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I am a guy and I am attracted to girls in every way and I don't find guys attractive or anything. But I am not sure and I don't wanna be gay. What's happening to me ? 😥

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Last Updated: 04/10/2020 at 12:39am
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- Expert in Gender Orientation/Attraction
April 10th, 2020 12:39am
The question you need to ask yourself is why you are not sure. Is there any event that caused these sort of thoughts? Then, once you find the source of your thoughts, you need to analyze it and understand it. I know it's hard because we're not always the best judges of ourselves, so try to think of it as if you were advising someone else on the matter and looking at things from to outside. Whatever you find out, whether you're straight, bisexual, gay, we're here to give you support! And also, whatever you find out will be perfectly ok. There might be challenges for non-straight people, but there's nothing wrong with being one and people who are not utterly intolerant will know that!
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