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How do my parents I want them to stop fighting?

11 Answers
Last Updated: 06/30/2020 at 3:47pm
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May 5th, 2015 4:00am
First off your parents fighting is not your fault. Confronting them about their fighting is a good way to get injured. If blood is being spilled, or people are getting knocked out get the police involved. Do not assume that it is ok for your parents to hurt you or your siblings because they love you. Get them the help then need to be the kind of parents you deserve because you love them more.
February 25th, 2015 10:36pm
Be brave, bold, and tell them. Or write to them if that serves as a better option. The first hurdle is telling them, however.
March 3rd, 2015 3:43pm
Usually talking to them about the problem will solve the issue for a short time, but usually the problem lays deeper settled and cannot be solved that easily. My experience is to call the designated people for it. In my case it was the police, as I needed to abort the fight immediately, as it was getting more severely.
April 8th, 2015 4:53pm
talk to them about it. tell them how you feel about it. try to help them work through their problems. it'll be okay
May 9th, 2015 12:44am
Ask your parents to sit down together as a family and calmly talk about issues. Help them to avoid passing blame and making each other defensive by practicing I-statements. An I-statement expresses your thoughts and feelings without using the word "you" to avoid making the other party(ies) feel like they are being blamed. Explain to them how it makes you feel when they fight. Remember to choose your words carefully. A good way to practice I-statements is alone in the mirror or without a mirror. Try to slither around the word "you". Best of luck!!!! ~Love, Bones
September 6th, 2015 3:26am
You can talk to your parents and tell them how you feel when they fight in front of you. You can tell them what your feelings are if you are afraid, or hurt or scared. Let them know. Chances are they are so caught up in their own behavior that they may not know or be thinking about what they are doing or how its making you feel.
November 9th, 2015 2:39am
Letting your parents know it's hurting you the (fighting) is great starter. Sometimes people do not realize how their actions are affecting others.
November 24th, 2015 12:41am
talk with them and tell them how you feel, explain that it bothers you when they argue. Don't just hold those feelings in!
December 5th, 2017 7:03pm
Confront them. Tell it straight to their faces how it's affecting you emotionally and mentally. Don't be afraid to talk to them.
December 25th, 2017 7:40pm
To tell your parents that you don't like when they fight is a hard thing to do. I've had a small amount of experience with this and am willing to give you a few tips and challenges. When they begin to argue, walk out of the room with your chin raised slightly, showing that you will not be dealing with this and that it is not alright for them to be doing this. Try to talk to one or both of them and understand why they are fighting, and keep a calm and collected voice.
June 30th, 2020 3:47pm
If you feel it's too overwhelming to tell them both at the same time, try to do one-on-one conversation with them. Go to the one you are the most comfortable talking to. Don't do it when they are about to fight or directly after a fight, tell them when they don't seem stressed and don't seem to have a busy mind. Don't only talk about how it makes you feel, but also about your concerns. Don't try and separate them while fighting, you might become a common target and don't want to get in the middle of their argument. Maybe you won't need to tell both of them as they would realize how it's affecting you and discuss it among themselves. If you think it wouldn't be the case, then make sure to talk to them separately.