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Is hating your family okay?

3 Answers
Last Updated: 10/01/2019 at 1:49pm
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July 31st, 2018 7:13am
It depends what is the reason of you hating them & whether it is making you feel better doing so.. If you don't feel good about it, time to think of a different approach..
June 10th, 2019 8:56am
Just because you are biologically related to someone, doesn't make them family. Family is love, caring, fellowship. I am assuming that when you say you 'hate your family' that they have hurt you in some way. I am so sorry to hear that, family should be a place of love and safety. :( Sometimes we find that our family is really found in people who are not directly related to us, like friends or who are, but are extended family, and that is okay. Family is love, and if you don't feel love in your biological family, find people who do love you, because they are your true family. I am always here for you if you need; I am just one message away. All the best.
October 1st, 2019 1:49pm
There is a big difference between a temporary feeling of dislike and hatred. Often due to our own reasons and anxiety we end up hating our family because we feel that they don't understand us. This is more common in the adolescent because our body carries many changes, establishment of new behaviour and sometimes at this phase our families aren't comfortable with our changing behaviour. They instead of talking us, start shouting that make us feel bad. But at the end when we are in tough phase of our life, family is the one who supports us and care for us so hating them isn't a good idea.