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What age is too young to leave home?

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Last Updated: 12/30/2020 at 4:34pm
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December 7th, 2017 5:14am
I think it's not a manner of age but for maturity, my mum leave home at 15 years old, and I leave home at 16 so, it's about how people can be responsable and mature not about the age.
December 23rd, 2017 5:18am
In my country,which is Malaysia,you complete your study at the age of 17.After 17,you may choose to continue your studies or start to find a job or marry and start a family.Therefore,in my opinion,16 is already too young to leave home.Keep in mind that you still have some quality time with your family and your family need you too.So,unless you are orphan,remember that there's still time to enjoy your time not paying your own bills.
March 8th, 2018 4:49pm
I don’t think there is a too young age. It all depends on your own situation and maturity. Moving home is a big change, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.
June 27th, 2018 4:20pm
I would say 15, but if there is a family member or close friend to care for them then it is okay, just for health and safety reasons.
January 16th, 2020 2:13pm
I don't think there's an age limit but it depends on how much emotional and intellectual growth you have. Even people around 25, they still stay with their parents home. As they provide help in supporting us financially and emotionally, they worry over us. I guess until you can support yourself and stand on your own you can leave home. Its all based on perspective since some orphans too, though we don't admit it, have more knowledge of the world than people with regular families. But in my own perspective its somewhere younger than 20s is still young to leave home
July 10th, 2016 8:37am
There isn't really an age where you're ready to leave home. Whether you're ready to leave depends on you and how prepared you are to be out there in the real world.
July 14th, 2016 11:52pm
If you're under 17 and without parent consent, I believe that is too early to leave home. There is too much you have to worry about like school. And you should enjoy being a kid for as long as you can. I know, I just turned 18- and things get pretty difficult when you don't have anyone to help you.
July 15th, 2016 2:32pm
In my honest opinion, I think it depends on how you everyone at your home feels about you , how you feel about being around then and how matured you are to your age. If none of these have any significance, I think up to 17, anyone's young to be leaving home.
July 17th, 2016 7:27pm
I think before 18 years is too young to leave home. Even after 18 be independent but keep in close n regular touch with your parents.........
July 23rd, 2016 1:39pm
I don't know if there's a specific age for this, it depends a lot on your personality, level of maturity, financial independence, lots of factors
July 23rd, 2016 10:06pm
Well, there's a lot of things to take into consideration if you're doing this. If you don't have a place to go, run to a nearby shelter or orphanage. I can't imagine what you're going through, and I'm sorry. If you're being abused, you should call the police. No matter how old you are, there's a chance you could get kidnapped, or killed by someone. 15 and under is too young, please message me if you plan on doing anything, I am worried about you.
July 23rd, 2016 10:50pm
It isn't about age its about maturity and the circumstances. If you can take care of yourself and you understand how to live on your own then you can leave.
July 24th, 2016 10:22pm
The age when you are not mentally prepared to leave and the legal age in which you don't need a parent / guardian to take care of you.
July 28th, 2016 11:13pm
If you are under the age of 18 you are way too young but if you are 18.
July 30th, 2016 4:45pm
I think age under 15 and 15 is to young to leave home as the legal age is 18 when your an adult but when your about 16 it okay.
August 3rd, 2016 7:45am
Pretty much until you can take of yourself on your own. For example, when you're capable enough to pay the rents, bills, groceries, food, etc.
August 4th, 2016 3:21pm
17 and younger but now a day teens depemd on then selves alot I wouldn't be surprised to see a 16 or 15 year old living alone
August 5th, 2016 6:47pm
To live by yourself you've got to be like 16 but to live with another family member who maybe isn't your parents because you don't get on with them is absolutely fine yet have to be pacific age you just have to make sure that you telling your parents What you were doing and making sure your family member is happy with what you were doing sometimes we just have to grit our teeth and live where we have to live
August 6th, 2016 11:06am
I would say any age below 18, any age below 18 can be argued that they are too young to understand the consequences that come after.
August 7th, 2016 9:14am
Leaving home before you're 18 can be a huge challenge; you have less legal abilities and therefore it makes it harder for you to do things like rent a flat or house and pay your own bills. If you're in danger at home, you can speak to Childline. Or, if you're not in danger, but you feel like you need to leave home, try your best to speak to your parents first.
August 10th, 2016 5:37am
I believe that is personal preference and situational experiences. Any age before 16 I feel is to young going out on your own. 16 and up I feel you can find ways to manage better on your own but it's not really ideal either.
August 12th, 2016 5:48am
Personally I'd say 18 because you need family to help you get on your feet before you leave the home
August 18th, 2016 5:11pm
I think you are then ready to leave the home if you are independent enough and its no problem for you to do financial stuff, buying groceries, clean etc. on your own and on a regular basis. I think an other important point is that you still go to work/school/college on a daily basis and dont neglect it.
August 18th, 2016 6:43pm
Any age under eighteen is too young to leave home. Even after eighteen, it will depend on how mature the person is and what financial means they have to take care of themselves.
August 18th, 2016 7:39pm
I believe that any age under 16 is too young to leave home. You just aren't old enough to work and support yourself due to the labor laws, at least here in America.
August 20th, 2016 12:31am
I don't think it has much to do with age, I mean, of course it's too young for a 10 year old to leave home, but I think it varies whether or not you can support yourself, do you have a stable job ect.
August 20th, 2016 2:11am
Any age younger than 18. From 18 on you grow so much and learn so much about life. Plus living rent free is much easier while your trying to figure out your niche in the world.
August 20th, 2016 6:13am
Depends on why one is leaving home. I left home for boarding school at age 8, for example. But, leaving home for a job at that age would run afoul of child labour laws and rightfully so.
August 21st, 2016 11:06pm
it depends where you live and the country your in its all different standard, in US 18+ after high school you have a decision to stay with your family or move out so in US anything under will be consider to be too young to leave home.
August 25th, 2016 2:03pm
That really depends. I'd say under 18 is too young because of the laws associated with it. But certain states offer emancipation younger than that (because theres no reason to get emancipated once you're 18 as you're legally an adult). To anyone considering leaving home I'd encourage them to thoroughly consider all of their options and to seek the guidance of a licensed professional social worker.