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What is the difference between middle school and high school?

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Last Updated: 08/16/2020 at 12:40am
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August 16th, 2020 12:40am
I am not sure if you are asking what is the difference between the people who go to middle and high school, or just the differences between the schools themselves, so I will answer both. I just want to make it clear that my answer is based on my own experience in my schools, every school is different and what happened for me may not happen to you. In the U.S middle school is mainly for sixth, 7th, and 8th graders, (pre-teens) although some districts have a small difference on the grades. High school 9th through 12th grade. Middle school usually has less class options, and less work and homework, since you are younger. In my high school, there were also many more different level classes than there were in middle school. We had the opportunity for lower, medium, honors, or advanced placement classes. In terms of behavior, high schoolers definitely are more mature than middle schoolers, but again that is because of age. Both middle and high school does have its share of drama unfortunately, however I feel like for me, drama in high school was far more complex. Now on to a good thing! High school usually has more opportunities and support than middle school. My high school has many after school clubs, volunteer, and job options, and has a very strong support system, which is amazing, and made the transition from middle to high school much easier.