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I'm struggling with whether or not to continue seeing my current therapist. I get some sense of relief but have a bad feeling and bad anxiety about the sessions. How can I change this?

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Last Updated: 03/15/2021 at 6:48pm
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Parvathy Venugopal, MSc in Clinical psychology


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January 21st, 2020 8:00am
It is sometimes quite common to feel anxious before a Therapy session. For me, I would feel nervous before meeting people. However, I understand that no one experience the same. So you can decide for yourself whether to take this advice or not. I think talking about these issues with your therapist is a good option. Because If they understand that you are feeling this way, they might be more considerate and might change their style of therapy to address these issues. If you still struggle after doing this, perhaps changing to see another professional psychologist or therapist might help?
April 28th, 2020 7:04pm
Speak to your counselor about these feelings and explore maybe new options of how to deal and cope with this. If it still does not work, maybe a referral can? It can be very difficult to consider leaving someone that helps you feel a sense of relief, but at the end of the day it is all about you. If you do not feel 100% comfortable during sessions, something is not working. Maybe its the approach used by your therapist, or maybe your personalities just do not really coincide. Whatever the case, it would be best for you to think things through, play the tape, and do what is best for you!
March 15th, 2021 6:48pm
Search for a new therapist, it does not help you when you can not trust him. You should be comfortable with him, cause you tell him very personal things, and it wont work out if you dont feel good in his sessions. Try to talk with somebody who you can trust and ask them if they can help you find another therapist and maybe if they can go with you the first time.