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How can I make my parents understand what I'm going through?

13 Answers
Last Updated: 11/08/2021 at 7:47pm
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March 7th, 2015 7:19am
I think communication is the only way you can make them understand. tell them what it is.....explain it to them and tell them how you feel about it and how much their understanding matters to ya
October 26th, 2015 10:53pm
Tell them what you're going through. Be open and honest, to both yourself and them. You might be surprised!
March 27th, 2015 1:04am
My philosophy is that talking is better than anything. If you talk to at least one of them face to face, then they can see and hear your emotion and listen to you.
May 6th, 2015 2:39pm
Talk to them, or if you find it difficult to chat, perhaps write them a letter, expressing all your thoughts feelings and emotions
July 9th, 2015 8:22am
As a parent myself, I can honestly say that you can't MAKE your parents understand anything. Either they'll understand, or they won't. That being said, I believe that honesty is always the best policy, no matter what the situation or circumstances. Parents are there to help guide you through sticky situations; that's kind of our main purpose in life, and that is made infinitely easier by honesty and truthfulness. I believe that, if you sit down and talk openly and honestly with your parents, in a calm and rational manner, that they will be open to whatever you have to say. And if talking is too hard, write it down first. Let them read it in a letter, then invite them to ask you questions so that 1) they can better understand, and 2) you'll know that they really read the letter and really do understand.
May 4th, 2015 2:38am
Talk to them frequently to keep them up to date on what is going on in your life. The longer you wait to talk to them, the harder it will be. Open communication is easy communication.
August 24th, 2015 3:01am
Parents can often seem unapproachable and as if they won't understand you, but a lot of the time this stems from lack of knowledge on their part. Talking to them, even if it feels uncomfortable at first, is the only way to help them understand what you're going through. Describe how you're feeling, and what it is that makes you feel this way- even if you're not sure what it is, it's OK to say "I don't know why." Most parents prize their children above everything else, and even if they don't fully understand every emotion you're feeling at this moment in time, they will always try to help you through it. Give them the opportunity to be their for you, by being as frank and honest as possible.
September 26th, 2016 5:54pm
Take to them about it! Sit them down and have a heart to heart conversation. I know it sounds daunting, but open communication is always best as it lets both parties know where each person stands. Good luck!
February 11th, 2020 6:18am
You want your parents to understand your point of view, that's great. Parents want good for their children and are always over protective with them. You understand where they come from and the reason for their opposition. Also listen to their concerns. You need to be patient and convince them of your point of view without being confrontational and loosing your cool. It may take a while but if your parents love you and want your happiness they will definitely see your point of view or at least realize that you are capable of taking your decisions and will be responsible for the consequences
July 6th, 2015 5:16pm
You can never "make" anyone understand how you feel. All you can do is explain it to them. Tell them what you are feeling, what it is that makes you feel that way. And remember, they are YOUR feelings, no one can take them away and only you have the power to change the way you feel.
February 16th, 2016 5:17am
Talk to them about what you are going through. It may be hard building up the confidence but when you talk to them it will make you feel 100% better. Knowing someone will be able to help is so much more relieving.
March 7th, 2016 1:59pm
sometimes if we have not been through what it you have been through its hard to understand yourself but supporting you through it means more
November 8th, 2021 7:47pm
Have you attempted to communicate with them about the issue that is bothering you? Is there a member of your family with whom you feel comfortable conversing? It can be beneficial to speak with someone you can trust from time to time. It's understandable that you’re feeling overwhelmed with so many difficult things at once. What do you think would be helpful for us to focus on today? I am here to listen and guide you through this difficult time you are experiencing.