer for many years, and I always set goals of times I wanted to achieve, that way I can see the progress I make.
July 19th, 2020 4:19pm
Find out your why. Why did you start doing what your doing? What motivated you to start? I'm sure it does feel disappointing not seeing results. You might hold back on whatever your doing.When this happens. Just remind yourself why you started in the first place.if its workout, why not check with a trainer to make sure you are doing it right? If it's a business, why not get a help from an expert to evaluate your business? . We all go through taugh time. But believe in yourself and good things will happen. "He who says he can, and he who says they can't, are both usually right" _Will smith
July 22nd, 2020 11:02pm
It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. I failed numerous tests in my math class, but instead of worrying about whether I'm going to do well on the next test, I looked at it from a different perspective: Since I've already hit rock bottom, the only way is up. I looked at what I was doing wrong in my efforts, fixed that and slowly started doing better on the tests. So don't worry if you're not seeing results, they will come and they will go. Enjoy the process of putting in effort and learning. That's where real motivation lies.
July 24th, 2020 4:18pm
Sometimes the results are not what we may be expecting. Having a more keen eye and accepting mistakes as lessons help us move closer to our result. The more you look at smaller things, the easier it will be for you to reach your goal. The key is be consistent. Trust yourself. When we are at our lowest, our mindset is bound to become negative with it. You must remember at such times that good things come to those who strive for it. Do your best. You will get a result, that in hindsight may be better than what you were originally striving for.
July 29th, 2020 1:17am
Motivation is a tricky thing. It comes and goes. One thing that helps motive me is remembering why I'm doing something in the first place. Also it helps knowing that when I feel unmotivated and push through and get things done anyways I'm building that mental toughness. Also keep in mind that plateaus are bound to happen. You can never be in a state of constant growth. Don't get discouraged. It's always easiser to maintain what you have rather than give up for a while and have to build back up. Stick with it and don't focus on 1 area when looking for results. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean you can't feel it. Just be you don't notice it, doesn't mean other people don't.
August 22nd, 2020 7:14pm
It's all a journey and a progress... you never see results in an instant but you actually always see results throughout this journey. Results are happening 24/7... take a look at where you are now before you were motivated and were at 0. Compare the two people... you will notice a change no doubt. You may not be at your final destination but you are way farther than you were from the start. That's progress... let that keep you going :) You have already come this far and it would be terrible to see you come back to 0 and start again :)
August 27th, 2020 12:28pm
An exercise I've tried and used is to create a vision board - you've probably heard this before - but if not a vision board is basically a board full of photos of what you want to achive. You see it and connect with the emotion of actually having it. Then you keep that vision in your mind. When things aren't working out even though you are putting a load of effort into it, you've got to look at it and connect with that emotion. It will pull you through feeling unmotivated. Another exercise is to write down your why... why do you want the results you want? More happyness? why do you want more happyness... you carry this on intill you reach the thing that makes you cry or almost cry. This will be what you need to pull you through the hard times. Hope this helps you!
August 28th, 2020 3:06pm
It is hard to stay motivated without results, set a short-term goal vs. milestones . . . little things are easy to achieve and there is a sense of pride in seeing things checked off as complete. No one is able to do everything they set out to, so I find that if I break tasks apart into 'sections', it is much easier to accomplish small wins. Once you see that a small win is still a win - the lack of motivation or perception of motivations starts to change. If you find that even then you are not motivated, break down your tasks even smaller until you see the results you are looking for!