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I want to move out and have the opportunity to, but I'm scared my parents won't allow me. Our relationship is always tense and I want nothing to do with this toxicity. I love them but help?

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Last Updated: 12/07/2020 at 5:24am
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Brittany Kelley, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

I am a psychodynamically trained clinical social worker. I find assisting women and families through difficult times an extremely rewarding and collaborative process.

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June 5th, 2018 2:44pm
Sitting and talking with them very candidly will help. Need to share your feelings, thoughts, emotion with them. There are chances they will understand.
December 7th, 2020 5:24am
You need to prioritize yourself and your mental health. It's scary and hard to move out on your own, but as long as you will be able to survive, take care of yourself, pay your bills, and accomplish anything you need to get done - it is definitely worth moving out. You may find that once you are out of the house, your relationship with your parents improves. It is sort of just a leap of faith honestly, at some point you just have to dive in head first and hope you can catch yourself. Sit down with them and talk about it, if they seem like they are against the idea, just explain how you are feeling. Figure out the numbers, so that you can sit down and show them that you can afford it, show them that you will be able to take care of yourself. At the end of the day, your parents should want the best for you. If they don't want the best for you, you have an opportunity to get out.