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How can I learn meditation or mindfulness at home?

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Last Updated: 12/24/2018 at 3:24pm
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November 15th, 2015 10:58am
There are a lot of websites that can suggest you ways to do so, videos and books! I suggest the one from our website
November 15th, 2015 3:33pm
You can learn mindfulness at home by practicing it. Writing down three things you are grateful for each day can help you realize the good things in life. Stopping to take deep breaths and connecting with your surroundings.
November 16th, 2015 3:59pm
Both youtube and spotity have some great 5-10 minute meditations. Some longer ones too, but I can't go for more than 5-10 minutes personally. If I don't use a recorded meditation then I just set a timer for five minutes and focus on my breathing. Try to extend your breaths, and try to focus only on them. I chant "inhale, inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, exhale" in my head. It's okay to get distracted, just bring your attention back to your breath when you realise that it's happened.
Anonymous - Expert in Family Stress
November 17th, 2015 5:10am
Try using some youtube videos that have yoga or meditation lessons, or you can always try 7 Cup videos too
November 18th, 2015 10:23am
Also consider that there are many apps available if you believe it would be more beneficial to start with guided meditation - on the Apple Store, 'Headspace' has proven to be effective, and gives you the first 10 sessions for free.
November 19th, 2015 11:12am
There are many fantastic mindfulness meditation websites that can assist you through your mindfulness and meditation journey. One particular website I have found to be helpful is Smiling Mind.
November 20th, 2015 2:11am
Practice deep breathing in and exhale slowly. Thus will help things calm down. Think about a happy times.
November 20th, 2015 4:50pm
if you click on my path at the top left hand corner of the page there is a mood boosts option, I recommend that, but if that isnt helpful enough youtube would probably have something
November 20th, 2015 4:52pm
Just find a comfortable, quiet place to sit. Take some deep breaths and try to clear your mind from any troubles or worries for those few moments.
November 22nd, 2015 2:14am
There are tons of YouTube videos/websites for meditation and learning mindfulness. 7 Cups also has helpful guides for topics like this that you can find at the top of your screen :)
November 22nd, 2015 12:44pm
by more and more practice meditation can be learned in well manner. mindfulness is to be aware to something
November 25th, 2015 3:10am
Anyway you want to just google it. Maybe can help. Maybe you can read a book. One hundred characters.
November 25th, 2015 8:47pm
Do a little research on the different techniques and find what works for you. When you're happy with something, find a peaceful time and place and engage yourself!
November 26th, 2015 1:19pm
Very simple just concentrate on what your are doing and magical transformation will happen you will be surprised. You dont need to be an expert, just be there.
November 26th, 2015 10:22pm
There's many options to meditate or learn mindfulness at home! First option: You could look up on YouTube meditation tips. Second option: Get calming music either online or a cd, and listen to it and just relax! Want more options? Let me know!
November 27th, 2015 12:00pm
There are a lot of apps that help you to learn that. Remember that meditation has no rules.. You make your own rules. I recommend this app:
November 28th, 2015 12:53am
The internet is an infinite resource, if you do a quick search you will find many websites and even videos to help you get your feet in the water. Your local library and bookstore will also have resources. Lastly, you can find local groups that practice meditation and/or mindfulness. If you do not find information about a local group online try asking at a local health food store or yoga studio.
November 28th, 2015 3:28pm
Listening to music relaxing watching videos on youtube on meditation or contact someone that knows something about relaxation
November 29th, 2015 7:52am
Try to take 5 minutes a day out of your busy life just to relax and do something for yourself, this could be a simple as lstening to a song
November 29th, 2015 5:21pm
many people have different type of mindfulness. some clean the house or watch a favorite movie or go for a walk.
December 2nd, 2015 11:58am
It's so easy. Just start today evening. Sit comfortable in a quiet place, set the timer (10 minutes is perfect for a start) and try to relax. Just observe your feelings and thoughts that come and go through your mind withought judging them. Breath evenly and slowly. You will like it for sure and be motivated to do this again!
December 4th, 2015 12:30am
google, youtube, articles, wellness magazines all have information on that kind of stuff - you should be able to find plenty
December 6th, 2015 7:29pm
There are plenty of videos online that teach you mindfulness and meditation. My teachers while in high school would play mindfulness videos for us to relax. Just type "mindfulness" on youtube and choose whichever one pleases you.
December 8th, 2015 2:53pm
Through this website under my path you can access some meditation tools. Youtube offers many many meditations from self guided to people like deepak chopra guiding them. If you and an iPhone ( or probably any other smart phone) you can actually download meditation and mindful apps that you can use whenever you wish. Lastly, and the way I got into meditation was by signing up for Oprah and Deepak's 21 day meditation challenge. Multiple times throughout the year they offer a sample of their stuff for free access. its worth visiting the website and checking when the next session is offered. Introducing more mindfulness and meditation into your life can be not only rewarding but incredibly useful as a coping tool and stress reliever ,
December 8th, 2015 11:17pm
Mindfulness simply means taking time out of your day to be particularly aware of yourself, your body, and your emotions. Schedule a time, anywhere from 5 to even 30 minutes, to sit in a quiet place and "tune in" to yourself. How do different body parts feel? Is there tension? Can you observe and label the emotions you're feeling, without delving into cause and effect? It's okay if your mind wanders, just recognize this and slowly bring it back to the task at hand: focusing on yourself. The more time you spend on this the easier it will be to reel your mind back from distractions. :)
December 22nd, 2015 4:15pm
It's difficult but possible. Main key - don't fight with thoughts. So... - Sit in comfortable postion - Close your eyes - concentrate on breathing - let the thoughts come - they will drag you away - notice it - don't fight it - get yourself back to just watching them and letting them go through you - practice - practice - practice - ... That's the only way I found to be effective.
December 23rd, 2015 4:13am
Meditation and Mindfulness is not rather something you learn, yet a decision you make. The decision that you make simply states "In times of wishing to accept defeat, I will perservere and realize that I am not a large portion of the world but I intend on affecting the largest portion of the world I can in the best way possible. I accept that I am only one person, and thus, am thankful to be alive, for many whom would have been alive now, have been killed by both manmade and natural disasters and occurances. The only way I can make any impact is by first, taking all my goals head-on and doing whatever it takes to accomplish them."
December 25th, 2015 5:49am
A free app that I use is called "Take a break" on the app store for iphone....the lady's voice is so soothing, I've used it hundreds of times :)
January 2nd, 2016 5:01pm
I found apps on my iPhone to listen to. You can do this in bed, or in a relaxed position. I like to do this before bed, as I find I will have a good night sleep and feel more relaxed the next morning. If you look into your app store, you can find many. However, if you refer yourself to 'My Progress Path' and go onto mood boosts, this will offer many different meditation recordings for you.
January 3rd, 2016 5:30am
Well practice makes perfect just as it is with anything else. Theres lots of way to meditate as well. For breathing (you can do this anywhere), take in three, 3 second deep breathes through your mouth and slowly release through your nose for 3 sec. Do this as often as you need to focus on breathing. My personal fav is sound meditation. Music for the day time, usually something upbeat or uplifting. For bedtime I put on a sound (I like train, airplane, or different varieties of rain depending on my mood). Turn it on, close the lights and lay in bed with closed eyes. Eventually you fall asleep!