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i'm sexually attracted to men and women. but i'm only romantically attracted to men. what am i?

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Last Updated: 06/01/2020 at 11:28pm
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- Expert in LGBTQ+
August 27th, 2018 7:31pm
Romantic and sexual attraction do not always coincide. Yes, it is the case for the majority of people, but there are many possible combinations of the two. People can be hetero/homo/bi...sexual and hetero/homo/bi...romantic. If the two kinds of attraction coincide, people only define themselves in terms of sexual attraction, usually. There is a common prejudice that the two orientation always coincide, and that's why you haven't heard people talking about the possible divergence of the two. But it's still totally normal and ok if they diverge! In your case, you can identify yourself as a bisexual hetero/homoromantic (according to what your gender is).
December 10th, 2018 5:43am
It sounds like you’re bisexual/somewhere on the scale. I know for me I’m sexually attracted to men and women and romantically attracted to women. The spectrum is so diverse and it sounds like you’re just another part of it. I wouldn’t worry so much about labels and such. I identify as lesbian but who knows, maybe in another five years I’ll be straight or bi? I try to focus on the positive like what makes me happy. If differing genders make you happy, just live in the moment my friend. Life’s too short to worry! Love yourself and everyone will love you. :)
July 3rd, 2018 2:33pm
Sexual attraction and romantic attraction are two separate things. For most people, they're intricated (sexual and romantic attraction toward a same type of people/gender) but for some it's not. So you can be bisexual and homo/hetero-romantic. If you're a woman, you could call yourself heteroromantic, if you're a man you could call yourself homoromantic, and if your gender is non-binary (neither man nor woman), then since your gender is different than men, you could use heteroromantic too. :) Separating both types of attraction can help know oneself better, and know better what you want in your life. Hope that helps :)
June 1st, 2020 11:28pm
If you're a woman, then you are a hetero romantic bisexual but if you're a man then you are a homo romantic bisexual. Sexual attraction is different from romantic attraction and they are also different types of attraction. Such as aesthetic attraction which is being attracted to the way a person looks. Or sensual attraction, which is craving to be touched by someone. Or emotional attraction, which is being emotionally attracted to a person which can also be felt platonically. Point is they are many different types of attraction and people are different so you need to find out which works for you. I hope this helps you
July 2nd, 2018 6:17pm
Based on your sex (male or female), you might be gay, or bisexual. Personally, you're most likely gay or straight since you're only romantically attracted to men. Sexual fetishes can also be satisfied without romance too.
July 24th, 2018 4:51am
That’s normal some ppl may be attracted sexually to both males and females and it doesn’t matter what you are or what do you call it what only matter is you know what you want and don’t be ashamed of it