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Is there any chats/groups/forums specifically for Transgender teens 18 and under?

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Last Updated: 03/05/2021 at 6:39am
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November 15th, 2017 9:21pm
The chat for that would be called the LBGTQ+ chat. Yet it's for members only right now. I don't know if it is 18+ and under though.
November 23rd, 2017 6:44am
I’m here to talk I’m transgender, and there are lgbt support groups, I’d talk to someone experienced
December 6th, 2017 11:51pm
Yes, there are tons of different chats, groups, and forums specifically made for people who are under 18 and are transgender teens.
December 7th, 2017 5:16am
Depend on when you from you can ask your LGBT communauty about helping you with that. I'm pretty sure they can help you with this information.
January 24th, 2018 1:20pm
Yes- there's many LGBTQ+ teen groups out here! Also, feel free to message me if needed- as a genderfluid person, I know what you're going through, and I'm always here!
February 7th, 2018 7:53am
Yes. Transgender teens 18 and under can message me as I know what it feels like. I know the struggle.
April 5th, 2018 6:14pm
There is lgbt+ chatgroups and I’m almost positive that there is transgender forums for teens.
May 6th, 2018 8:22pm
not that i know of but if you look online im sure you can find one and if not you should make your own im sure its not that hard with the right motivation.
May 13th, 2018 11:12am
You probably can find some on Tumblr, maybe a discord server, Im sure there are some. You can also see on this comunity, we have a chat room for LGBT+ individuals, try going there sometime, you'll be able to talk to some people that might be going trough the same as you. Good luck!
June 15th, 2018 5:04am
There's an LGBT group chat, but I haven't seen one specifically for transgender teens. There's also a gender identity section in the lgbt form! A transgender teen chat would be a great idea, though.
July 26th, 2018 12:15am
I don't think so, but you can go into the LGBTQ+ chatroom and see if there are any transponders there to talk to.
August 2nd, 2018 4:53pm
Yes of course! you could do a quick search on google. Some good communities for this are on Amino, IMVU and Tumblr.
August 14th, 2018 6:22pm
to my knowledge (especially since i'm not on the teen side, but i do hear about it) i dont believe so, but you can suggest to someone that there be a forum for teens who are transgender, i think thats a good idea to have!
September 16th, 2018 1:54am
Well there are many groups and forums going around in 7Cups. The LGBTQ+/MOGII community (not just for under 18, but in general for everyone), for instance. It's a great one and something that everyone and anyone can join in without any strings attached. Absolutely free. The group forum chats are also under the same name, so you can check them out, if you like. The people there are very friendly and very inviting of both old and new members, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, etc. There are also plenty of listeners available for a 1-on-1 chat (like me) who're willing to help out :)
January 16th, 2019 1:17am
I personally like to use Amino (specifically the Transgender one). The minimum age for amino is 13, so there’s a lot of younger people there, although I’ve met quite a few older teens there as well. The leaders are super kind and friendly as well (I actually know one of the leaders personally! Although that’s not why I’m suggesting this amino). I’ve had a lot of help both figuring out my identity, dealing with dysphoria, and just finding a place up chat with other trans folk. If you’re not familiar with amino, it’s also completely anonymous, and you can create your profile however you like, and changing your “name” is completely free, easy, and with no minimum wait time in between changes. So it really makes trying out new names easy.
January 19th, 2019 11:01am
Poseemos de todo tipo de grupos de apoyo, creemos que cada uno merece la misma importancia, según su circunstancia y realidad, por lo que si, efectivamente poseemos grupos de apoyo a jóvenes trans, para poder brindarles un lugar seguro, en donde puedan sentirse libres de expresar todo lo que puedan necesitar en cualquier momento de forma confidencial y desinteresada, porque lo merecen y aquí estaremos todos los oyentes para aquello, brindamos con profesionales en este rubro que llevan bastante tiempo activos en es mundo de ayudar al otro te invitamos a ser parte de esto, eres bienvenido cuando quieras
November 13th, 2019 2:08am
Not here on 7Cups, sadly. As a Trans listener, I am pretty saddened that there's not an easier way for me to get to people to speak to in a group setting. However, if you go to reddit, there's occasional discords full of trans and enbie folks, most with a venting/emotional support section. These places are not exactly the coolest place as compared to here... but like with most things trans: "You take what you can get." Good luck finding the right place. It's not easy to find, but if I were to start anywhere, I would start with Reddit.
April 3rd, 2020 3:21pm
Yes! We have Listeners who are here to listen, select the “Teen” topic and a Listener will be there for you! If you would like a different place to talk, there are hotlines for your topic. You can find the hot line number either on our webpage or through a google search. Type in “LGBT+ Teen hotline”, it should be one of the first results that comes up. I am also here to talk about those topics if you would care to speak to me about this as well. Thank you for coming to 7 Cups, have a great day.
April 11th, 2020 9:01am
I use TrevorSpace, they have all sorts of forums about being trans, passing, dysphoria, and practically everything you can think of! The community is really kind, and you can privately message people if you want to chat together. Since it’s run by the Trevor Project, an organization that’s dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ people, it’s a verified site and totally free to use. They also have a hotline and chat rooms if you need to talk to a Crisis counselor. If you just Google ‘trevorspace’ it should pop up. Hope that this helps, and hope to see you on trevorspace as well! :)
June 3rd, 2020 7:57pm
There are LGBT groups here on 7cups, and if you're a teen, there are youth specific forums you can use. You can also go to TrevorSpace, a site for LGBT youth chat rooms and discussions. There are forums there for everything under the sun, including groups of transgender teens. There are also chats for making friends within every specific demographic, discussions about mental health, and groups to talk about almost any interest you could possibly have. It's a secure and welcome place for LGBT youth, and a great place to go if you're looking to connect with other transgender teens.
August 15th, 2020 8:06pm
Yes! Absolutely. Firstly, we have an LGBTQ+/MOGII support subcommunity on 7 Cups. This can be found under the 'community' tab on your dashboard. Secondly, we have an LGBTQ+/MOGII support room which opens when there is an LGBTQ+/MOGII discussion and you can find these under the 'Chat' tab. I am also the discussion leader for the LGBTQ+ support chat every Saturday at 12pm EST in the support room. This is just for teens too! Also, if you haven't already - you should check out the TrevorSpace website. This is a social media site for LGBTQ+ youth and is run by the TrevorProject.
September 5th, 2020 9:45pm
For members there should be a variety of forums for specific matters. For teen members these forums also exist, transgender teens could very well be a category but generally some forums are just lgbtq so you can find them on there. If I'm not wrong there are group support chats for lgbtq matters on here :) If not you can always find a compassionate listener who listens to transgender teens (there's plenty out there! Including myself) If you are under a listener profile you will need to switch to a member profile however to have access to them and you may need to get past some key progress stages in order to get in, hope this helped x
March 5th, 2021 6:39am
Absolutely! 7cups offers many different ways to connect with others in the trans/LGBT community. Our teen LGBTQ+/MOGII support room is open every Friday and can be found here: We also have a forum for the LGBTQ+ community which can be found here: If you would like to attend any discussions on LGBTQ+ topics, you can check the community calendar for our upcoming discussions here: You are not alone in this, there are many people who are willing to listen to whatever you are going through. 7cups is a welcoming, supportive environment and there are a ton of transgender teen listeners that you can connect with by checking our browse listener page found here: